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Afi4wins 1207 reviews
Ah...gypsies have always excited me in certain ways, especially in their fortune telling ways. Whether those are merely lucky predictions, instincts-based premonitions, or truly looking into their future-telling crystal balls, heck, I guess no one can ever know the whole truth. And some people do depend and believe in their fortune tellings. "Be very careful my may come across some unfortunate event tonight and lose some money..." so says the Gypsy. Hmm. Of course. That person just paid the Gypsy for telling the truth! Hahaha.

I must admit that this game Gypsy Queen looks nice and interesting, with its black mysterious background, its colourful icons and its vibrant overall looks. I like it. The Wild symbol, the most important symbol in any game, is non-existent here in Gypsy Queen, argh! From being a true blue dumb symbol, as it usually can be, the Wild symbol has just turned for the worse, and no word can describe it. Well, you know who to blame! The Crystal Ball is the Scatter symbol, paying 100x the total bet for 5 of them, and getting 2 or more consecutive Scatters on the reels trigger the Mystery Bonus feature, whereby either a Free Spins game or a Bonus game will be randomly awarded. The logo 'Gypsy Queen' pays 2000x, the Gypsy pays 1500x, a mixed combination of Logo+Gypsy pays 500x, and all other lower symbols pay from 250x to 75x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. A very low paytable.

Whenever 2 Scatters appear on reels 1 and 2, the Mystery Bonus feature is triggered. Most of the time, the 'Pick A Card' Bonus game would be randomly awarded, whereby you pick out cards to win prizes, with 'Extra Pick' hidden in some of the cards. The Free Spins game tend to be awarded lesser, and the free spins start with 12 free spins for 2-Scatters triggering, with up to 30 free spins for 5-Scatters triggering, but all free spins are without any win multiplier. First, no Wilds, and now the free spins have no multiplier! What the argh! Trying to get nice good decent wins from this Gypsy Queen game has just turned even harder.
I gave this game a good long play, hoping the blardy low paytable could produce some surprisingly good results, as it does with some other games, but not with this one. The initial game play was actually not bad, getting the Mystery Bonus games a few times, mostly the 'Pick A Card' games, but all paying quite decent wins, from a low 10x up to a good 50x the total bet. The Free Spins games, on the contrary, were mostly disappointing, partly due to the absence of any win multiplier, and partly due to too many non-paying spins. A complete let-down as far as I'm concerned, because free spins are usually where the good wins come from. If all these aren't bad enough, wait till the dry run comes in...probably the worse kind of empty spins I've come across so far! Sheesh!
Gypsy Queen it is Microgaming old video slot. I find this game recently, this month, and I must say that I already played it two times, so I think it is should tell something!

This slot looks ok, unfortunately there is nothing super great or unique, but still game looks like many other old games, but since it is Microgaming everything is still ok! Also there is 20 paylines.

Base game here is quite boring, really. There are no any wild symbols, and most payouts are not big. Also during base game there is no any special feature, and you just keep playing and hoping to get scatters. Not the thing I really love, because it is generally almost kill gameplay, I think we all agree that it is not good when you playing slot just to get feature.

There are two different features in this slot, but both triggered by same way. Also I was really surprised in this slot. Well, to trigger feature you need 2 or more scatters from left to right. Yes, I am not made mistake, I write two. Was quite surprised when I hit two scatters and feature started, and of course it was very pleasure surprise!

Well, feature is chosen by random. It can be freespins with all wins tripled. You could get from 12 (2 scatters) to 30 (5 scatters) freespins. During freespins all wins tripled. I like!

Another feature it is bonus game. It is just typical bonus game, where you just pick cards. Prizes can be not so bad, I hit 40 x total bet, and 20 x total bet, and this is not a limit.

I like this game! Well, I was really surprised, but I really enjoyed my playing here. Only two scatters needed, good freespins with tripled wins, and interesting bonus game.
There is nothing which I could list here, it is good and well balanced slot.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gypsy Queen is a cute video slot game with 20 paylines coming from Microgaming. I haven’t played it often maybe 10 times only so far.

The graphic and animations aren't anything extra but the game looks nice anyway. The theme in this game are the gypsies and the gypsy queen. The gypsies are known as a wondering people without a country and they can be found all over the world. The symbols here represent some aspects from the life of those people. For example the symbol who presents one of them playing a violin. They are known as a people who love music. They are also known by fortune telling. There is also a symbol with gypsy cards and a girl from a gypsy family. The symbols are carefully chosen and I like them. I haven't played here often so I don't know the rules very well. But I know that there are two bonuses here. A free spins bonus and some kind of a pick up bonus. To get these bonuses you need to have 2 scatter symbols with crystal balls on the first and second reel. Which bonus you get is totally random. I like the free spins bonus more because I think there are more chances for a descent win there.

Like I said I haven't spent much time playing here. I remember that I played it for the first time in Gaming Club Casino. I also remember that I had some descent wins in a short time. After that I tried a few times more but without any big success. It would always end up by losing money here. I like that the reels spin fast. I love slot games that are fast.
I don't like the sound of this game which is irritating. It’s some gypsy music you listen to as you play and I am not a fan of it. I always play it with the volume on mute.
gordontan 70 reviews
Hello my friends, the next slot game I have tried so far is the Gypsy Queen slot game. It is featuring gypsy theme, with five reels, 20 paylines. It has a scatter symbol, in the form of a "Crystal Ball.". Gypsy Queen is another piece of work designed by Microgaming. Just like normal slot game, you should have a number of options you can make use of in this game. One of them is the ability to adjust the speed of the game, through the use of quick spin which simply speeds up the spins so that the results come more quickly. Another one is auto spin, but honestly I don’t really encourage you guys to use auto too frequently as it might make your fund dried up very easily. Thus, to act wisely, you need to set for a specified number of rounds, and which automatically places the bets and makes the spins, which can serve to speed things up as well.

As you guys can see when you have gone through the games, the available scatter symbol is a Crystal Ball, and when two or more of them are scattered from left to right on consecutive reels and there are two bonus games provided for slot lovers and it will only either one of two bonus games to be activated thus you can either get the Free Spins Game or the Tarot Card Game. The Tarot Card Bonus Game allows you to win up to 30,000 coins. When it is activated, you will have a choice between six different cards that are displayed on the screen. There are various bonus amounts under each card, so when you select one of them, it is flipped and that is the bonus you win. This will have higher chance because the outcome will be only either YES or NO, it is quite straightforward and simple, I believe it could be giving you guys a huge return by this.

As what I have mentioned in previous paragraph, the Free Spins Bonus Game will be the second bonus game which will also give you lucrative returns if you really know how as it will be awarding you guys up to 30 free spins, triggered by the appearance of the Crystal Ball scatter symbol. How many free spins you get depends on how many Crystal Balls show up. Two of them will bring 12 spins; three yields 15 spins and the most important issue is that all winning amount in the Free Spins Bonus Game are tripled and it could be the critical path for you to multiple your earning smoothly and steadily.
Icymod 758 reviews
The sound of tambourines mixed in with violins and music can be heard on this gypsy themed video slot....Gypsy Queen! I don't know if there are Spanish Guitars playing though but if they were then my definition of hearing the saxophone has split my vote for having the seexxiiesst instruments around! Of course the real spanish guitar would be dead on sseexxyy! Gypsy Queen, an easy 20 paylines bonus triggering video slot that seems to tell your future through the tarot bonus or decide your winning destiny in the tripled value free spins.

I preferably like this video slot not just for my nice female AG member who I chose her as this slot that's been turned me into a chicken plenty of times but it's the easy Crystal ball scatters that appear in succession on the first 2 reels. 2 Crystal balls is all it took to get whisked into a prediction in the bonus of unpredictable prizes or the 12 Free spins at 3x! I especially like the bonus game as I have managed to get to the last 6th tarot card to reveal a big $25 / 2500 coins from my $0.80 triggering bet. Either the Tarot Bonus or the Free spins are of great help in this game of predictions, cards and gypsies! So helpful that this slot has been!
The problems can appear with the paylines. There was a chance to see a mixed pay of the Gypsy queen and the Gypsy Queen Logos that nearly got me 5 combinations. The paylines fixed to this slot didn't give me the 5 combination outcome I surely wanted to collect! The last symbol wasn't in the payline position! I do hope that when you trigger your Tarot bonus, you will get more than 2 picks on it because I tend to sometimes get one card + a pick again with the next card having a big prize with no more picks to choose from (The Wheel or Star Card).

There aren't any wilds in this game and hitting 3 crystal balls left to right are horrible for when free spins are triggered as the mystery prize. There is a small leap from 12 Free spins for 2 crystal balls and 15 Free spins for 3 crystal balls. The bonuses are left as a mystery to the player upon triggering crystal balls! You might be left disappointed by that fact!

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