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Fat Lady Sings Slot

Fat Lady Sings is a 25-payline video slot, operating on the Microgaming platform. This opera- themed slot features fat ladies as its main symbols. There are 5 reels which are white and set on the decorative wooden frame. Give this slot a spin here for free, or visit any of the listed Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

In order to start spinning, you are advised to set your bets first. “Coins” option displays the number of coins staked per line and can be adjusted from 1 to 5, whereas coin value varies from 0.01 to 0.25. “Lines” range from 1 to 25. “Bet Max” shows the value equal to the number of paylines selected, multiplied by the bet per line value. “Au­top­lay­” is used to regulate the number of times the reels spin without interruption. Once you are ready, simply hit “Spin” to start the game.

The Wild is the “Fat Lady Sings” logo. It helps to form a winning combination by acting as a substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter. Extra wilds are added during Free Spins, including the stacked ones on the reels 2 and 4.

The Scatter is the Masks symbol. When at least 3 Scatters land anywhere on the reels, the Free Spins bonus game is activated. Players can win a random number of Free Spins, a random multiplier value and random bonus win amount. There is a possibility of winning up to 30 Free Spins with up to x5 multiplier value.

Once the Free Spins bonus game is activated, players need to pick a tone for the Fat Lady to sing, in order to win prizes. After you pick a pitch – High, Medium or Low, the lady sings and breaks the glasses. The amount of the broken glasses decides on the number of Free Spins, ranging from 5 to 30. Then, players need to reveal the multiplier value by breaking the jugs. Finally, you need to break beer glasses in order to reveal the number of your bonus credits.

The Gamble feature can be activated each time there is a winning combination. By clicking on the "Gamble" button the feature is activated and players have a chance to increase their winnings. If you guess the colour of the card you will double the win amount, whereas if you guess the suit your winnings will be quadrupled. If you make a wrong guess, you will end up losing everything, and return to the main game.

Game Play

Lines: Set the number of paylines.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line to bet.
Bet Max: Set the maximum bet that the slot allows.
Autoplay: Set the number of times you wish for reels to turn without interruption.
Spin: Set the reels in motion

Fat Lady Sings Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1310 reviews
Oh boy...the fat lady sings. Can I have something more to my taste please? Like Taylor Swift for example. Or Beyonce. Or perhaps Kim Kardashian. Oops, that Kim doesn't sing does she? Hmm, I guess not, but I would certainly prefer to look at Kim than at these fat singing ladies here. None of them are to my taste. I don't care if Microgaming guys love them, but I don't, and that alone is a deterrent for me to play this Fat Lady Sings game. Put Taylor Swift there instead and see how I just wouldn't shake it off, or switch it off. Yeah, right, those fat ladies are staying, like it or not.

The Fat Lady is the Wild symbol, 5 of her pay 3000x the line bet, but she doesn't double any wins. That's probably because she's already double in size. Hmm. During a Free Spins game, the Wilds become stacked on reels 2 and 4 and you can also get some Extra Wilds to create more winning chances. The Scatters, on the other hand, work differently in this game, not like the way scatters usually pay. In the base game, 3 Scatters award 5 up to 15 free spins plus a Bonus Win of 5x up to 30x the total bet. 4 Scatters award 5 up to 20 free spins plus a Bonus Win of 20x up to 70x the total bet. 5 Scatters award 9 up to 30 free spins plus a Bonus Win of 70x up to 120x. Multipliers are 1x up to 5x. All awards are randomly activated. In the Free Spins game itself, 3 Scatters pay 15x the total bet, 4 Scatters pay 50x and 5 Scatters pay 100x the total bet. Confused? Hmm, not surprising, but it'll turn out clearer when you've played the game.

For those who are still confused, here's a quick summary. The Wilds do not double any wins, they do not come Stacked in the base game, Stacked only during the free spins. The Free Spins game cannot be retriggered, getting 3 or more Scatters during the free spins only pay the corresponding win amount, and the number of free spins and multipliers awarded are all randomly activated. All clear now? Good.

How are the awards given when you get 3 or more Scatters then? Hmm, okay. When you get that, a first screen pops up, you pick the fat lady to sing in a high, medium or low pitch, and the glasses would break to award the number of free spins won. Not all glasses would break of course, unless you get very lucky to win the maximum award. On the next screen, you pick the fat lady to sing again in one of the 3 pitches, the glasses would break, and voila, you have your win multiplier. The Bonus Win award works in the same way too. I don't feel like repeating, unless you want me to. All these may sound interesting at first, but after many plays, it doesn't excite anymore. Whay? Because the awards are usually non-adrenaline pushing, if you know what I mean. If you don't, sorry, no repeating, hehehe.
Firstly, the paytable isn't that good at all, resulting in mediocre wins most of the time. Secondly, the randomly awarded number of free spins really suck at times, mostly awarding not more than 8 free spins for 3 Scatters. The payouts are the final blow. Free spins wins are usually very little. What I've had ranged from under 10x my bet up to just over 50x, but this win only came after more than 700 useless spins! Can you imagine getting such a small win after so many useless spins? Reminds me of the sickly way most Microgaming games would pay! And those are the reasons why Microgaming games can never make into my favourite list anyway.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Fat Lady Sings is 5 reels and 25 pay lines video slot game powered by Microgaming software. The slot is very interesting, there are three fat ladies as main symbols and they are in different states of opera dress. The game has only one bonus feature and that is the free spins round but it is made in levels so it is not boring at all.

The thing that I liked the most when I played this slot is that there are very good wins during the base game. I once got 40 x bet for five of a kind symbols and wins that go up to 20 x bet are not a rarity either. That is why I always choose this slot because it pays on regular basis.

The bonus round is very interesting. The fat lady sings and breaks a mirror, and then you have to pick a pitch, high, medium or low to break the wine glasses. I chose high for free spins and I got only 5. When the next lady appeared I chose medium for multiplier and I got only x 2. And for the last lady I chose low and I got 20 x win. My advice to you is to always pick the low pitch, because as we know still water runs deep. I got only 48. 60 euros . That was not that bad. But the thing is that it took me awhile until I triggered the free spins. At times I was losing not only hope but patience as well. The mask scatter symbol was appearing a lot, but I never got at least 3 at the same time. I triggered the free spins round only once, and I had a really long session playing this game. I know that you can get up to 30 free spins and the multiplier can go up to x 5. So from this you get that the game has a potential. Also there are extra wilds and stacked wilds on the third and fourth reel too.
Fat Lady Sings it is old Microgaming video slot. To my opinion it is not their best old game, and as a fact I am can say that I played this game just couple of times, when I was bored from other games, and just pick games at random, without any thoughts. I never opened this game because I wanted to play it.

Fat Lady Sings slot looks old, and there are no any beauty symbols, nice animations or great sounds, nothing. There is also 25 paylines.

Luckily, there are wilds on all reels, but unluckily - wilds here does not do any great job. No multiplier, no any feature for wilds, they just substitute, but at least they have their own payout, so it is always can be a pleasure to hit natural 5 wilds, and feel yourself like a bit of DOA player (yeah, yeah, you can revenge to this wilds by hitting 5 wilds at other games, at least I am usually think about that).

There is possible to trigger freespins feature. Actually it is not initial freespins feature, once 3 or more scatters landed you have bonus game. First screen lady sings and you get your number of freespins. Second screen - multiplier for freespins (not higher than x5), and third screen - bonus cash prize. Nothing big, but it is still interesting, because you never know how much FS you get, and what is even more important - what multiplier will be for your freespins. As a cherry on pie - during freespins wilds appear more often and also stacked on reels 2 and 4, which increase chances to hit big.

I have probably 3-4 freespins features in this game. All paid just under 50 x total bet. During base game I am also do not have hits higher than this amount, but game still has potential, but you need good multiplier and land some wilds on good places to get nice payout.
Generally nothing bad to say about gameplay at this slot game, everything is OK!
I played this game because someone recommend it to me, a girl to be more precisely, initially I started to laugh when I heard the name of the slot, but I decided to try it, maybe isn’t a bad one! When I opened it for the first time, I want to say that I wasn’t surprised at all, the graphics aren’t as I was expecting, seems to be an old game. The minimum bet is 0.25 euro because it has 25 paylines, it is a regular slot, with free spins feature and wild symbol and I wanted to test the payout rate. With 12 euro in my account, I started to play, the first thing that I observed was that the reels aren’t spinning correct, I don’t like this thing and so far didn’t impress me at all!

Although it is a Microgaming slot, isn’t so good. In the main game it pays, but not as good as the other slots do, for example Immortal Romance, that could give you big wins in the main game. Only one time I managed to trigger the free spins feature, with the scatters on 1st, 3rd and 5th reel, I won 10 free spins with a 2 x multiplier. This feature paid me 7 euro, not a decent amount in my opinion, I lost the money very fast, I was disappointed because it is a Microgaming game and usually these games have a decent payout rate!

The features aren’t so good but because it has free spins and wild symbol I will give an 8!
The graphics aren’t good in my opinion, I don’t like the symbols, aren’t well designed so I can give only a 6!

Also, the payout rate disappointed me, I lost the money very fast and I am sure that I won’t play it again!
yapro 790 reviews
Fat Lady Sings it is microgaming video slot, which is of course not their newest game, this is simply to understand just when you open this game for a first time, everything looks a bit bad and outdated, but for me it is not important at all, new games can look cool but be really bad slot, and old game can look bad, but be really good slot.Does not try to rate games by it look, it is make no sense, really.

Fat Lady Sings has 25 paylines, and it is a bit typical microgaming game, but with some extra things which we can't find at their even older slots. Here we have wilds on all reels, and scatters on all reels, which trigger feature. Yes, everything works like it should work in my opinion. 5 wilds here pay a little more than 100 x total bet, and scatters in base game can trigger bonus game, after this bonus game it is possible to get up to 30 free spins with up to 5 multiplier, but for this you need at least 5 scatters, which is not easiest thing to trigger.

Free spins here also have something extra pleasure to players, on reels 2 and 4 wilds can be stacked, and also generally at reels added more wilds, so chances to hit big here is not so bad. i play this game couple of times at 32red casino, and once have x 200 total bet feature, which was triggered only by 3 scatters, and i have 10 free spins with x2 multiplier. So with biggest number of free spins and multipliers i think it is some chances to have feature more than 1000 x total bet, but chances is low.

I like this medium variance game from microgaming, very good example how bad looking and outdated game can be great and better than many newest game.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
The known phrase “It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings” was pronounced by the famous composer of opera “Richard Wager”.

Several studies say it is not true that most opera singers are obese. Nonetheless, there are several theories that attempt to explain why opera singers are usually somewhat pleasantly plump. One holds a large amount of fatty tissue around the voice box (larynx) increases its resonance and therefore produces a pleasant sound and on the other hand, a second theory holds that opera singers need a diaphragm much more powerful than normal to superimpose their voice over the sound produced by an orchestra in a large opera house. A large chest cavity and good control of lungs provide adequate mass to help drive the diaphragm to some extent.

Now, Microgaming has been inspired by these opera singers to create their game "Fat Lady Sings", and arguably is a pretty fun although quite simple issue. In it the only special feature incorporated is free spins round, which by the way, is not easy to be triggered, so I think a round of extra bonuses will not be too bad for the game and could even make it more interesting.
During my gaming sessions, which incidentally were longer, I could not get a single free spins, additional although occasionally formed five of a kind lines, my balance always followed a negative trend and ultimately, although we players like attractive slots, what we love most is to have the real chance of one potential gain, and in this game I was taken to demotivation point. I know this does not happen to everyone but it's the way I lived and I think the game could offer more. However I think the theme of this game is very original and also that players should play it at least in demo in order to get their own conclusions.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
Have you ever wondered why the saying goes "Its not over till the fat lady sings?" ... I have to ...well guess what?? This slot doesn't tell you haha! But its a great slot to play.

Fat Lady Sings is a 25 line slot by Microgaming, for some reason whenever I play this slot I always think it is a 30 line slot I think to be honest it is because it is quite a well paying slot, every time I play I find most of my spins I am winning something. Okay it may not necessarily be big wins every time - but a win is a win nevertheless and I think if this slot did have 30 paylines it would make sense for this to happen. But anyway yeah its a 25 line slot and do you want to know something???? I have NEVER EVER got the free spins on this slot! I still play it though because I do like it.

The reason why I want the free spins so much is because they feature stacked wilds and when I read the paytable they sound soooo good!

I only bet the minimum of 25p a spin on this slot and until i get the free spins I will continue to bet this. I don't remember a time where I have ever reached the milestone of x100 on my bet yet! I expect if the free spins were to finally come in for me I probably would smash this achievement but as yet I have not!
What do I dislike? Isn't that obvious? I have never had the free spins! I am not going to rate this slot anything about 5 out of 10 but that is not because I do not like the slot because I do! The main reason is not even just because I have never had free spins - I think it is an okay slot but just that. So i think 5 out of 10 more than justifies my review! I hope you think so too.
Fat Lady Sings game is powered by microgaming. I really like this game, I have been playing it for a long time and don’t see myself stopping. I played this game hundreds of times and I can honestly say that I haven’t got bored with it yet.

This is a 25 line game with one feature. That is a free spins feature. You are awarded with the feature when you get three or more masks anywhere on the reels. I really like this bonus because sometimes you can get lots of free spins with a high multiplier. I have played this game on all bet and won over €100 few times. Another great thing about this bonus is that in free spins there are stacked wilds. If you get them on a pay line you get big cash. The best thing you can get in this game is masks. That will give you a chance to win up to 30 free spins with up to five times multiplier.

Over all this game is really good. The graphics are really good and the sound effects are nice too. The whole experience of game play is very enjoyable. There have been days when I was down money and this game brought me back. It is unfortunate that you cannot retrigger the free spins, if you could that would have been awesome. I have had days when I lost a bit of money on this game, but on average I win more than I lose. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone. It is one of the best on microgaming and if I was to rate it I would give it 9 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Icymod 758 reviews
Fat Lady Sings is a 25 paylines video slot. Whenever I see this video slot I think of the opera or the phantom haunting an opera OOOooo. Of course , this here is an example of one slot where singers sing their lungs out and break objects with their phantoms though lol. I will find a lot inside the feature round. 3 scattered masks were required so that I could gain entry for choices that prompted me to choose a pick. 3 ladies will each get a chance to shatter red wine filled glasses for Free spins, a vase/urn...5 of them actually for a multiplier then tankards of beer for extra win credits! I often do receive 10 Free spins at 3x with a 10x win for my 2 coin bets.

I don't bet big here because I won't have much. Free spins and bonus wins were limited by the amount of landed scatters, why should I push forward to get less in the feature through randomness? All in all, this video slot is something that doesn't need a lot of bets to get good things out of. I for one just like the ladies breaking the objects with their voices and I sure would like to see something like that happen in real life, even just a small shatter or crack from a mirror or glass will do fine!
The only thing I don't like about Fat Lady sings is that the paytable gives me an idea of how the feature will pay out based on the amount of scattered masks I land for. 15 Free spins were the most I can get under 3 scatters. These are the most of what I can win only.

The same applied for bonus wins. The only appreciative thing is that the multipliers are set up to 5x for all triggers (3 - 5 scatters). Most importantly whenever I played Fat Lady Sings Free spins, the stacked wilds inside for the most of my free spins, rolled away from landing potential winnings. They don't land a lot and I was strongly counting on them the most whenever I had a lower multiplier of 2x.

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