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Great Blue is an aquatic video slot with a fun theme and plenty of exciting payouts. Its crysta­l-c­lea­r sounds and splashing animations are even reminiscent of some of the finest land-based video slots. This game is available at any Playtech casino for real money play. If these underwater creatures are kind to you in free mode, be sure to give it a try.

As far as online video slots go, Great Blue is simple to understand. Players can make their bet by first selecting their coin size. This ranges from just £0.01 up to £5, giving slot lovers with all sorts of bankrolls the perfect opportunity to wager. The slot features stacked wild orcas, and in order to reap the most from these lucky symbols, players should bet on all 25 lines. Nonetheless, you can adjust this amount as you see fit. Finally, choose how many coins to bet per line. Start betting at the selected amount by hitting Spin, or bet on all 25 lines at 10 coins per line by hitting Max Bet.

Players who are feeling extremely lucky can even try out Great Blue's gamble feature. Guess the color of the pearl in the clam and win double your bet! Be careful, though. Using the gamble feature too much can eat away at your bankroll in a heartbeat.

Game Play

Click to Change: Change your coin denomination.
Lines: Change the number of paylines to play.
Bet per Line: Choose how many coins to bet per line.
Spin: Spin the reels at the selected lines and bet.
Bet Max: Spin all 25 reels at 10 coins per line.
Gamble: Enter a special round where you can double your winnings or lose them all. 

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zerooo 742 reviews
Great Blue is nice underwater designed video slot from Playtech software. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. I played it for a few times, at different casinos, different sessions. I don't have any good results at it, I had no big win on it. But I still like to play it, because the potential on big winnings are huge.

This game has good theme and I like to play underwater themed games. In some way it relax me and I think there under the sea could be some treasure too. The game has only one bonus and that is free spins. You can win up to 33 free spins or up to x15 multiplier. When three or more scatter bonus symbols appear you get automatically 8 free spins with x2 multiplier. Later you have to choose two out of five sea shells to win more free spins or multipliers. I like that free spins could also be retriggered with 15 free spins played with the same multiplier as the triggering spin.

So this is really huge potential on winnings. I played it many times, I received free spins only a few times. And after I selected shells, I received more than 20 free spins and around x4 or x5 multiplier. But the payouts during free spins were not so high because I did not have wild symbols. The wilds pay out really huge so if you catch them into free games you are lucky.

Great Blue can easily eat your balance. I know that because it happen to me. I played at minimum bets and after free games I raised the bet. But suddenly my balance falling down, without any wild symbols or free games. I think you need to have a really good bankroll to play this game, or very very lucky day. I will rate it with 9 stars, it is a good game.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I was in two minds about reviewing this game, as I know if my boyfriend reads this he will scream “SACRILEGE!!” at me at the top of his voice haha. This is one of his all time favorite slot games, and whilst I do like it in a way – I’ve had a few good wins on it - my time playing it has definitely come to an end as I’ve decided it’s basically one of the biggest ripoffs in on-line slots.

The thing about Great Blue and its clones, is that if you look up there RTP percentages on-line, you’ll discover them to be DRASTICALLY below that of many other games. In fact the figure is around 92%, which you may think is not that much less than the 96-98% offered by some other games from say Microgaming or NetEnt, but if your just making a small deposit, this is exactly why you will find it lasts MUCH less time if you drop it into this slot than another game eg Dead or Alive, Frankenstein, Thunderstruck2 or Break Da Bank Again which all have the higher payback percentages.

Another big ripoff about great blue is the scatter frequency – I don’t know the official numbers for this but I’m as certain as I possibly can be that this game enters the bonus round MUCH less frequently than other slot games. I’ve sat and span the reels over 1,000 times without a single feature on multiple occasions, something which only tends to happen on very rare occasions when I play other games. I’ve had even worse results playing the clone game Marilyn Monroe. What can this possibly be all about?!

I guess the fact is, because the feature on this game has such insane payout potential – scoring a full line of wilds in the 15x multiplier mode will pay you out a sickening amount of money – the odds of even entering this mode have to be dropped dramatically, on top of the near impossibility of actually hitting such a combination anyway. I know I’ve never had a line of wilds in this game full stop, even in the base game, and I’ve played it a lot!

Undeniably, this is an addictive game because of its enormous variance and ability to pay you out your whole months salary on a 25p spin should you get lucky. Trouble is, the rest of the time it’ll empty your wallet so quickly you’ll be needing overtime to recover the damage to your bank account! This one is only the brave – or the lucky!
Great Blue online slot was made by Playtech, and it is probably slot with the most winning potential from Playtech.

This game looks great, and I like theme, graphic, animations. Sounds are a bit usual and not very nice, so I am usually just turn off sounds at this game and just listen some music or watching TV while slot is spinning.

Game has 25 pay lines, so min bet here is 0.25, and god thanks that it is not higher, because 25$ is of course too low amount of money to play this game with min bet. Many many, so many times I start playing with about 20-30$ on my balance this game and quickly lost all without hitting 3 scatters.

There is very interesting game play here. There is stacked wilds on all reels with x 2 multiplier for all wins. I do not know how to calculate how much it can pay with 0.25 bet if you hit all stacked wilds, but I am sure payout will be unbelievable big. And it is just start, there is frees pins features, and you pick two shells for frees pins or multipliers. I read somewhere that best is 10x multiplier or something like this, for me it most times x 5 or x 7, and it is still very decent multiplier. 5 scatters pay 500 amount of bets, so with x 10 multiplier it is more than 1000 dollars with min bet. Many wilds will pay even higher with x 10 multiplier. Possibilities to become super rich at this game are very good, and this is why most times slot just eat my money - it should take money to pay someone very big win. No problem, one day I will be this guy to whom this slot decide to pay.

I had couple of wins more than 50$ on min bet, and I usually play with only min bet. Why bet higher if even with min bet I can win big money.
Big money always in mind when playing this game, so what bad to say about it?
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Great Blue is one of those cases where less is more, and this does not mean that this fantastic slot developed by Playtech lacks something, but rather that it does not need more complex features to win the hearts of players. Firstly, it should be clear that in most web sites this slot is considered as the most, or one of the most, popular games of Playtech, which in my opinion seems a rating fair enough because this game has a compendium of qualities we the players usually love a lot and I'd like to talk a little about them.

- Design: Great Blue has a completely calm and soothing appearance so that one as a player have no problem spending minutes or hours in front of a painted blue screen decorated with all kind of images of sea creatures that move between a number of bubbles, the effect on me is somewhat similar to the one produced by a glass aquarium with real minnows I can observe for a long time without even blinking.
- Sound effects: fully adequate to the subject with special emphasis on detail, for example, the use of different sounds for each animal at the time of paylines’ formation.
- Paytable: I think it's pretty fair.
- Wild symbol: personalized with the powerful image of a killer whale orca, it has the lovely ability to double our winnings, less common feature in many new slot machines developed by different gaming software companies.
- Special features: Great Blue is equipped with a round of free games with generous number of free spins and multipliers that are determined by choice to chance once they are triggered by the appearance of 3 or more scatters with the image of the oyster and pearl.

To me all these above were more than enough to enjoy this game to the fullest, and somehow I feel "Stop" button was quite useful for activating free spins. "Recommended" is the word that first comes to my mind when completing this review.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Whenever my balance allows it I like to go back to some good Playtech casino and try out some of my favorite Playtech slots. I have played almost every game from the Marvel jackpots series and can say that they are my favorites. I also tried some other slots from this software provider and have come to love a few of them. One of those slots is The Great Blue.

The first time I heard about this game was from Afi on the forum speaking about some desired big win on this slot game so I decided to check it out. I also watched a movie with sharks once with the same name which I didn’t like. I was happy to see that the game has nothing to do with the movie.

When I first started the game I have to say I liked it. I like the background sound because it made me feel relaxed. I didn’t like the sound of the spins though. Too much noise. I played for a while and liked the symbols in this game. I was playing on the minimum 0.25 payline bet. I can’t remember what casino it was but I was playing on a no deposit bonus, that I remember. The wild symbol here is a whale and I like that it comes stacked on the reels. After some time I got 3 seashells on the screen and found out that they were the scatter symbol which triggered the free spins. I really liked the free spins bonus because it wasn’t standard. I picked one shell and it gave me 18 free spins. I picked another one and got 3 x multiplier.

I was also very happy with the wins. I got two stacked wilds on reels 1 and 3 and had a big win of about 35 euros total on my 0.25 bet. I played for a while more beforeI moved on to another game. I will definitely play this game more in the future.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Whenever my Neteller balance goes to the horrible terrible number 0 ( which is a lot lately ) the holy search for no deposit bonuses begins. Lately this is also becoming a problem because I have accounts in almost every casino offering some no deposit bonus. But from time to time some new or some forgotten casino will pop up and I get a chance to gamble a little and try to make some money. I always like when I find some Playtech casino offering a no deposit bonus but most of the bonuses exclude progressive jackpots so Marvel slots are not on the menu. That leaves me with some less interesting games to play but I have learned to like some of them.

One of the games I like is Great Blue. The first time I saw this game it reminded me of the movie Free Willy which I adored as a kid. So the wild symbol in the game is the Whale which substitutes all other symbols, doubles a win and can come expanded. Also it has a very high payout so 5 of these will earn you a nice 10 000 bet win. I have to say that during my base play I have had a few 100 x bet wins thanks to 2 reels filled with wilds. The scatter symbol of this game is a seashell and 3 of them award you 8 free spins with x 2 multiplier.

Now the fun starts when you are offered to choose 2 out of 5 seashells which can award you up to 33 free spins and a high up to 15 x multiplier. I have gotten this bonus a few time but the most I won was 30 free spins but on the small initial x 2 multiplier. If it was on 15 x multiplier that would have been the mother of all wins. I got around 130 x bet from those free spins but it wasn't enough to wager the no deposit bonus I took.

Anyway I had a lot of fun playing this slot and would recommend it to everyone.
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
I'll admit it - I'm addicted to this game! Great Blue takes variance to its craziest extremes, with a maximum non progressive jackpot of 150,000 x your total bet - far in excess of the maximum payoff of NetEnt+s Dead or Alive, Microgaming's Immortal Romance, or pretty much any other "super high variance" slot game you can think of.

On first glance, its a relatively straightforward 25 line slot game - it has a generous base paytable which is further enhanced by the wild symbol which acts as a 2 x multiplier. Better yet, these wilds are stacked on all reels and have their own paytable allocation too, all the way up to 10,000 x line bet for five of a kind!

Hitting the feature can be very tough - in fact, I have recently performed a large scale test in order to try and determine just what the odds are of hitting 3 or more scatters in this game. So far I have gathered date on a little over 300 bonus rounds, which may not sound like a lot but whereas most popular games i know of share a common 1 in 150 (or thereabouts) possibility of hitting the feature, my testing of great blue so far has shown it to be much closer to 1 in 450 - if you have ever sat and played this game for what seem likes forever, without once hitting those beautiful clams, now you know why!

When the feature finally does land, you receive 8 free spins at 2x multiplier and presented with five clamshells from which you must select two to increase your free spins and multiplier. There are 7, 10 and 15 free spins hidden away, along with 5 x and 8 x multipliers. Ideally then, you will most likely be hoping for a total of 23 free spins at 10 x multiplier, but may end up with 33 spins at 2 x, or just 8 spins at 15 x - in my experience if you are unlucky enough to miss a multiplier you are unlikely to finish the round with a major win, but those stacked wilds ensure it is still possible!

Speaking of the stacked wilds, that is where the jackpot comes in - a full screen of the wild whales during the 15 x multiplier free spins will result in you being awarded the maximum payoff of 150,000 x bet - That is £37,500 at minimum bet £0.25, an outrageous number that must surely see a host of gamblers firing up this slot on a regular basis, praying they will be the lucky one to score this elusive combination. Personally I would be happy with the full screen even in the base game, where it still awards a gorgeous 10,000 x your stake! :)

Great Blue will not suit everybody - if you like to bet extremely high, this game may well eat you for breakfast, crunch up the bones, leave nothing behind. You need to come at it with a healthy bankroll to try and ensure you stand the best chance possible to hit a feature or two before going bust. In all my years of slotting online though, this game has been the most consistent in returning healthy profits, session after session. That's not to say it hasn't ever busted me - like any slot, this thing is designed to take your money, but that free spins round with its 7 x / 10 x / 15 x multiplier (which is also retriggerable, btw) has an allure that I am simply unable to escape from, eclipsing any other game I play regularly online. Great Blue is a monster of a machine, a timeless classic, and I recommend it to everyone here at AskGamblers!
yapro 790 reviews
Oh, great blue, for me it is something like DOA on netent, and BDBA on microgaming. Great blue it is famous playtech game, which well known for it is insane variance. But i like how the game looks, i like stacked wilds on all reels, and i am always happy to play this game.

This game has 25 paylines, and like i said here we have wilds, which stacked on all reels, so there is always a chance to get full screen of this wilds. To be honest i never saw even 3 or 4 stacked reels of wilds, but i am sure someone in this big world get all reels of this wilds. Feature on the game triggered by 3+ scatters, and then player can pick free spins and multipliers. This is very important to pick multiplier boost in my opinion, best multiplier i once had was x 22, lol.

Like any other PT games, most times i visit this game at William hill group of casinos, i already told that from them i prefer eurogrand, they all the same of course, but i just like name of casino. I never spin on this slot with bet higher than 0.75, even 0.75 is high to me, because few times i can remember that i had 400+ spins without feature, and yeah, for this game player should have solid balance, something like 400$ to play with 1$ bets, then player probably will be safe. My best hit on this game was from multiplier which i mention already, i get 3 scatters, and pick one free spins and two multipliers, so i get 10 free spins x 22 multiplier. Unfortunately this was at lowest bet 0.25, but even so i managed to win 300$ from it, and this is without really insane hits, just few wilds appear on good place. I can't imagine or even count how much it will pay for full reels of wilds, but i am sure that will be more than 1k$. Generally i think i am very lucky with that game, because i did not lost a lot of money on it, even in small + i guess, which is great for such game.

Great blue is of course legendary game, which should be played by any player, just to get experience on it. I can't rate this game less than 10 stars, because i like it, like variance, and because i am lucky with that game.
Great Blue! What can you say? You either love it or hate it. Its one of those games that can make you very happy or very angry in no time. It is the first game i open when i am playing Playtech casino. And i know that it is a very stupid thing to do:)

GreatBlue is a 25 line slot game with a line bet ranging from €0.01 to €5. I always bet €0.04 line bet, with a total bet of €1 per spin. I found that for me personallythis game plays better on higher bets. Each reel is packed with stacked wild and when they do come out the pays are magnificent.Once i got stacked wilds on the first three reels and won over €150. But this is not the best part. The feature on this game is one of my favorites and is the reason why i play this game.To enter the feature mode you need to get three or more scatters. You start the free spins with 8 free spins and 2x multiplier. 5 see shells appear in the feature and you get to pick 2. You can either pick more free spins or multipliers. Long story short you can get up to 33 free spins with 15x multiplier. I usually get around 20 free spins with 7x or 8x multipliers.

The atmosphere that this game creates is very relaxing and calm. If you like underwater theme, then this game is perfect for you too.

Most i ever got in the feature was around €190, and considering i was betting €1, i think its a good payout. I have witnessed people winning over €1000 on a €2 bet, but i never even got close to that.

On the other hand there are days when i could be playing for a long time and not get the feature at all:( Im talking about putting over €100 in to this game and not getting anything. This is what i mean when i say you either love it or hate it. I personally love it and hate it at the same time:)

If i was to rate this game, i would give it 8 out of 10. Simply because its not consistent. Hope you enjoyed my review:)
If you're looking for a slot with the potential of Break da Bank Again, Dead or Alive, Reel Steal and several other high variance slots, then Playtech's Great Blue slot is definitely worth checking out. This game is simply marvelous and it doesn't come to me as a surprise that it's one of the favorite games among online slots players and the AskGamblers forum in general.

This game is available at Playtech casinos like William Hill and EuroGrand for instance. Too bad I don't play as much at Playtech casinos as much I liked, since this really is a great game. The Great Blue has 5 reels and 25 paylines on offer. The minimum bet is only 25 cents, but to win big I'd advise you to play a bit higher. My bet size was 1.25 euro and I bagged some excellent wins a long time ago.

The theme is based on what you could find deep in the ocean, including several exotic fishes, sharks, turtles, starfishes, shells and the almighty killer whale which plays a very important role at this game. Even during base game there simply is plenty of potential, since the reels have stacked wilds (Orca symbol) and therefore offer a great payout if you manage to fill up a few reels.

The great thing about these wilds is that they double up your win. My best win during base game was 250x bet size. It's all about the second level bonus with The Great Blue though. Collect 3 or more shells on the paylines, which is the scatter, and you land yourself up to 33x free spins and a max multiplier of 15x. With that being said, you can imagine how much can be won with all the stacked wilds that are available to land any time.

I most often wouldn’t get more than 23 free spins though and a 10x multiplier. I only once got as far as getting a 15x multiplier but with less free spins. Nevertheless, my biggest win on this slot came from that 15x multiplier. One huge spin with lots of sharks and stacked wilds resulted in me winning 1600x bet size. To this day that's my best win on any Playtech slot, and hasn't been repeated ever since.

I definitely recommend this game and give it an outstanding final rating of 9/10.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Great blue is a playtech slot i like to open sometimes when i feel extra lucky.Play around twenty spins and if nothing well land i run from it.I learned that in the hard way when it tookall my balance one time. I had around 400 dollars left to wager and opened this slot to try and complete it,instead i lost all money because i pushed to hard. Later on i realize that this slot either pays or don't there is no middle ground.

The whole aquatic theme is very relaxing and lovely sea creatures amaze you and all that is missing are mermaids :) The wild symbol is a whale willy how i like to call him (whale from kids movie) and when i play this slot i always cheer common willy common.Willy is stacked on all reels and substitutes all symbols with x2 wins except scatter and can bring astonishing wins.The scatter is shell and three or more shells trigger 8 free spins with x2 multiplier.Next you choose additional free spins or multipliers buy selecting 2 shells out of five.You can win up to 33 free spins or up to 15x multiplier and with stacked wilds on all reels this feature can pay a lot.I would not chase to much for free spins because it can take a lot of time and money to trigger them but just the same this game can pay good in regular play also.

Great blue is a perfect example how a slot can be very simple fun and have potential to pay big.That is why you have to play it carefully.It looks sweet and keeps you hoping for big win but can take your balance without you even noticing.Now i will rate great blue with my three grades which are pretty high for reasons mentioned above.First payouts are 9/10 second fun on this slot i rate 9/10 and the last win big with small bets potential i rate 10/10
Great Blue video slot is another one representative of playtech games developer, and i believe this is most known their slot, or it is split this title with gladiator.

Theme is ocean and this great blue shark ( is this a shark? I think so, but i am not sure about it, i have no a lot of knowledge in fishes). Sounds and graphics a bit outdated, because it is old slot, but when you get this sharks in win line animation for them is beautiful, at least i like it.

This slot has 25 pay lines on board, and i like that there is involved stacked wilds, which is this sharks, or not sharks, anyway there is involved this great blues. It is possible on this game to get full screen of wilds, but i am believe chances for this is extremely low. Also i saw a lot of complaints from people about this slot, that it is just money eater, or they can not trigger free spins bonus round in about 500 or even 1000 spins, and i can say this is absolute normal for this slot, because it is variance is something where dead or alive and break da bank again sitting. Anyway, on this slot also possible to trigger free spins, for 3 scatters you get free spins, take in mind that 5 scatters in base game will pay you amazing 500 x total bet, and this is of course great prize for 5 scatters, not so big like in dead or alive ( there it is 2500), but in free spins on this slot you have 3 picks, and you there choose how much free spins you will have and with which multiplier. My best was something like 15 x 9, or so, and imagine this, 5 scatters = 500 total bet x 9 multiplier = super 4500 x total bet. Yes, this slot has potential!

I like great blue video slot, and i am play it from time to time, but still does not break the barrier of 1000 x total bet win. Good luck with it, you will need it!
valentin68 535 reviews
Great Blue is the slot that along with X Men is my favorite to play when I enter into any Playtech casino. I will not say it is extremely good, but it is still a good slot , which to me at least gave the possibility to meet wagering requirements one time and get to withdraw money. (The casino I am speaking about is ClubGold and I say this here for the second time, because it is the only PlayTech casino which refused to pay me and canceled all my wins).

The slot has 25 paylines with a minimum total bet of 25 cents. The theme of the slot is, you guessed it - the Great Blue Whale which is the „Wild“ symbol in the game. Along with the Great Blue Whale in the game appear also other oceanic animals: turtles, sharks, seahorses, etc. and the usual four figures of the playing cards. On the average, a payout of a winning combination occurs when 2 or 3 aligned symbols line up, and during the normal spins the total losses here will be greater than the wins. In general, after 100 normal spins you will lose between 8 and 12 Euros (at minimum total bet of 1 cent per line or25 cents/total).

About every 3-4 spins you will win 10-20 cents and about every 30 spins you will have a somewhat handsome 3-5 Euro win. I need to say that here the „Wild“ symbols appear 2 or 3 together on a reel and these high returns happens when at least two reels (usually reels 1 and 3) contain a total of 5 or 6 Wilds. However the slot will compensate the looses during normal spins by the gains achieved during the Free Spins round, which is triggered here by 3 „Shell“ symbols (Scatter here).

From my experience I can tell you that the Free Spins round happens here on average once every 100 spins. In addition to 8 Free spins with a standard 2x multiplier you will chose randomly from two shells a number of extra free spins (up to 33) and an extra multiplier (up to 15x). This way in 80 % of the cases, the earnings from the Free Spins round will offset the losses of the normal spins. In addition, it happened to me several times that these Free Spins have been re-triggered when a second group of3 Scatter „Shells“ Scatter appeared on screen.

Although compared to other slots from other gaming platforms the slot is only average (it has no bonus game and no other special features, except the Free Spins) here in Playtech casinos it is one of the best and deserves the attention of the player.
Afi4wins 1239 reviews
I wonder why there are not many 5-reels slot games based on aquatic sea creatures. Playtech, for example, has only a few, like Dolphin Cash (new addition), Dolphin Reef, Great Blue and Penguin Vacation, and 2 other games of the 3-reels kind. Dolphin Cash and Dolphin Reef are of the medium volatility category whilst Great Blue and Penguin Vacation are of the high volatility kind. Personally, my preference has always been playing the medium volatility games for daily or regular basis, whilst the high volatility games for short periods of play time, or whenever extra cash is at hand to try for a bigger win. Needless to say, successful attempts at bigger wins are very rare indeed, as compared to smaller wins, which could actually enable and sustain longer continuous periods of play. But memorable moments cannot be compared to those super big wins derived from the higher volatility games, which not only thrilled you to bits but also thrilled you for life! Once any player has experienced such a thrilling big win, that player has unknowingly bitten the 'bait on the hook', got dangled on the line, and unable to leave it all behind! Only the very strong ones can ever escape! ;)

Great Blue is such a game! It is a 25-paylines 5-reels game, featuring a great blue whale as the wild symbol, which can come as stacked wilds in the main game, pays double for any win, and always stacked in the free spins feature game. 5-of-a-kind pays x10,000 line bet. Yes, it is possible to get 5 full reels of those stacked wilds, which had occurred only once as far as I know, not to me but to another player. The win was equivalent to a jackpot win for him! H-U-G-E payout!!! Wouldn't anybody just looove to get that!!! The scatter symbol is a lovely pink oyster, probably to represent its queen-ish win possibilities. 5-of-a-kind pays x500 total bet, which is good. 3 or more of these 'queenish oysters' anywhere on the reels and a free spins feature game is triggered. A great surprise awaits in store...5 oysters are shown on the screen and you get to pick 2...each one hiding either a free spin award or a win multiplier award. 8 free spins with a x2 win multiplier are already in hand. So your 2 picks would determine the total amount of spins and the total win multiplier won. The 5 awards are 7 spins, 10 spins, 15 spins, x5 multiplier and a x8 multiplier. The 2 best possible awards would be 23 spins x10 win multiplier or 8 spins x15 win multiplier! Both are capable of paying out huge wins! Just imagine yourself getting 3 reels of stacked wilds with a x15 win multiplier...wooohooo!

Funny how things would and could happen to new players, as it happened to me too, many years ago. Watching others playing the game, and making big wins, grabbed me by my you-know-what, and before I knew it, I was also playing Great Blue too. Strange isn't it? How the game could know a new player and start inducing small easy wins quite regularly! Then suddenly, whamo...three rows of stacked great blue whales in the center reels came on, paying out multiple 4-of-a-kinds and one 5-of-a-kind too, for a really big surprising win! The room suddenly echoed with a loud "YESSSSS"...that came from me! Hehehe. At that moment, I had already upped by bets to $1.25 per spin when it came, and it paid out around $1200 in just that one win. Almost x1000 my total bet! Wouldn't that have been so wonderful had I been playing at higher bets, say at $12.50? Geeees...missed that $12,000 win! Hahahaha. Yep, I had bitten the bait and got hooked! I started playing Great Blue quite regularly from then on, day to day, and losing time after time, until everything won had been given back, along with more of my own! more big wins came. That was the one and only. But it shooked me back to consciousness, I grappled with the dangling situation for quite some time, before finally breaking loose! From then on, no more Great Blue for me, except on blue moons! ;)
Hello, I honestly admit that I am not a biggest fan of Playtech-slots and I do not find most of their slots good, but one of their slots, what is well-known for me is Great Blue. If someone asks what comes to my mind of Playtech-slots, I will 100% answer that Great Blue. :D I have heard and read alot about it and seen screenshots of winnings from that slot, so it was somekind of familiar to me, even when I had not played it yet. Well, I was curious and wanted to try my luck and test that classic slot. I have played it in some casinos, and often I have tried to wager my no deposit-bonus in that slot. :D Well, It has not ever managed...

Great Blue is classic slot with 25-lines and 5 reels and theme of game is oceanic, as name tells you. In that slot you can see different sea-animals and shell as scatter and whale as wild. Oceanic-theme graphics are simple but very nice looking also. I have played Great Blue just in minimum-bet, which is 25 cents, if you play in full-lines. I have never got big win from that slot, even if got sometimes 3 scatters and therefore freespins. About scatters very positive thing is that even 2 scatters gives your bet back 2x.

Great Blue is surely the slot with biggest variance, about all of those slots what I have played and I have only played it in minimum-bet, and therefore sometimes long time, without winning almost anything and balance just gone, but in that slot there is possibilities to win big even with minimum-bet. Like I said, that slot has so big variance, so you should not be surprised if you try and try many hours and win nothing big.

Even if I do not have so much experience of Great Blue, as many Playtech-oriented gamblers propably have, I am sure that someday I will play that slot again, though do not know when that day comes, but someday it will. Great Blue is worthy of trying, even only for its big variance and somekind of fame. Even those are reasons to recommend it, in my opinion. ;)
Icymod 758 reviews
Great Blue is a 25 paylines video slot that can tip the scales of aggressively paying off or the other way in which this slot will confiscate a huge chunk of my balance.

First off, Great Blue isn't recommended to use for wagering requirements because it cooperates in bolts of lightning, I won't know where it will strike. It pays like a flickering light bulb occasionally giving itself a few seconds of rest AND a few seconds of it being lit up. This is how I would describe my experience with this slot. I would pay Great Blue $0.75 bets a spin and sometimes $1 for when things are better. The absolute best to expect a lot from Great blue is the awesome free spins round. At first when I trigger it I would have 8 free spins starting at 2x multiplier, I would pick 2 shells from the 5 shells shown on my screen to improve my final results to gain a bigger picture of a good time!

Out of the many experiences I had with the feature it seems getting 15 Free spins from one shell and an 8x multiplier from another shell is the best combination to initial the free spins with. That's 23 Free spins total with a 10x multiplier! As easy as it is to look at that I probably don't have to explain myself further about this combination in making large winnings. The good news is I felt like I found a royal flush hand, winning a total of $332 from these combination of spins. I would have to give props on many stacked wilds! These guys not only reflect a great win for 2x on a combination but they also power up winnings under the 10x multiplier. Imagine that! Stacked Wilds paying 2x, 10x multipler and high symbols lined up are far more better than the word "extraordinary!

Just a word of advise that even though this slot can be a great ally to your balance, it can be your worst as the feature alone might not come for many several spins! I lost $56 trying to chase another for a big win of $332. So, be cautious if trying to win the feature!

Great Blue can expect a 10 out of 10! Who can resist irresistibly large wins?
First time I played this slot game with a no deposit bonus of 20$ and the game was paying very good!

It is a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines,very nice graphics and underwater environment which makes me feel great when I am playing this game!If you catch 3 scatter symbols you will be awarded automatically with 8 free spins with 2x multiplier and you will enter the bonus game where you will have to choose 2 out of 5 sea shells to win additional free spins up to 33 and up to 15x multiplier.

From the 20$ no deposit bonus I played almost 2 hours this slot game and I won nice money from the Free Spins feature and from the Wild symbol!I had fun with this slot even if I didnt managed to complete the wagering requrements and to withdraw some money from the 20$ no deposit bonus!

I told to one of my friends about this slot and we both decided to put together some money and to try our luck at this game!We chose the bet365 casino because its a big brand and we made a deposit of 400 RON(almost 90 euro) without taking any bonus because I already took the deposit bonus!We started to play on the lowest stake(1.25 RON) and we managed to boost our balance to almost 600 RON but I made a mistake and told to my friend to use the gambling feature!It was a bad choice because we lost the money with this gambling feature and I was very upset because we should request an withdrawal when the account balance was showing 600 RON!

Overall it was a good experience playing this slot and I think I will give it another try without using the gambling feature.

I will rate this slot game and I will give a well deserved 9 for the graphics and characters,another 9 for the Free Spins and Wild features and 10 for the payout rate based on the last two sessions that have played!

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