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Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple

Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple is an adventure-themed video slot. Brave the depths of the jungle and see what treasure is in store for you! We welcome you to try out Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple for free on our website. If you want to give it a go for real money, just register at any Rival casino.

To start a game of Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple, choose your bet. Pick your coin denomination using the - and + buttons under the coin. Next, click Select Coins to change the number of coins being bet per line. Finally, use the Select Lines button to change the number of active paylines. Press Spin to begin, or use the Bet Max button to spin with a bet of 10 coins on all 20 lines.

Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple has not one, but two features, which makes winning big pretty easy. The free spins feature is triggered with 3 or more scattered Jenny Nevada symbols. Win at least 10 free spins at a 4x multiplier! The bonus round feature is triggered when you get 3 or more scattered Bonus Round biplanes, where plenty of coins are waiting to be had. So, tag along with Jenny Nevada and embark on this truly enriching adventure!

Game Play

-/+: Adjust your coin denomination.
Select Coins: Change the number of coins bet on each line.
Select Lines: Choose how many paylines to activate.
Spin: Begin playing with the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Begin playing with a bet of 10 coins on all 20 lines.

Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Reviews by Players


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Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
This is one of the first games I ever played on Rival casinos, I play this game four years and I still can’t decide is this game good or bad. Theme of this slot is interesting, bonus round is fun, with that cave and all that doors, which doors are right which wrong… All that is very interesting and well designed but bad side of game is all time before bonus round and after bonus round.
Once I had a lot of luck on this slot, I played some no deposit bonus and thanks to this slot I met wagering requirements and cashout more than 200$ and all that thanks to bonus round, but beside bonus round this slot is only wasting your time and most important money.

Free spins here are useless. I played here a lot and I had a lot of free spins but from one round (10 free spins) in most of time I am happy when I collect 7-8$. And when you are not in free spins situation is same. You spin and spin and sometimes I think that this slot just eats my money and it is impossible to win anything. It is shame because graphics is not so bad here, they have some interesting items and characters and with this bonus round they were very close to make great slot because I don’t see why I should play here when if I don’t get bonus round I don’t have chance to make money and to be honest when I deposit 10 or 20$ and I play 1$ per spin it is very hard that in 10 spins you are so lucky and won bonus round. So in most times I just press spin button 10-15 time and that is it and when it happens I feel like a full.

So after all my playing here I can say that graphics and technical side of slot is great and if you have fun money and playing in fun mode this is great slot, but when you use real money it is not fun to lose money that easy and that is key reason why I will say that in the end this slot is bad.
Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple is a slot game you can play in casinos that offer Rival software. Like I said earlier in my previous reviews I am a great fan of Rival Games. But after a few bad experiences with Rival casinos for the last two years I rarely play in them.

The first thing I would like to say about this game is that it used to be one of my favorite slot games which I played in Rival casinos. I used to spend hours and hours playing this and other games by Rival software. Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple slot game has 20 paylines and 5 reels. Like in most other games coming from Rival it has two bonus rounds. You get the free spins bonus if you get at least 3 symbols with the character of Jenny Nevada. There is also a classical pick up bonus round which is activated if you get 3 symbols with a plane.I like the pick up bonus round where you can have some big wins. But like in most other Rival casino slots the best combination is when during the free spins bonus you get 3 symbols with a plane which trigger this bonus. Sometimes it could happen that during the free spins I get 2-3 times the pick up bonus also. In one chance if I remember correctly on my 1 euro bet I had a win of over 300 euros.

I really loved and enjoyed playing this fantastic game. This game gives a unique feeling of an adventure in Indiana Jones style. The symbols are in one with the theme and you have : jeeps, whips, guns, temples, planes, binoculars, knives, scrolls, masks, diamonds and off course the character of Jenny Nevada.

Overall a great game which Rival offers. I will repeat again for I don't know how many times but I can't recommend not one safe casino from Rival where you can play this game.
I will write about my first experience on online gambilg. About two or three years ago when I started to play online I usually played on rival casinos because they offered no deposit bonuses. And this game is first game that I ever played and I like it most.

First I was attracted by slots theme and his look. I mean who don't like Indiana Jones :) . And when I started to play it become interesting. I love bonus round and free spins. I was only waiting for three planes to get in bonus round. And when you get bonus you will get some money for sure.

In bonus round you are in cave and collect jewels and other valuables, when you collect all you have three doors and you pick one. You can continue collecting or if you pick wrong door you fall in hole and it is end of bonus round. So I have a lot of good memories about this slot and I will always remember how I started to play online casinos but this slots also have a lot of bad sides.
But this game is powered by Rival and only rival casino offer this game, that is really bad side because we all know how Rival casino can delay or avoid your withdraw. another bad side is that beside bonus round you can't win anything.

It was times when I get free spins and on 10 free spins I didn't get anything. So when you get free spins that isn't anything special, you can win something but in most situation you will end free spins with 10 or less euros win. And when you play regular without any bonus or free spins it is the same. You will lost your money easy and quick. So your only hope for winnings is to get bonus round. But I had a lot of luck and I was getting bonus round very often so still this slot has remained in good memory for me :)
paquito76 867 reviews
First of all some clarification is needed regarding to its name. On the Rival’s official site it indicated as Jenny Nevada but some casinos listed the game as just Diamond Temple. So don’t be surprised if you want to play this game you will find it under different ABC letters on the game menus at different casinos.

Jenny Nevada can’t be anyone else just the female version of Indiana Jones. She puts her hat on, grabs her gun and machete and goes to the other side of the world to be involved in incredible adventures and no doubt at the end she will save the world. How lucky we are to join her at the latest journey that leads us to the Diamond Temple.
The slot has a comic book like look and while I’m not a huge supporter of this kind of art, I was skeptical about our common future. Eventually, I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. Though the images and symbols bear the typical marks of the genre but I like it all. Somehow, everything here has a comprehensive view and the whole picture is great despite not having excellent graphics.

The main game seems to be average as well the pays. The Lash symbol is the players’ best friend here as it rewards the most, x5000 coins. But where the real fun is, it’s the Diamond Temple Bonus round. To get there at least 3 Biplanes icons needed. There we have to search, find and collect all kind of treasures. First we got to choose between the doors and open it with moving levers or pulling slide skulls and after entering just have to pick up the diamonds and other art works. The exploration lasts as long as a Boobytrap appears. It’s an entertaining bonus game and if we can look behind several doors it also can be profitable.

Jenny serves as a scatter and has 10, 20 or 50 free spins up her sleeve. All free spin winnings are multiplied by 4 and fortunately this can be re-triggered again under this period giving more spins without bets.

I didn’t know what but I’m missed here something at the first occasions when I had to realize the slot has no Wild substitute feature at all. It’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?

In a session with it, I played at €2 but nothing really wanted to show me its better face when I got 10 free spins. I wasn’t too excited about it as the last time I won just €3 but at the beginning there were 4 more scatters so it became 30 extra spins in total. I don’t know exactly what winning lines formed there, I just remember of 5 parchment symbols (or something like that) in V shape and I knew it’s the second best icon with x750 multiplier. I was about to quickly reckon it in my head but I gave up (OK, it proved again I’m not an Euclid of the modern era) as the very next spin took me to the bonus round. All in all, the final result was a little more than €600.
(If someone couldn’t sleep at night because of it, I was able to count that win by now, it was €300).

This slot really made a good impression on me. Not just the win, but in generally. Entertaining game with good bonus game and some nice returns but I’m still asking quietly where’s the the substitute function?!
This is a good game for fun and for a good earning. For starters try to play the game with caution, but after relax why not play with my money, heh heh. Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple I became clear as a bonus and diamonds to be done, but nothing terrible, there is time and you learn that the diamonds and Kostur heads. For now there is nothing to comment just know you will have a good occupation for tonight.
The other rival powered video slot what I want to mention is the jenny Nevada slot. This game is really not the best rival gaming slot but when it in good shape you can get nice profit even in low bets. The minimum bet is 0.2 euro like almost the all rival video slot but it has more kind of bonus game.

When I started to play here I wagered my bonus money and I wanted to get much profit as I can take so I played with really high bets. I started at 2 euro because I had lot money to play and I know the rival video slots well. If you want to maximize you winnings and you have enough money I recommend to play higher stakes because on the minimum bets you can collect cents from this slot and many other rival powered games.

My game play not started well but when I lost some money on the jenny Nevada slot my luck turned and get some nice amounts. This video slot has two kind of bonus game, it has the free rounds when you triggers at least 3 of the jenny Nevada scatter and it has a bonus feature when you collect at least 3 of the biplanes. The free game was better for in my game play because I triggered 4 of the free spin scatters. I started my 20 free rounds with the good 4 times multiplier. I expected more from those free spins but I collected only 25 euro from it at the 2 euro staked bet.

The next times when I get the free games I hit only 3 of them and I get 10 free rounds but it was much better, when I ended my free spins I collected 62 euro profit. I think it can give more than my winnings but I wasn’t lucky enough. The bonus feature is not the best because you have to pick from the symbols but if you pick wrong your bonus game can ends really soon.
kruno1414 36 reviews
I will first write my experiences with Rival Casinos games , especially Video Slots cause I played a lot of them, all of them to be precised. I will first pick Slots that I have the most positive experiences.

First one is Diamond Temple , I think on two or three Rival casinos I managed to successfully wager their no deposit bonus requirements and successfully withdraw only by playing Diamond Temple. I really like layout of this Video Slot , it is really nice.

Diamond Temple is slot with 20 lines, and maximum you can bet is 0.25 coins per line.This slot offers Bonus round , Free spins ,and Jackpot item which also can replace any other item if needed .Free spins are 4x multiplier you get them if there is three items with picture of Jenny Nevada no matter where on which fields.

I also very much like bonus round of this slot . You get bonus when there is three items with airplane no matter where . In bonus round you are in the Diamond Temple , you need to look for valuable things like jewels and artifacts , so you are in the room you have 3 or sometimes 4 doors or passages to choose from , one of them is booby trap and when u hit it you finish your round.My biggest win in bonus round was I think around 250$ with 1$ . Also I had a luck of getting 50 free spins with their 4x multiplier and that’s a great feeling .

I always start playing with this slot on every Rival casino and the most of times it is the right decision There is nothing bad I can say about this slot really , cause I just remember good things happen.

I hope my review will attract more players on this great slot .

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