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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Some things are just too good to be left out of our everyday lives. Good food, good music, good movies and good monsters too. From the terrifying moments of seeing them appearing, as in those beautiful horror movies, to happy moments of seeing them appearing. Happy to see them appearing? Yep, especially when they bring good things, like a bonus game for example, as in this Franken Cash game, hehehe. Monsters like our Frankenstein here are no longer frightening or terrifying. They have become adorable icons in a virtual world that even adults and children alike would like to play with them. And this Franken Cash is just one of the many available today.

The Logo, Franken Cash, is not the Wild symbol - there aren't any Wilds in this game. Why, I really cannot figure out. It is the highest paying symbol at 2500x the line bet for 5 of them, followed by Frankenstein himself at 1000x, the Lady at 500x, the Professor at 500x, and all the other lower symbols paying from 250x to 150x the line bet for 5 of them. The Monster Scatter symbol, Frankenstein in the electric chair, pays 100x the total bet, as usual, and getting 2, 3, 4 or 5 of them trigger the Electrifying Bonus Feature game, which cannot be triggered during the Free Spins game. This bonus game is a delight to watch, hehehe. There is another Scatter symbol, the Switch Scatter symbol, which pays 50x the total bet for 5 of them, and getting 3, 4 or 5 of them trigger the Free Spins Bonus game of 15 free spins with all wins doubled. All Scatter symbols must be adjacent to one another to activate their corresponding games. During the Free Spins game, both the Monster and the Switch Scatters pay 100x the total bet for 5 of them.

I like the Electrifying Bonus Feature game. Frankenstein is clamped into an electric chair. You pick 3 meters, one at a time, to activate the electric current, then see how Frankenstein gets electrocuted in the chair! His eyes go rolling, his teeth go grinding, his face go swirling, then he goes "Aaah!" That probably felt like an orgasm for him, hahaha. What do you get from all this, besides the thrill of watching the Monster gets electrocuted? Well, for each meter picked, a coins reward is given. From the games that I've played so far, those 3 meters paid me between 10x - 30x the total bet. Don't really know how much more it can pay, but I guess probably up to 50x.
The Free Spins game, with its 15 free spins and 2x multiplier, doesn't seem to pay good at all. Too many empty non-paying spins, the spins that paid were hardly worthwhile enough, and the final payouts left much to be desired. 10x - 30x total bet payouts are just not satisfactory enough for me, not when there's no other feature game that can pay nice big wins. The Free Spins games simply failed to impress me, but then again, I have already expected this much after seeing the very low paytable. Franken Cash may be fun to play and fun to watch, but where winning is concerned, this game simply doesn't have the 'oomph' to give out big payouts.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Franken Cash Slot is probably one of the worst slots I had experience with. I deposited 20 euros in Zodiac Casino and I started spinning. As I was playing my balance was spinning down. I have made only 140 spins and that was it. Every time I play a game I know that I am not going to win a lot, but at least I want to play for a little while. I want to see the features of the slot and how much the game is willing to pay. I did not have the chance to do that with this game so for that reason I will not probably play it again.

This is a very old slot run by Microgaming software and it is a 5 reel 20 pay lines slot game. All over the screen there are creepy castles and mad scientists. This is probably the best game to play around Halloween. I mean not to win anything of course but to get into the holiday spirit. There are so many scary symbols like Ghoulish Helpers, Rats, the Franken Monster, ghoulish Green Bride and more.

Franken Cash is the first scatter symbol and if you get 3 or more you will activate the free spins feature. You get 15 spins and all the wins are doubled. While you are in the free spins bonus you cannot activate any other features. Franken in an Electric Chair is the second scatter symbol and 2 or more of these symbols activate the Electrifying Bonus Feature. When the bonus is activated you will be taken to another screen where Franken is sitting in an electric chair, and there are panels on both sides with electric meters on them. You have to choose only 3 out of the 10 meters and each one of them is going to reveal a prize. Some might have creepy good time with this game. Unfortunately I did not, but you can try it and see it for yourself.
Franken Cash it is video slot made by Microgaming. Unlikely you will find such old slot game at many casinos, but if you want to try it I suggest you to visit download casinos with Microgaming software - you will find this game there; at least I find it without problems at 32red casino, while testing all mg games.

Franken Cash slot does not look great. It is old game, but some old games looks great - some not. This game is not very nice look, at least by my opinion; probably some players will have totally different opinion. Also there is 20 paylines in this slot.

I was quite sad while checking paytable, because there are no wild symbols. I am not very happy when wilds are not presented at slot games, but probably this is not so bad - you will not hope to get wilds, and just playing with symbols you get.

There are two different features at this slot game. First one is bonus game; you can trigger it from 2 to 5 special bonus symbols from left to right. Yes, it is not my mistake, 2 symbols are enough to get bonus game, and this is good. Bonus game is usual one where you pick, and payouts are low by my observations. I get it 2 times for 100 spins, and it paid me both times less than 20 x total bet.

Another feature it is freespins. For 3 or more scatters from left to right you will get 15 freespins with x 2 multiplier, and also increased payouts for bonus symbols and scatters.

100 spins done, at 0.40 bets, and I finish with just few dollars lose. I am unlikely will play this game again; I am not very like it. Payouts are not so low, but no wilds and low paying pick feature.
No wilds as a symbols. Bonus game is very very low paying.
Franken Cash is a game powered by microgaming. I seriously don’t like this game. What a stupid game and such disappointing pays and bonus. I don’t know why I play these games. Maybe its because I played all of the other once or that im willing to play anything as long as it spins? Makes me think about that when I play stupid games like this one.You could say it opens my philosophical side of brain.

Over all I lost about €100 on this game. I played it the first time after I had a huge win on Thunderstruck 2 and started straight away on a big bet. There are 20 lines in this game so my bet was €2 a spin. First few spins I was getting some change back and after that it stopped completely. I kept playing expecting the bonus to be amazing if it is so hard to get it, and after about €50 down the drain I got the bonus.

To get it I had to get two scatters adjacent to each other. This is a pick bonus so I was ready to enjoy myself. I had to pick three times and on every pick I got €4. I was betting €2 and I won €12. It really pissed me off, I told myself to relax and try to get the free spins. To get that I had to get three or more switches adjacent to each other. I played and played till I wasted around €100 and the free spins never came out. I was really pissed off. I knew that if I continue to play I will lose more so I quit. After that I would open this game once in a while and play it on small bets and nothing would come out. I would play around €10 and if nothing comes out I quit. I would not recommend this game to my enemy.

If I was to rate it I would give 3 out of 10. And that only because I am a nice guy:) Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Icymod 758 reviews
Okay, I have mixed opinions going on with Franken Cash so I will try to write it up. Franken Cash is a 20 paylines video slot from my favourite well played software.....Microgaming. I really wish this slot would have that scattering galvanic rod wild in Frankenstein on the NetEnt software so that it would dramatically provide the utmost profits. Ahh....3 of those in the middle scattering on the reels, what destructive and thrilling payouts! Of course in Franken Cash no wilds are presented so you'll have to accept this slot without them.

The bonus becomes triggered when at least 2 of those symbols of Franken is strapped to that chair is your "Pick feature" where there are voltage meters to choose from, left or right whatever of the 3 meters you like. The decisions of the player will decide the prizes as each voltage it uses on Franken generates a random prize amount. It's usually in small prize amounts but I have never captured one big amount before. It's just two features to enjoy as long as you don't mind hitting the scatters in a row on adjacent reels. 15 Free spins at 2x for the Levers or 2 Franken symbols (strapped on a chair) for the Voltage bonus to get electrifying picks.....shock and awe! Overall, they can both be fun.
I have had some bad experiences with this slot especially when I played this in one of the Casino Rewards casinos. I just couldn't get a single bonus and there were 2 of them....the bonus to fry Franken and Free spins. Overall payouts including the features can sometimes draw unlucky to low payout results. Less than $10 win for a 3 - 4 coin triggering bet!?!? In my opinion it swallowed my balance...enough to hate this slot!

Other things to consider are the fact that Franken Cash doesn't even have a wild to complete existing combinations, you really have to make them naturally without the assistance of any to get your winnings.

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