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Dolphin Coast

Dolphin Coast Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1310 reviews
Okay, I hear someone asked "anybody out there who do not like games with a lot of paylines?" Yes, me! The more reels, the more rows, the more paylines, the more I hate them! Why? Because a simple game can become a nightmarish game in an instant, with so many icons spinning at a time, with so many different icons scattered all over the play area at a time, and the whole scenario becoming one big chaotic eye-straining mess! Well, this may not be so apparent if you only play the game for short periods of time, but play it for longer hours and see how it would affect your eyes, your focus and your concentration! Can be pretty hazardous if you ask me!

Dolphin Coast may be the pride of Microgaming, with its 5-reels 5-rows and 3125-ways to win, but never for me. I quite like the game with its good win possibilities, but playing the game itself is another thing. I could save myself a lot of eye-strain by running it on autoplay whilst not watching the screen intensely all the time, but I'll be losing out on all the fun. Ever wondered how you had a marvelous big win in a game whilst you were away? You come back and see this huge big win on the screen, but you can't even know how that win came about. That makes me very irritable, for not being able to see it happen! Yeah, you can search or request for that win screenshots, but that's like watching the World Cup final game one week later!

Anyway, the logo is the Bonus symbol, appearing only on reel 3, awarding the Wild Dolphin Bonus game, whereby you pick one dolphin to win a multiplier for the current win on screen, from 2x - 4x the total bet. The paytable shows 'win up to 800,000 coins' but I really cannot see this happening. The Grey Dolphin is the Wild symbol, it doesn't pay anything for itself, comes Stacked on reels 2 and 4 in the base game, and can appear on all reels during the Free Spins game, but not Stacked. What the argh is this! Why can't the stacking of the Wild symbols follow through during the free spins? Real odd!

5 Scatter symbols pay 100x the total bet as usual, getting 3 or more scatters triggering 15, 20 or even 25 free spins but without any multiplier, and more free spins can be retriggered. However, the Wild Dolphin Bonus game cannot be triggered during the free spins. The paytable shows 'win up to 7,500,000 coins', but oh boy, this is probably nothing more than just a big hype to me. I just cannot see this happening, especially when it's coming from a Microgaming game! Furthermore, all the symbols in the game have very low win values too, from 250x down to 80x the line bet for 5 of each kind, so I just cannot come up an equation that can pay 7,500,000 coins! Can you?

As I've mentioned earlier on, this is one game I dare not play for long periods of time, so my plays on Dolphin Coast have always been brief and short. True, I may not have given the game a good run to know its winning capabilities, but this doesn't bother me at all. I've had very low wins of under 10x my bet, I've had decent wins of up to 52x, only one good win of 94x, with nothing higher than that, but that's about as far as I would go on Dolphin Coast. It's a fairly good game but just isn't for me.
Dolphin Coast it is game made by Microgaming and that have 3125 ways to win. This is great slot to play and to get some fun, especially during freespins.

I like theme of this game. It is ocean and I am love ocean and every slot with this theme. Just very impressive and inspiriting for me, I am dream to see and be on same place where real ocean is. Unfortunately and this is real truth that I never saw ocean myself...Even sea and this is always make me sad.

I like that there is 3125 ways to win. No need to care about lines or whatsoever, just see how symbols land.

I like that there is wilds on reels 2 and 4, and it is stacked wilds. For game with so many lines it is really important. Also there is awesome wild on reel 3. It is just single wild but with multiplier. This wild give random multiplier from 2 to 4, which is could be great boost of winnings and very helpful too.

I like payouts in this game. For sure it is impossible to wait great payouts for single 5 of kinds for any symbols in game with so many ways, but if you get it with stacked wilds it will be sweet win and if with multiplier it could be even greater.

I like freespins feature. 3 or more scatters award freespins during which high paying symbols will be stacked. Awesome chance to win huge.

I had wins more than 100 bets both in normal play and feature. I feel that feature and normal play here have some potential to pay very well, so it is very interesting game to play. I rate it with 10 stars for this; I love games which not force me to wait freespins or bonus feature and could pay well without it.
I could not say anything bad about this slot, it is very interesting game and I like it much.
valentin68 535 reviews
“It has happened to me...” is the first line of one of the most famous poems of a classic writer from my country. But to continue: it has happened to me that after the first 10 spins played here at the minimum bet to win 87 Euro! As a gambler I know how much the luck matters in a game, and such some people win and are satisfied and others lose and say that the slot is weak, but to win 87 Euros in the first 10 spins maybe I won only once. And that is why I was into the category of the ones very satisfied by the slot and in the next hundred spins it no longer counted that I lost about 20 Euros from the initial win.

This extraordinary slot is “Dolphin Coast” and I searched for it in all Microgaming casinos since a number of months now. I finally played it when I realized that it is only available in the download version of the Microgaming casinos and in just a few of them. I suspected this game is good, for how can it be a 5 reels x 5 lines slot with 3125 lines? It is true that because there are so many ways to win 3 symbols pay less (5-10 cents for a decent bet of 50 cents) but it is equally true that at times the symbols on the reels can be arranged such that you win exorbitantly. I got such a win (as I said in the first 10 spins) when on reels 2 and 4 I had only dolphins (Wild) and a 4x multiplier in the center. Even more, also in the first 10 spins (at about the 3-rd spin) I played a round of Free Spins. Perhaps after this the game became stingy, but more than 10-15 Euros for 100 spins played I have not lost.

The slot is splendid also for its marine life. The water waves are reflecting the sun behind the symbols and the show is magnificent. There are enough Free Spins (15-25) and a 2x-4x multiplier offered from time to time by a special symbol on reel 3. Probably the game play should be praised more and said that under certain conditions (in Free Spins) many symbols are stacked, but I will stop here with the description and say that slot is one of the best from Microgaming casinos.
There are no negative aspects and the slot would get a 9/10 rating from me if there had not been those payouts of 6-10 cents for “3 of a kind”.
yapro 790 reviews
Who did not like games with a lot of paylines? This microgaming game is amazing in my opinion, because it is not so easy to find a slot which can give so many ways to win. One thing which make me sad, that this game did not have stacked wilds on all reels, i like stacked wilds, and with 3125 lines imagine how cool it can be to get screen full of wilds. But dolphin coast had stacked wilds only inside 2 and 4 reels, and also one single poor wild on middle reel, but this poor one is even more important that this stacked guys, because it award multiplier to winning when in winning combination, from x 2 to x 4.

Feature on this game is regular free spins, but with one important and interesting thing - there is all symbols is stacked, except wilds, so it is something new and interesting, and i really like this idea from microgaming, when you tired from base game - free spins absolutely different, and it is interesting to get em. My biggest win on this game is 250 $ at 0.5$ bet, this is minimum bet, it is quite high, but 3125 lines and of course it will be not interesting to play at 10 penny bet on 3125 lines. But like any other high variance game, there is a lot of bad times, and few times i lost 100 $ at minimum bet playing only this game, without even getting any win more than 10$. And this is what we can expect from high variance games, so i was not surprised after so bad playtime.

Conclusion: I rate this microgaming game with 8 stars, it is interesting and funny game, with huge variance, but potential of dream hits is also high, also both features on the game is interesting and can award big winnings. 9 stars and i recommend this game!
Icymod 758 reviews
Dolphin Coast is an ultra gigantic 3125 ways video slot that relates to an underwater theme. Stacked Wild dolphins are hiding on the reels to give a potential boost in winnings as the Dolphin Coast symbol on the 3rd Reel...when in a winning combination provides me a nice choice for a multiplier upon choosing one of the 3 dolphins! 2x, 3x or 4x on my wins can be found. I happen to get $4.60 on my $1 bet that concluded for 3x for $13.80 so it`s really nice to find this whenever possible for a good cash win! My highest win on a spin for the main game gave out $36.60 in one spin that showed a Big Win tidal wave on my bottom right screen! There were 3 Dolphin wilds (stacked) on my 2nd reel as well as 5 dolphins (stacked too) for the 4th reel giving out many letter wins especially 5 of a kind Aces!

For the major feature, it grants 15 Free spins. There`s no multipliers in this but they have made all high paying symbols appear in stacks just as the Dolphin wilds would. Only one bad example on here....the dolphin wilds that I found in the main game aren`t stacked inside free spins but, they are scattered around in singles than limited to the 2 reels of 2 & 4 stacked! Now I haven`t had much luck on this because the other symbols have blocked and fought each other for there positions so it was really hard to hit with them! I had to use a fire extinguisher to get them to settle down. Only about $15 gave in during my 15 Free spins! I also would like to mention that my $1 bets have only got slightly win bits of $1.60 or so for smaller wins!
I`d figured the larger the ways (paylines) the lower it pays for symbols. Just 3 symbols in a combination is a very good example of a small win...some resulted below my $1 bets! There are other examples like letter/number symbols that had 4 stacked dolphins (on 2nd reel) in my spins, it only paid for $0.80!!! Ugh!!! And to tell you all the truth I`m very sure the new Dolphin Quest can kick Dolphin Coast`s when it comes to payouts. The stacked wilds inside Dolphin Quest as well as the scatters paying out as wilds too does a much very good job than what Dolphin Coast can do!

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