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Count Spectacular is an exciting 5-reel progressive slot with 25-paylines developed by the well-known Real Time Gaming software provider. The game takes place in the heart of the Count’s very own castle. It features symbols like Doorknockers, Wolves, Bats, Lanterns, and Carriages that will lead you to instant cash wins. Go to your favourite RTG Casinos in our listings and take a spin on this slot for real money.

However, before you join the picnick, you need to set your bet. Click on the bet side arrows to adjust your coin size value. Use the lines button to activate the number of playlines you want to play on. Press Spin to start the game and if you want the reels to spin for a predetermined number of times, use the Auto Play button. 

The Castle symbol is scattered and pays out in any position. What’s more, if you hit all 5 on a single spin award 200x your bet!

Count Spectacular himself could make a valuable appearance while you’re playing. It’s his castle, so he can show up on whatever reel he wants – even on multiple ones at once! If he does, he’ll expand across the entire reel and substitute for any symbols that cross his path. Sometimes he’s all you need to get one incredible win!

Count Spectacular is also the key to activating the bonus round. If he shows up on the 1st and 5th reel, you’ll trigger the feature! You get your choice of which feature you want: 12 free games that can be retriggered, or 4 re-spins with the Count held on reels 1 and 5. Try them both to see which one works best for you.

Game Play

Bet: Set the coin size value.
Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Reels spin for the predetermined number of times without any interruptions.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This is a favourite of mine amongst the Real Time Gaming slots thanks to the stacked wilds that expand whenever you manage to catch the count on one of the games reels. There aren't so many RTG games with stacked wilds or even stacked symbols, so it makes a nice change to have these popular features available here.

The count also make an appearance during the games free spins feature where you can choose between a regular twelve free spins with a 3x multiplier or just four spins but with the stacked wilds locked in place on the first and last reels. It's a big gamble choosing the latter option but one that can really pay off if you are lucky enough to score a wild on the centre three reels on one of those four spins which will award the games maximum payout. Unusually the wild symbol also also contributes towards the scatter wins in this game, making it easier to win the maximum 200x stake for all five, although it cannot contribute towards starting the bonus round.

Many RTG games have just a single random jackpot but this game has two labelled "Minor" and "Major". The size of these really depends on which casino group you choose to play at but I have never seen them reach particularly huge amounts which indicates that they are triggered relatively frequently. I do wonder if individual casinos and groups have the ability to change the odds of triggering the jackpots though because there seems to be a wide range of possible amounts across the RTGs I play at. This might sound a little unlikely based on how progressive jackpots normally work but RTGs are not network wide like others, plus it's a known fact that RTG allow casino operators to choose from several RTP percentages for each of their slot games, so it's definitely possible.
zerooo 742 reviews
Count Spectacular is another video slot which I played with no deposit bonuses. It has 25 paylines and it is powered by RTG software provider.

I played it only at minimum stakes and I have to say that I don't have really good session on it. The base game is interesting, because it has some kind of wild expanding mode. When Count Spectacular appears he expand to cover all positions on the reel before pays are awarded. I received many times this and I like to see that it is appearing often. But the payouts were not good, I expected more increases winnings when this appears.

The feature is more interesting. When you had count spectacular on first and last reel you can choose between two features. 12 free games or 4 re-spins. In those 4 re-spin reels 1 and 5 are held while the other reels respins for 4 times. At first I selected 4 re-spins because I like to play with wild reels. I won around x18 bet, which I think is not good enough. The second time i selected free games because respins feature disappointed me. In free games I had only small winnings and I won a little more than x20 bet. It bothered me that there are no multiplier during free games.

I think this results were not good at all. I expected more from free games and also from respins feature.This game looks good at the start, it gives you a hope for big wins and than dissapointed you while you are playing it. I think I will not play it more, I had bad session on it and it eat some of my balance. After all there are more better games from RTG software for me, so I will prefer to choose other games. I will give it 6 stars, paytable disappointed me.
Count Spectacular is another game that is created in the Real Time Gaming software company. This game has 25 pay-lines and 5 reels. The theme and the atmosphere while playing here, is pretty dark.

Here you have vampires, coffins, bats etc. Also the colors that dominate here are dark, such as black and dark blue. But even if this game acts pretty dark and cold, I like it and often it is my choice when I'm playing in RTG casinos. The reason I liked it certainly is not the graphics. Although, I must admit that the graphics here are good in comparison to most other games offered by the RTG, but it is still far from what I expect.

What I liked most here are interesting bonus features. The wild symbol is the first of them. If at some reels the wild symbol appears, then it spread over the entire reels. In theory it is possible that over all 5 reels you have wild symbols. Of course, it is difficult to get it while you're playing, but it happened to me 3 times so far to get wild symbols on 4 of the 5 reels. Another bonus here of course is free spins bonus. To reach free spins you need to have a wild symbol on the first and on the last reels. When you get to the free spins then you have a choice. You can select either 12 classic free spins with triple prizes or 4 re-spins. In re - spins wild symbols are frozen on the first and the last reels. If you stars. ask me, the better option is to choose the 4 re -spins. I say this because I had the greatest wins here just when I chose re- spins option.

Although is not always so, but sometimes is hard to reach free spins bonus. I remember on one occasion I had 300 spins and never once got a free spin bonus.

However for the Count Spectacular I give 7.
Count Spectacular it is real time gaming video slot. I played real time gaming slots in lot, and funny but most times I did not use any penny to play their slots, everything was just from free money that casino give me.

This game looks okay, and sounds and music are also good, and vampire theme here is luckily not like modern vampire movies and shows, everything here is great.

This slot has 25 pay lines, and min bet is 0.25.

In this game scatters are just paying money, and you did not get any free spins feature when hit 3 of them. When I played this game for first time I was surprised that nothing happens when I get 3 scatters, so was need to check pay table. Wilds are everything in this game. Wilds are expanded on all reels, and also wilds needed to trigger free spins feature. When wilds appear on reel 1 and 5, you can choose left or right vampire, each has it's own feature. Left one have 12 free spins with all prizes tripled. Right one award 4 respins, but during this respins wilds on reel 1 and 5 are kept on reels, and if you hit something good on middle reels, special vampire rise - you will get very nice payout.

Overall my experience with this slot is great. I am always choose right vampire, 4 respins with wilds on 1 and 5 reels are great, and also i am every time hope that I get 3 more vampires and get huge win. Chances for this of course extremely low, but hope it is something that I will never lose. Even if I lost - I am always hope to win next time. Left vampire feature looks more stable and usually give some money, right vampire respins usually pay very low, or very good, so choose wisely.
Good real time gaming slot, with two interesting features. Choose left if you dare to win huge!
blondie 1081 reviews
Count Spectacular is from Real Time Gaming software and it can be played in most of their casinos. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. I had played it a few times before in some Real Time Gaming casinos, but it wasn't in the list of my favorites. Then I read that one of follow AskGamblers think that this is one of the most potential game from RTG in winning aspect, so that's why I decided to give it a try again.

I had an incredible and long session at Classy Coin. I took a ND bonus and decided to try to wager it with the help of this game. I really like the colors and theme of this game- the mysterious Dracula, and I even let the sound stay on, as I usually don't to, because the laughter of Dracula made me smile and stay awake the whole night. The Dracula is the most important character in this game and it also works as wild symbol and bonus trigger. If you get Dracula on first and fifth reel, it will trigger bonus round, but in other combinations it will increase your spins wins.

I mostly played with 0.25$ or 0.50$ bets. I played mostly with autospins, for example, 0.50$ bets for 100 autospins, if I was starting to run on a low balance, I lowered the next 100 bets. I got many bonus rounds and what is really great about this game is that you can trigger the bonus round within the bonus. That happened with me too, when I triggered the bonus I chose to play 12 free spins with 2x multiplier and within the bonus round I triggered them 2 more times, so I was playing 36 free spins which is quite amazing. The other bonus round option is 4 re-spins with 2x multiplier, and even at first you may think that the 12 free spins pay better, the respins can give almost the same winnings. In a few bonus rounds I went with it and it paid me even 16$, while some bonus rounds with the 12 freespins paid me even as little as 3$.

I really enjoy Count Spectacular. The design is really nice and so far from what I've played from RTG, none of other their games has brought me such great winnings. I played it 2 days in a row and in 2 different casinos managed to wager together 2200$ and I think it is pretty great. Definitely worth playing while wagering bonus.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Count Spectacular is a slot that is powered by Real Time Gaming. I personally don't like this software, but I played this game only because I had a no deposit offer from WinPalace featuring the Black Friday. So I got 20$ + 10 FS on of course Count Spectacular. So after my FS ended I got about 14$. So I just decided to continue playing the game. Plus I kinda like the name of this game.

This is a 5 reel and 25 payline standard slot. The graphics of this slot are not bad although it could be done much better and the music at first was suiting the game, but after a while this count Dracula started to annoy me with it's laugh.

So this game contains a scatter symbol that is represented by a castle. Also there is the so called count Dracula and he is a wild symbol that substitutes for all symbols except scatter of course. But if the wild symbol appears on the reel 1 and reel 5 you will be awarded with free spins that are separated into two modes. So as they appear on reel 1 and reel 5 they shall remain as is until you pick one mode, the first mode on reel 1 is the 12 free games mode with 3x multiplier. This is the mode that I first picked, in that mode I got around 15.60$ which was really nice. Then there is the second mode on reel 5 which is a 4 re-spins feature where the count Dracula wild symbol will remain for those 4 re-spins giving you a chance to win really big. But unfortunately when I played the second mode the maximum pay out was 10$. I did activate these features many times after but none of them gave me a bigger pay than 15$.

Overall this is not a bad game to play , there is a chance to big wins but unfortunately I didn't get them. As far as the rating goes 8/10 from me.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Count spectacular slot made by Real Time Gaming software, and I very like to play this video slot, this is another game which I usually play if iIhave some money to spent in Real Time Gaming casino.

This slot has 25 paylines, and minum possible bet here is 0.25. Usually I play with this bet, but sometimes if my account balance allows me I play it with 0.50 bets, and probably only once I spin this slot with 1$ bets, but this was not happy times and I quickly lost, so I try to play lower after this. Also I do very love sounds and graphic on this slot, specially when graph Dracula appears and he start laugh with a bit horror voice like 'UHAHAHA', yep this is really awesome, one of the reason why I do like play this slot it is really sounds on it. By the way Dracula is a wild on this slot and it can appear on any reel and it also expand to cover all reel. I have only 3 wilds in one time once, and that was during freespins. Freespins starts when Dracula appears on reel 1 and reel 5 in one time, then player have two options - have 12 freespins with x 3 multiplier, or have 4 respins with reel 1 and 5 already with expanded Dracula. I tried first option couple of times but it always pay bad, so I prefer to choose second option.

My best result on this slot is 80$ on 0.25 bet, that was when I hit 3 Draculas in one time, actually I hit only one Dracula, that was during 4 respins feature, but other symbols lay good and I get this good win. Usually feature paid in this slot with 0.25 bet something like 5 - 20$, and this is not so bad, because Draculas on reels 1 and 5 come usually.
When I started to gambling I though the Real Time Gaming casinos are robbers and never pay out players but like the time passed and tried more and more slot and providers the RTG casinos was very professional usually.

The first video slot what I tried was the count spectacular machine. This game has 25 paying lines with minimum 0.25 cent bet. The game was themed from the Dracula movie and it have a scary entertainment.The count spectacular can bring really nice spins, wins and features. The wild symbol is an expanding wild but only appears on the edge reels in the main game.

Those wild dracula symbols are the bonus feature too. It has a good free spin rounds but you can choose from the free spin types. You can choose the normal 12 free spins or you can choose the 4 expanding wild re spin. The triggered edge wilds are stays until you spin down your re spins. Additionally wilds can appear on the re spins. I played with this count spectacular video slot and I can tell you this game can make serious profits. I usually play on smaller bets because I never deposited more then 50 euro to Real Time Gaming casinos, but many times even, I played at 0.75 dollar per spin this game gave me many credits.

My biggest win was 750 dollar on it but it was no deposit bonus money so I didn’t able to cash out the whole money but it shows this video slot can pay well. I often play this game because the wilds and the free spin features are great. If you didn’t tried yet this fine video slot I really recommend to you.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Before I start my review about this game I have to say that I’m not a big fan of Real Time Gaming software. I prefer Playtech and Marvel slots. The only reason I played in an RTG casino was a no deposit offer from Casino Titan.

I decided to try Count spectacular because I liked the name. It’s a standard 5 reel 25 payline slot. I think that for a theme it has count Dracula which here is called count spectacular. It’s quite interesting actually. The graphic and music is pretty good as all RTG slots. The wild symbol is a Vampire which can appear anywhere on the screen and substitutes all other symbols except the scatter symbol which is a castle.

This game doesn't have a standard pick up bonus which is a little disappointing but instead has a free spins feature with two modes. The free spins feature is activated when the wild symbol appears on the first and last reel. It remains there and you get to choose. If you choose the first reel you will get the standard 12 free spins and all wins multiplied by 3. If you choose the last reel than the two wild symbols will remain on the first and last reel and you will be awarded 4 re spins. This gives you a chance for some really big wins.

I started playing this game and had only little wins. I got free spins soon and choose reel 1. After the free spins were over I won only about 10 euros on a 0.5 bet. I continued to play and after a while I got another set of free spins. This time I choose reel 5 but again I had only a small win of about 13 euros. I got free spins a few times more but the wins were always about 15 euros max.

Overall the sound and graphic of the game are good but I just didn't have some big wins to remember. I would rate this game 7 out of 10.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Nyeah-ah-ah, welcome to RTG’s scary game. Count Spectacular’s fantastic game. If you don’t enjoy my graphics, sounds and my ha-ha-ha, I’ll take the blame. If you don’t try it, what a shame! Well, have you been a victim of Count Spectacular? I have. Many times over. Although not in 3D, wish it was, I like the graphics and the animations. But the “ha-ha-ha” should really be “nyeah-ah-ah” instead, but never mind, it’s still a lively game. 1 star down.

Count Spectacular couldn’t have offered a better tempting dish to sink his fangs into. Everything desirable is in the paytable. A 10000x Wild win, a 200x total bet win, and high symbol wins too. Beautiful! Anything worth winning is given a nice cash payout, not like most other games. Up to expectations, so no star down/up.

Okay, so there are no bonus games or any other randomly activated special features, but the free spins feature game offers 2 choices – 12 free spins with a 3x win multiplier, or just 4 respins with a fixed Count Spectacular Expanded Wild on reels 1 and 5. Both options can pay well at the right time, with possible retriggering for the 12 free spins option but no retriggering for the 4 respins option. Nonetheless, the 4 free respins offer the biggest payout possible – 5 reels of Expanded Count Spectacular for a completely insane payout! Superb! Hence my preference for games with reels of Expanded Wild. No star down/up.

Playing the game is a real joy. Fun, exciting and entertaining. It gets you excited whenever Count Spectacular appears on reel 1, the reels spin, and you are madly hoping for the Count to drop by on reel 5. Many times he won’t, but oftenly enough, he does. Then the real excitement starts! The 12 free spins or the 4 respins? I’ve chosen both options many times before, got retriggering of more 12 free spins, and ending it with reasonably good payouts, but not all the time though. Similarly with the 4 respins option. Although you only get 4 tries to make a nice win, the chances of getting super big wins are better with this option! I’ve had 3 Expanded Wild reels and I’ve had 4 Expanded Wild reels, and the payouts were really marvelous. Can’t remember exactly how much it paid out, but over $1000 for sure, because with 4 Expanded Wild reels, you get lots of 5-of-a-kinds in just that 1 respin! If you can get nice high paying symbols in between those 4 Expanded Wild reels, the payouts will definitely exceed 1500x total bet win, perhaps even more! I’m still waiting for the day when the screen gets filled up totally with Count Spectacular, for 25 paylines of 10000x per line win, for an insane 10000x total bet win!!! Yes, it is possible! I’ve gotten the 4 Expanded Wilds before, but the 5 Expanded Wilds have still eluded me till this day. I’m still hoping to sink my fangs into 5 Count Spectaculars one of these days! Count Spectacular is definitely one of the best game I’ve come across so far! 1 star up for a perfect score!
Icymod 758 reviews
Count Spectacular, ironic isn't it? This video slot describes me very well as the Forum Icy vampire! It's an awesome way to win very well and a way to cause terror in my victi......err..I mean symbols. For $1 a spin on this dark video slot under the full moon I love the way the Count wilds appear during my spins. They will expand on each reel they appear on and these count Wilds count as those off-occurring castles that don't come very often. Unfortunately these expanding counts count just once towards the standard castle scatters.

Anyways, the bigger picture can be painted when 2 counts appear on both ends of the slot, reels 1 and 5 together! It's so fun to try hitting these symbols together! This allows a great opportunity for me to make a decision on how I want my free spins to bite my to my desires. Two choices appeared as "12 Free spins at 3x" or "4 re-spins with both counts occupying the 1st and last reels during these re-spins". Now I've played both of them many times and I know that for choosing 12 Free spins at 3x, there are lower chances to hit 5 of a kind wins unlike the 4 re-spins BUT......there is a good chance that this can retrigger itself for another 12 Free spins.....something that the 4 re-spins cannot do when they roll the middle reels 4 times! In the 4 re-spins, the chances of hitting my 5 of a kind symbols are much higher and it will pay very much when other Count wilds appear under the 3rd reel! I can already imagine the big hits coming from that. This type of trigger has to shine very lucky within 4 re-spins otherwise the re-spins will look very ugly like Medusa (don't look at her.....Ahh...turns into stone and disintegrates thereafter), it'll be my waste for taking these and again no triggers for these bad girls of the night! When completing the 12 Free spins at 3x for my choice, I would win from $20 - $36, yet much more if I hit retriggers and on 4 will give me about $11 or less without any counts on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels but when this lucky fanged creature that is myself sank my craving teeth into one of the reels (landing a count on any of the reels mentioned) such as the 2nd or 3rd reel then my rampage wins $40+. It's a matter of hitting symbols, chaining 5 of a kind symbols like lamps, wolves, mirrors and the terrified lady (she's hard to get 5 of a kind by the way) on re-spins.

I recommend doing 12 Free spins at 3x if you want the feature to last longer and have at least a small guaranteed win or if you feel very lucky then the 4 re-spins will do long as you don't get any vampire bites (in other words, you don't get any wins from them)!
To put the 4 re-spins in a great example, I would define it as the Netent's Dead or Alive feature for trying to hit those sticky wilds! If I don't hit any sticky wilds then the free spins are a total waste...just like if I don't chain any wins during my 4 re-spins on Count Spectacular it won't be pretty in the end of them! Ohh and to the owner of this bag of garlic sitting in my front door castle....can you destroy this? It's giving me some burning sensations and redness when I get close to it!!! Hey spell casting Witch, I'll give you my recipe for everlasting immortality if you destroy this bag of garlic and cast a barrier on my castle! You'll live forever I promise!
paquito76 867 reviews
Count Spectacular slot is a representative of lately became very popular vampire theme but this game illustrates it in a humorous way. Of course the mandatory symbols are found here and what game could it be if it hadn’t offer mirror, coffin, garlic or archaic castle figures. The pictorial solutions and mini animation (like Vampire when it’s expending) are likeable and respect for the beautiful colour usage.

The slot has minor and major Jackpots so the ultimate goal is in front of our eyes while playing. Naturally, Count Spectacular himself is the best paying symbol (up to 10.000 coins) and it substitute other figures and if it appears both in the first and last reels at the same time it triggers a ‘choose your game’ type feature. The player can choose to play either 12 free spins at x3 multiplier or 4 re-spins. If the choice is fallen on re-spins the first and fifth reel remains in expending Wild mode for the next four spins. Based on my experience, it can’t be said wither option would be clearly better than the other however I prefer to select the 12 extra games option because it has the power to re-trigger free spins and because got better results. Interesting, but this Vampire wild emblem uniquely can be a replacement for Castle that fills the Scatters position and reward players with a max. 200 times of total bet prize. Honestly, I can’t recall any other slot games where Scatter could be interchanged by this way. The game doesn’t possess a traditional bonus game.

Count Spectacular is a good quality slot with an average capability to give out good results (not counting her the Jackpots). I like the slot’s Scatter replacement function (I like to think I can see it in reality once) and the pleasant atmosphere. I’m not saying it is large number of gamblers’ favourite game but I’m almost sure most of the players (would) love it.
katemak 1162 reviews
Count Spectacular video slot is from RTG platform.The theme about this video game is about the Count Dracula,which is 5 reels with 25 paylines. For me this is interesting game, which can bring you good winnings,like me because from this game i did managed to wager one nodeposit bonus ,like we all know the wagering from the freebie are pretty high like 1500$ from 25$ free chip.

So this game has scatter symbols ,which are the Dracula Castle ,when you hit 2 of them ,your wins get doubled,but when you hit 3 of them then you got free spins,although i am playing this game very long time and so far I never hit 3 Castles or 3 scatter symbols.So in this game the Count Spectacular is a wild symbols but also is a scatter symbols,so if hi will appear on the 1st and on the 5th reels then you trigger the free spins feature ,which will give you to choose ,what kind of free spins you want,12 free spins or 4 respins. So far ,i am talking about my experience i never used the respins feature only the 12 which are 3 X multiplier ,free spins ,which i can say it can really load you account ,well my case,yes.

The minimum bet on this game is 0.25$ but i never play the minimum bet ,because if you trigger the free spins,and I do triggered them very often ,the winnings are really solid.Whenever i play on some off the RTG favorite casinos of mine,I always choose to play Count Spectacular or Hilbillies ,because i think they are great games to have good time and of course get some winnings.I like this game and I do recommend it because I had great winnings and cashouts from Count Spectacular,so I guess hi likes me ,haha ,so try it !
hajnrih 1376 reviews
When I saw this game here at askgamblers I just had to share my experience with you. My review is about Count Spectacular slot game. It’s a Real Time Gaming software 5 reel 25 payline slot with a very good bonus feature. The theme of the game Is a vampire Count Spectacular and he is spectacular indeed. The graphic and music are very good. Minimum bet for this game is 0.25.

Usually I don’t like RTG games, I prefer Playtech but this game caught my eye when I was playing in one RTG casino (don’t remember the name of the casino). Anyway I deposited 20$ and started playing with a 0,50 bet.I had some nice 2x scater wins which is a symbol of the counts castle. I raised my bet to 0.75 expecting a bonus and after a few spins I got it. Count spectacular on reel 1 and 5.Got a win of 9,5$ and two choices. If you choose reel 1 you get 12 free spins with x3 multiplier. If you choose reel 5 you get 4 respins with wild symbols remaining on reel 1 and 5. I decided to take the first choice and was anxious to see my winnings. Unfortunately I only got about 16$ of the total feature. I was disappointed and wanted to change the game but I kept on playing hoping for another bonus.After about 15 spins I got the bonus again. This time I choose reel 5 and will never regret that decision. On the first spin I got about 170$ on a 0.75 $ bet. It was incredible. When the free spins were over I had about 210 $ win plus my starting balance.

I had a nice cashout and had a beer or two (maybe more) to celebrate my winnings from this game. Overall 10 out of 10.

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