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Bars and Stripes Slot

Bars and Stripes is a popular 25-payline video slot which operates on the Microgaming software platform. Featuring the theme of American symbols, food and drinks, the game’s wild multiplier is the Bars and Stripes Logo, while the Football and the Hat icons are the game’s scatters. Players can play the game for fun on this page or visit any of the featured Microgaming casinos to play the slot for real money.

Prior to tasting genuine American pancakes or tasty hot-dogs, one should manage their wager first. The coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 2, is adjusted with -/+. “Select Lines” alters the number of paylines played and “Select Coins” chooses the number of coins to wager. “Spin” initiates the game and “Bet Max” turns the reels at the maximum bet. To play the game a number of times without being interrupted, one should choose “Expert” and then “Au­top­lay­”.

3 or more Hat icons activate the Hat Bonus game. In this round, players select hats to reveal random bonus wins. Up to 3 hats can be chosen, depending on the number of symbols that triggered the Bonus game. Players can win up to 47,500 coins in this round.

A jackpot of 5,000 coins will be won when 5 Bars and Stripes Logo icons emerge on an enabled payline.

Game Play

+/-: Modify the coin value.
Select Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Select Coins: Choose the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start the game.
Bet Max: Play the game at the highest bet.
Autoplay: Spin the reels a number of times uninterrupted.

Bars and Stripes Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1310 reviews
What comes to mind when you see symbols with red and white stripes, especially when there's also a statue and a big top hat? Yes, clever you, but sorry, no prize for guessing it right though. That was too simple. Any baby can answer that. Hahaha. Just kidding there. Of course babies can't answer the question. They'll probably look at you, give a very cute smile and say "ga-ga-ga'. Who can ever know that the baby meant "U-S-A"? Hehehe.

When I first looked into this game and its paytable, I was like "oh gawd!" No free spins! My most favourite feature game is not in the paytable anywhere. There's only a Bonus game, a pick-and-win bonus game, which isn't to my liking at all, never have been. But, being cat-like at times, my curiosity got the better of me, and found myself playing this Bars & Stripes game. How was it? Well, we'll come to that a little later on.

The Logo is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 5000x the line bet, which is only half the usual win value, but it doubles all wins with it. Aah, just when I was about to call it a dumb Wild, but it isn't. The paytable also indicates a maximum win of 50,000 coins for this symbol. Hmm, how this can be attained will be known a little later on, so just keep on reading. Hehehe. The Striped Top Hat, an American symbol, pays nothing, aargh, but 3 or more of these hats award a Bonus Hat game. The maximum win is indicated as 47,500 coins, but don't ask me how again please! Hahaha. A Rugby ball is the Scatter symbol and pays 200x the total bet. No Free Spins game for getting 3 or more of them, but not so dumb Scatters after all. It pays only when appearing on any active payline. No payline, no pay.

All other symbols have low win values, starting with the Eagle at 600x the line bet, down to 20x the line bet for the Cookie. Hmm, not good at all. Having all those burgers, chips, cookies and drinks for real would certainly be more filling, stomach wise, hehehe. But the strangest thing is, despite not having a good paytable, this Bars & Stripes game plays and pays quite well!

My first ever play on this game was, ooh, many years ago, but it wasn't so interesting to me then, not until I've played it again years later. Having had many of that Bonus Hat game, I became more familiarised with it, and quite liking it too! 3 Scatters award 1 pick out of 3 hats, 4 Scatters 2 picks out of 4 hats, and 5 Scatters 3 picks out of 5 hats. And this is where that 47,500 maximum win can be won, most likely in the 5 Scatters pick, I would say. I've had many 2 and 3 picks, winning 100x my total bet 2 or 3 times, but I haven't got any of that 5 Scatters 3 picks yet. The maximum coins I had won was 2,500 coins, or 100x my bet size, at minimum bet of $0.25. Not a lot no doubt, but this big win can come a few times within just a few hundred spins! Now that is interesting! 5 Wilds to get that 50,000 coins? Hmm, maybe in a few years from now, hahaha.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Bars and Stripes is a video slot that will be my all time favorite. It is a video slot from Microgaming software which saved me a couple of times. I was playing in Zodiac Casino where I was chasing the bonus and I lost all my money. I had only 5 euros left on my balance when I decided to try this game. I was playing on min bet but I hit the bonus after my third spin. I was very lucky to chose the right hat and get an amazing 50 euros. I played the game for 10 minutes more and I finished it with 85 euros on my balance. I was very disappointed at that point and that is why I did not want to continue but instead decided to withdraw my winnings.

This is a 5 reel game with 25 pay lines. The symbols at this game are obvious to guess and they include hamburgers, hot dogs, American footballs, eagles and much more. As soon as you open the game you see that this slot is Americanized. This is a great game and you can win a lot of money while playing it so I would highly recommend anyone who wants to play it.

The most unique feature in this game is the Hat Bonus Feature game. You can trigger this feature by hitting a combination of 3 or more Uncle Sam`s hats. Once you are in the bonus game you have to choose one of the hats which can bring you a win of 47 500 coins if you are lucky. Bars and Stripes symbol is the scatter in this game. The scatter will bring you winnings no matter where on the reels it appears. Again you have to select one of the hats to discover whether you have won the jack pot or not.
Bars and Stripes game powered by mictogaming. Pretty cool game i must say. I definitely this that this game is the easiest to get the bonus on. I personally got it many, many times. Sometimes they come out almost in a row. This is a 25 line game with a minimum bet of €0.25. Of-course when i say minimum, i mean it on max lines.

There is only one feature in this game and that is the bonus feature. To get the bonus feature the player was to get three or more hats. For three hats you have one pick in the bonus game, for four hats you have two picks and for five you have four picks. The bonus is very simple, you pick a hat and the prize that is inside of it is the prize that you win. The prizes are always random. Sometimes they are all small, other times they are very big. My usual bet on this game is €0.25 or €0.50. Max i ever won on the bonus was €55 on a €0.50 bet with two picks. I never got five hats, but do believe that i will get it faster on this game than any other.

The pays on this game are not very big. The wild symbol is the biggest win and if it comes out it doubles your win. My biggest line hit was €16 on a €0.50 bet.

It is really disappointing that there is no free spins feature in this game. I think that this game would have been more popular if it had them. The graphics are average. Over all for me this game only has a good bonus, and not all the time:) If i was to rate it i would give it 6 out of 10. Maybe ill change my mind when i get five hats. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Bars & Stripes is another Microgaming slot where scatter wins don't mean a damn thing (apart from multiplying your bet). I guess we as players just got used to the fact that scatters either award free spins, a bonus game or a huge prize when hitting 5 of them.

However, Bars & Stripes basically fails in every aspect. Luckily there is a bonus game attached to this slot though, but this can be triggered in a different way. If that was missing as well, then this slot could qualify as the worst slot ever made lol.

Bars & Stripes has a theme that's based on the American Lifestyle. When I first saw this slot I thought it was pretty cool to have such a theme. It contains oreo cookies, beers, bars, chicken, hot dogs, eagles, NY's Liberty Statue, hats (bonus), American footballs (scatter), fries and hamburgers as symbols.

In addition it also has a wild symbol which is the Bars & Stripes symbol, and this doubles your wins. Bars & Stripes has 25 paylines and 5 reels. I've played this game on a bet size of 1 euro. In the base game I often had hits of up to 10x bet size, but nothing too spectacular. These got followed by some dry spells.

I managed to trigger the bonus round twice btw. First time I did this it was a complete joke, after collecting 3 hats. You then have to choose from one of those hats, and a prize will be revealed. Imagine me playing this game for 400 spins and finally the bonus dropping. I was happy, but my happiness soon almost turned into an uncontrollable frustration since it paid me 2 euros.

I played another 50 spins and had the bonus again. I thought it would award me some ridiculous prize again, but luckily this time it was 50 euros. At that point I was still 75 euros away from breaking even, but I decided to try my luck elsewhere. Bars & Stripes simply is a slot that doesn't have too much to offer.

My final rating for this game is a 5/10.
This famous Bars and stripes microgaming video slots was released from decades but it will be always be my favorite.When I started to play on the microgaming casinos that was the first video slot what I have tried.

The bars and stripes video slot has 25 lines what brings the 0.25 euro minimum bet. The first time when I have tried I except some free spins but when I checked the play table I realized it have bonus game and paying scatters only but that video slot don’t have any other free games.

I started here at the minimum bet and played with my no deposit bonus. I wanted to wager my money as soon as possible so I decided to raise the limit to the double of the minimal. I played on 0.5 euro stake when I get the bonus game at the first time. I hit 3 of the hats, I was allowed to choose one of them, I was lucky and I picked the biggest hat from the 3. I collected 50 euro from the hat, but the others had more less profit only the double of my stake. From this time I learned if I get the bonus feature game I have to pick well because the hats are can hide nice profits but it can gives almost nothing.

Many times when I played here I waited to get the bonus game but only few times I get the maximum from those hats. If you get more hats then the 3 you can choose more. If you get 4 hats you can choose 2, if you hit 5 you can choose 3. My biggest reward from the bonus game was 120 euro on 1.5 euro high stake.
Icymod 758 reviews
A Microgaming delight that I sometimes go on is none other than this old fashioned all american video slot, " Bars and Stripes". The original name Stars and stripes were probably the idea the folks at Microgaming had to create this idea and I believe the title of this video slot works to their idea.

Bars and stripes is just a simple slot for me because the lower symbols don't pay the same as with my own bets and again slots like these don't have your fun free spins round. All this american slot has are bonus hats, when landedfor 3 can win bonus credits. I have seen really large amounts if bets are from $1.25 and over. This one time....this..once in a lifetime opportunity where I tried my luck max betting on this slot to curiously see what the credits will be when I landed 3 scattered bonus hats, the prizes were huge!!! The most on max bet I have seen is 25000 or $250. Luckily for me that was my choice for a hat. Other prizes a little minuscule compared to $250 but they will do for a second prize. I decreased my max bet later because the thought of "I don't think I can win big again after that" applied to my situation.

For those of you who like to play slots in a low fashion then $0.75 a spin is enough to produce results, anything over may be the luckiest if you land that bonus. My advise is $0.75 for all the people who want to bet low and "anything".... higher for the high rollers because anything goes for them when it comes to betting, at least to my knowledge! The second interesting feature Bars and stripes have is just the Wild logo that screams out "Double wins" for every win you find. Scattered footballs are just the normal paying scatters that I don't bother at all, I ignore them everytime even if they pay out. My money is more on the Bonus hats!

To sum up, getting lucky in the Bonus round is the main attraction of this review! Just remember that amounts in the bonus can be random! A 7 out of 10!

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