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Jason and the Golden Fleece is a 25-payline video slot which runs on the Microgaming software platform. Featuring the theme of a well-known ancient Greek myth, the game’s scatter is the Golden Fleece and the game Logo is the wild card. Players can try this slot here on this page for free or choose any of the Microgaming casinos from the listings to play the game for real money.

Before joining Jason on his quest for the fleece, players should regulate their bet by moving the arrows underneath “Bet”.  The minimum coin size is 0.01 and the maximum coin size is 0.5. “Spin” initiates the game and “Auto Play” spins the reels a number of times without interruption.

3, 4 or 5 Game Logos trigger 10 Free Spins at a x3 multiplier. Free Spins can be re-triggered.

3 or more scatters activate the Jasons’s Journey Bonus, which consists of 6 games. In the Iolcus Shield Bonus Game players can win up to 15,000 coins. Players choose 6 shields out of 12 to win random bonus win amounts.

In the Mysia Bonus Game, players can win up to 12,500 coins. 17 Harpies are displayed. There are element symbols behind 16 harpies and a x2 multiplier behind 1 block. Players choose blocks till they have found 4 of the same symbols. If they find the multiplier, when the 4 symbols are matched bonus, their amounts are doubled.

In the Symplegades Shipwreck Bonus, players can obtain 12,500 coins by choosing objects to reveal random bonus win amounts. They can keep them or pick again, but only twice. The Crete Wheel Bonus can win players the maximum of 20,000 coins. They spin the wheel to win multipliers and a maximum of 4 additional spins.

The Sirenum Bonus can help players acquire 37,000 coins. They are dealt 5 cards, only 1 of which is face-up. Should they guess whether the following card is higher or lower, their amount is increased. The Colchius Bonus can win players 19,000 coins. There are 20 random bonus wins hidden behind 20 bottles. They choose bottles until they wind a Potion Complete symbol, when they are awarded with a x2 multiplier.

Game Play

Bet: Select the wager. 
Spin: Start playing the game at your chosen bet.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times with no interruptions.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1213 reviews
A mythical story, a mythical journey, in search of the Golden Fleece, that's what this game is all about, but you already know that. Such games can be marvelous, entertaining and addictive enough to make you come back for more, just as with Immortal Romance, for example, which isn't a mythical game but a purely whimsical fantasy game. But just imagine the number of people who are already addicted to this game! No, not me! Immortal Romance never got hold of me, Amber's magical charms didn't work on me, the endearing soundtracks didn't get into my blood. Instead, I saw through its dark side and kept myself far away from the game! What about Jason and the Golden Fleece? Well, I'm about to tell you all about it!

At the very first instance, Jason and the Golden Fleece is already catching you with its 6 Bonus Games. Wow! That's a lot isn't it? Yeah, right. The name of the game is the Wild symbol, doubling any wins with it, but not paying anything for 5 of itself, only for the substituted symbol. Yeah, have heard of this thousand of times before! Getting 3 Wilds anywhere on the reels award 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier. Good enough, except for the 10 spins. The Golden Fleece, illustrated as an inverted 'S', sheesh, is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays a low 100x the total bet. Get 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels and a 'Jason Journey Bonus Game' is awarded. The game play for this journey is simple enough. Each time this bonus game is triggered, you go 1 stop further up the journey map, 6 stopovers altogether.

Without going into too much details of each of the 6 stopover bonus games, these can be summarised as IOLCUS (pick 6 shields to win cash), MYSIA (match 4 items to win cash), SYMPLEGADES (choose 1 item to win cash), CRETE (spin a wheel to win cash), SIRENUM (guess higher or lower card game), and lastly COLCHIS (pick potions until 'Potion Completed'). From these 6 various games, there isn't one that I like, simply because I've never liked any pick and win bonus game. Too boring for me, and the cash rewards are never big!
Let me be very honest here. After completing that long journey, wouldn't you expect to be rewarded handsomely, with a nice big cash reward? A journey that took 6 stopovers, meaning getting 6 separate Bonus games, picking out many items, getting mediocre rewards each time, then ending the journey by making a potion that sleeps the guardian dragon, escaping with that Golden Fleece, and finally returning back home safely - a blardy long journey that rewarded me with only a 53x total bet win! Sheesh! You still wanna go on that journey? Not for me, I've got better games to risk my money!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Jason and the Golden Fleece is a game that is worth trying, especially if you like adventurous games. I have played this slot many many times but I have not won anything big. The main theme is the well known myth of Jason. This is another 5 reels 25 pay lines video slot from Microgaming software.

The last time I played the game I got a 42 euros big win during the base game and then I triggered the Jason`s Quest bonus. In the bonus you need to select items in order to create a sleeping potion for the dragon. You have to pick bottles which are hiding random cash prizes until you pick the one that says ‘quest complete’. I got 34 euros in this bonus and it is called Colchis Potion Bonus. Next time I triggered the bonus I got the Iolcus Shield Bonus where I had to select 6 shields and I got 29 euros. Mysia Harpy bonus was not that generous either. I got 25 euros only. There are 3 other bonus rounds here but I have managed to open only this 3.

You will never feel bored when you play this game. It can offer so much variety. Basically when you get 3 or more golden fleece scatters you trigger the bonus. I really liked this feature because Jason travels to another destination and you get a different bonus every time. The only bad thing here is that it does not pay very well. I have never won anything bigger than 30 x bet. The free spins are also nice, but most of the time when I play I get the bonus more often than the free spins. It is a very interesting slot, but I do not believe that you can win big while playing it. You will definitely be entertained and get some small wins only, but sometimes that is enough.
zerooo 742 reviews
Jason and the Golden Fleece is nice designed video slot from Microgaming company. It has 25 paylines and I played this game a few times, mostly at Guts casino.

The game offer bonus game and free spins feature. Into the bonus game there are different modes. Each time when you trigger the bonus there is different pick up mode. Sometimes you have more choices and sometimes less. Last time when I played it, I triggered bonus game three times and I had a decent winnings. They were around x20 to x40 bet each time, which i think is good for a bonus game. Maybe sometimes could be even higher, but all depends on your picks.

The free spins is feature is also good. 10 free spins at x3 multiplier is ok. Maybe the free spins number could be set higher, not only at 10. Otherwise it is good. I like this game. During my gameplay sessions I had decent winnings even into base game. This game is different than most of others because here wild symbols are the same as scatter symbol. I like this. Sometimes when I had two wilds this increases my winnings. But if there would be one more, I would get the winnings and also free spins which i think is great.

I think this game is decent, good one. I could play it more often, I enjoy while I was playing it. The theme is great and even if the game is not new , it has a good design. I will rate this game with 8 stars.
Maybe the payouts at bonus game could be a little higher. Because most of the time I pick out the smallest prizes. And there could be higher number of free spins, at least 12 to 15. Otherwise it is a good game.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Jason and the Golden Fleece" is another of those slots based on stories of heroes and epic battles that are quite liked by many players including myself. In casino forums and websites I have seen this game has been well received by the gambler community since its release on February 2013 to this day, although to be frank I have never seen any statement where it is announced that any player has obtained a big gain in this colorful game manufactured by the company "Microgaming".

I recognize that games like this have a lot of fans, especially fans of Microgaming games, slots with good look but low rates, where you hope to make a profit is more clinging to the possibility of a big win for any of the special features included on the slot that for hits achieved by combinations formed normally during the base game, personally I also love bonus rounds and free spins rounds but these provided that my earnings during the base game encourage me to keep playing, of course, that's my personal view about how a video slot should be and I respect tastes of others, I guess for me it has not been very easy to trigger the bonus round on this game, although during my today’s session with this slot I managed to reach the end of the mission through the broad ocean and ultimately I could rescue the Golden Fleece, hard task but not impossible, I managed this feat than getting a single round of free spins, and before my inability and more than 700 spins, I have decided to give up and recognize that there are slots with which I simply cannot connect.

Personally, I think I better leave this slot to be enjoyed by fans of Microgaming, I consider that profits during my bonus rounds were decent but never anything extraordinary, and the size of my payouts for the base game have simply made me surrender, so I think that here I conclude with this video slot of attractive appearance.
For anyone who likes adventurous games, Jason and the Golden Fleece is definitely a worthy challenge. I had the pleasure to experience this game myself and although I never won much I don’t really have anything bad to say about it in particular either.

It’s a nice game based on the ancient myth of Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. The slot itself features 25 paylines, 3 rows and 5 reels. Minimum bet is €0.25 but I played it on a €1 bet most of the time. The symbols are made of several characters, including Jason himself which is the highest paying symbol. In addition there are scatters (golden fleece) and wilds that can appear during the base game as well.

The wild symbol also functions as a scatter symbol but cannot replace the golden fleece scatter. What I liked about this game is that it has two second-level bonus features. If you collect 3, 4 or 5 wilds, then you win 10 free spins matched by a 3 x multiplier.

If you collect 3 or more golden fleece scatters, then you’ll get awarded with a bonus feature. The bonus feature itself is very exciting and adventurous at the same time.Basically every time when you manage to get to the bonus feature, Jason will travel to another destination and another type of bonus game is played. So it’s definitely a nice game, but on average this bonus game pays like 20 - 25 x betsize I’d say.

I once won 100 x betsize but that was a rare occurrence. Free spins are nice also, where my best win was around the 150 x betsize mark thanks to one good hit with the highest paying symbol and Jason himself. Overall an entertaining game, but there isn’t too much potential during base game.
I think this game is good though to clear bonuses on.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jason and the Golden Fleece is another game coming from Microgaming with the standard 5 reels, 25 paylines. I have never played this game before but I see that it has been played many times.

Its background is the sea with waves. I received a free spins bonus to play this game inspired by Greek mythology. Jason who is looking for the golden fleece is the main symbol. The name of the game represents the wild symbol and once it is triggered you will realize it is the wild symbol, while the scatter symbol is the golden fleece. This game has a bonus feature. Wild symbol substitutes all symbols except the scatter. 3, 4, 5 wilds trigger the free spins bonus with up to x 3 multiplier.

The bonus game is actually Jason's journey. Two scatters gave me a 500 coins win on my 250 coins bet and they appeared on the same line. Sirenium and Misia are one of the symbols I liked most. 3 Misia symbols gave me a very small win on my min. bet and that small win was only 8 coins. Very poor. 2 Crete symbols, scatter symbol in the leftcorner on the first reel and the other one on the fifth reel in the right corner,symbol of Jason and two of the Argonauts and female symbol medea gave me the biggest win during my play of 200 coins on my 100 coins bet which is still just symbolic. Yeah,I finally managed to get the bonus game, scatters triggered that so expected bonus game where you will be guided into the game and offered to pick 6 shields and I won 5000 coins after picking 6 symbols .

I finished the game by loosing my balance and this was a little journey for me as well, the one that I was looking forward to go on. I need tomention that this is the first time I have ever played this game and it looks like a very nice game, but I am not so sure about its payouts.
yapro 790 reviews
Jason and the Golden Fleece it is another one new game from microgaming software company. Like all microgaming new game this one looks great, but this is good slot and it is not so often happens with new microgaming game, i like it!
Jason and the Golden Fleece has 25 paylines. At this game we have wilds which presented on all reels, and it substitute for all symbols except scatter, but no multiplier or something like this, but i am ok with it. Also 3 wilds or 3 scatters trigger here freespins feature, which is basically awards 10 freespins with x 3 multiplier, and can be retriggered. Once i retriggered feature 3 times and it was really great. Also here is really great and very excellent feature is triggered with 3 or more bonus symbols. There jason have a journey and visit different places, at different places we have different bonus game and awarded with prizes. I really like it and want to say that it is amazing slot, since it has many bonus games. This guarantee to us one important thing - that game not boring at all. I played this game couple of times at 32red and guts ,and once from 50$ deposit i was able to withdraw 400$ playing only this game, and i think this is best fact what i can say about this slot, it can pay and playing this game you can have nice withdrawal.In my boringmetr this game zero, and i will play this game again, since i have awesome experience with it, and since game is interesting for me.
Medium variance 25 paylines game, with unique bonus feature where we can see many different bonus game. Potential for hits like 100-500 x total bet is here, and it is can achieve to you nice withdrawal like it was with me. Great game from microgaming, i want to see more such slots.
Jason ans the Golden Fleece slot is powered by microgaming. First off i would like to say that this is an awesome game. I absolutely love it, and i play it all the times. This is perfect for low rollers and high rollers. Game packed with different bonuses and a free spins feature. Epic.

This is a 25 line game with a possibility to get a bonus or a free spins feature. The bonus consists of six different bonus rounds. Each one has its own prize. To get the bonus the player has to get three or more scatters. That takes you into the adventurous travels of Jason. The further you travel the more you win. I am proud to say that i got five scatters one ( by double tapping), and won €50 on a €0.50 bet. I have got more bonuses on this game, than any other game that i have played since i started online gambling. I really enjoy the music and the theme of this game. It keeps me entertained for a very long time.

The second feature on this game is the free spins feature. The free spins are awarded when you get three or more wilds. The wilds also double the win so you can expect to get a nice win. I have never got five wild in a row, but i have had 4 scattered across reels. In the free spins the wins are tripled, so if you get a win with a wild you get 6x. The free spins can be re-triggered and that is great. My perfect bet on this game is €0.50 or €0.75. The biggest win in free spins for me was almost €160. I think that this game has a great potential to pay big. If i was to rate it i would give it 9 out of 10.

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