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Afi4wins 1213 reviews
Okay, what do I like about Beach Babes? Hmm, I like blondes, blondes can be so hot, I like red haired, they look so gorgeous, but I like dark haired ones too, but what the heck, I like all of them, even peach haired ones! What? The game? Oh gees, sorry, wrong answer! Hehehe. Those Beach Babes certainly look hot, don't they? Makes me wanna play ball with them. Beach ball, sand volley ball, any ball, woohoo!

Well, so much blabbering on those hot babes, let's get down to what they can do. Hmm, pay wise I mean. The blonde Babe pays 2000x the line bet, the black-haired Babe paying 1750x, and the red-haired Babe paying 1500x. What about the green bikinied Babe? What green bikinied babe? She's from 'Bikini Party', silly! Oh damn! Sorry, got the right babe but in the wrong game, gees, but she should replace that lifeguard and pay me 1250x anytime! Hahaha. The symbol BEACH BABES is the Wild, 5 of them paying a beautiful 10,000x the line bet, plus doubling any wins with them. These Wilds don't move, don't expand, so don't expect too much out of them in the main game, unless you get many of them in the free spins game, then you can start jumping about. Even falling backwards in your chair, if you like, that's fine with me, hehehe. I would too, if I suddenly got 5 Wilds in the free spins game, paying me 10,000x my line bet multiplied by 6x, for an incredible, err, where's my calculator? Hahaha. Aah well, if this is possible to get at all, I really don't know!

As you probably already know, or don't, 5 scatters, that Coolbox, pay 600x the total bet, which is damn good, for once, whilst 3 or more of them activates the Free Spins game with a 6x multiplier! Yep, 6x, and coupled that win with a Wild, you get 12x! Now, is that good, or is that GOOD?! Hehehe. Oh yeah, right, get 5 scatters in the free spins game, if possible at all, and you can win 600x multiplied by 6x, for an even more incredible 3,600x the total bet! Yep, like I've said a few times already, if possible at all, because I've never heard nor seen any of it so far! Can the Free Spins game be retriggered? Yes, but don't count too much on it. It happens very rarely, usually giving only one retrigger, at best 4 retriggers. I tried to chase this, and got sun-burnt very seriously! Hehehe.
If you have read my review on 'Supe It Up', then everything goes for Beach Babes too, because these two games are identical in every way, except for the symbols. I have lost so much more than any win I've won on these two games, so I'm blardy scared to recommend them, nor give very good rating for them!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
In these cold rainy days the only thing I can think about is the sun, the beach and some nice shade with ice cold beer at the table. But summer is a long way ahead so I will have to satisfy with playing Beach Babes. This is a nice slot game coming from Microgaming which for a theme has the beach. All of the symbols you will find here remind you of the summer and the beach. This game is the same like Supe it Up and Isis. After my favorite Supe it Up this is the game I like the most from the tree of them. I think the music is a bit better than the rest so I don’t have to mute my speakers while I am playing.

If you get 3 scatters you are awarded with 20 free spins with a high 6 x multiplier. I don’t have to say that the wins form the bonus game can be very big. Just like in the rest of the games the biggest wins can come if the free spins are retrigered or if you get a big 5 of a kind win combined with wilds symbols.

I have played this game many times with variable success. Sometimes I would have some good wins sometimes it would eat my balance very fast. Nowadays when I play this game if it gives the bonus round in the first 50 spins I continue to play until the second bonus round and then I change the game. If I don’t get the bonus round in the first 50 spins it won't come even after 150 spins so I don’t waste my balance. My biggest wins on this game were about 120 euros in the two bonus rounds I got. Lucky for me they came very fast one after another so I ended up with 100 euros plus on my balance before I changed the game.

Overall I recommend this game to everyone.
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Beach Babes is a nice colourful slot game that’s straight forward and easy to read, no glitz or glamour like the name may imply but don't be disheartened as it provides plenty of ways to win.

I wasn't flicking the reels for more than a couple of minutes and I got hit with 3 Surf Babes and a wild which landed me with a nice stack of winnings and increased my confidence. I carried on spinning and while I wasn't having huge amounts thrown at me I still enjoyed the game. Things heated up when I managed to collect four scatters which gave me 25 free spins. I am not normally a massive fan of free spins and prefer to be thrown right in to where the money is at but this time was an exception, I landed four of the first aid dudes and made whopper cash, with a bet of two euro I got a return of 300 quid so I put the deceiving name aside and all out fell in love with these Beach Babe slots. I didn't hang around for too long after that but I like to finish on a high and without spending too long on front of this game I found it to be both fun and rewarding.

In my opinion Beach Babes is perfect if you are willing to wait for a decent win as the low payers definitely show their faces more but I suppose that is always to be expected :(

I will be sure to return some day when my eyes are too tired for the flashing or time wasting graphics of other games but without a bonus game and only free spins up for grabs it is not a game I will be putting to the top of my favourite's list.
My rating for Beach Babes is 5/10
Beach Babes game is powered by microgaming. If anyone has played ‘Isis’ game on microgaming, this game is exactly same just with different pictures. I love ‘Isis’ so for me this game is perfect. It has big pays, amazing feature and is over all great fun.I play this game a lot and definitely recommend it to everyone.

There is only one feature in this game and it is a free spins feature.To get the feature you have to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Once you get the feature you will be awarded with 20 free spins and all wins 6x. I think this is one of the best free spins feature on microgaming and you really have a chance to make a lot of money. My usual bet on this game is €0.25 or €0.50. The biggest win I had on this feature was around €140 on a €0.25 bet. This was the biggest win I got and even on a bigger bet I didn’t get anything close to this. The free spins can be retriggered and getting scatters in free spins pays a lot of money.I have played this game hundreds of times but never got five scatters. I hope one day I’ll get them in free spins.

There is also wild in this game and all wins with it are doubled. It is great because when you get it in free spins your win is multiplied by 12. Compared to other games I think it is amazing to get 20 spins and 6x. The graphics are good and the soundtrack is ok too. I try not to play this game for a long time, but it is so much fun that sometimes I play it for ages. I would recommend this game to low rollers and high rollers. If I was to rate it I would give it 8 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Icymod 758 reviews
Beach Babes can be seen putting on some sun screen, playing volleyball and going into the water for a dip during a very hot summer day! It's 25 paylines and can pay small as well as frequently in nature! Wilds can give winnings doubled amounts while the feature that I always like to behold is that of Free spins. All it takes are a minimum of 3 scattered coolers to be granted 20 Free Spins at 6x!!!! The larger the scatters the larger the initial trigger will be. I would like to grab all 5 scatters to contribute to the thread because it has a value of 600x and there are 30 Free spins at 6x! That would be sseexxyyy & it would work for both the "Showtime!" and "5 scatters"!!

On a $1 bet my wins resulted about $60+ in one feature but if I can hit a retrigger for another set of 20 Free spins then it goes over $100 thanks to the 2x wilds! Beach babes have great potential....2x wilds, 6x multiplier in free spins and 20 Free spins to last a long while! There can't be any excuse not to win anything (unless if your unlucky that is in the 20 Free spins).
The problem is that I'm too distracted by the beach babes on this video slot, just flaunting and doing things that they do that make them seexxyy :D no.......that's not it. It's for the most part having the cooler scatters land on the reels. I noticed reels don't stop accordingly to where they should have stopped. I've seen this many times before when I had 2 scattered coolers on the first 2 reels to see 1 or 2 seconds of the reels rolling down for the final 3 reels, it should have stopped by a second but there seems to be this extra delay to make the cooler scatters pass by! Even when spinning the reels normally I found lags and delays on some of the reels. It even stopped going in order on some of my spins! For example, 2 reels would stop, the 4th reel would stop after then the 3rd and 5th in that order! Coolers can be a pain to get even though it's valued at 20 Free spins at 6x multiplier.

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