With BetChain Olympic Gold is Merely a Spin Away

With BetChain Olympic Gold is Merely a Spin Away

Olympic Games in Rio are all the rage these days, and athletes all around the world are competing to get their share of fame and that ever desirable medal in the Olympics. Look up to them and join BetChain Casino to spin for your medal. Compete with other players and you will get the feel as if you are at the Olympics as well.

Go for the gold

Well, since our sport is not recognised by the Olympic committee, at least not yet, BetChain is giving you the chance to win a medal in what you do best. All you need to win is to have the competitive spirit, the quickest finger and the fastest reflexes on your device. If you possess all of these, then go and join the competition and aim for gold.

Go for the gold because the Olympic glory is just a spin away!

Get your chance to step on the podium every day during the promotion which runs out on August 21st, 2016. Joining the competition is simple:

  • Go to BetChain
  • Log into your account
  • Make a deposit 
  • Spin your favourite slot over and over again

If you wish to even have the chance of winning one of the medals, then I advise you to keep up with reels spinning until you are declared as the uncontested biggest player of the day. Wagers on every slot are counted towards promotion on a daily basis. 

This means that the top 3 wagerers across any of the online slot games will be rewarded. The prizes will be handed out at the podium each day:

  • Gold – 0.05 BTC or €15 Bonus
  • Silver – 0.01 BTC or €10 Bonus
  • Bronze – 0.005 BTC or €5 Bonus

Get ready and start spinning!

Olympic glory

Winning the medal and hitting the podium is just a tip of an iceberg and just the beginning of the trip towards Olympic glory. Here’s what else is offered!

Each of our readers who scores the daily gold medal will get additional 10 Free Spins for the Gladiator slot. How? Fairly easy and straight forward! All you need to do after winning the gold medal is post "Going for the gold on BetChain" on AskGamblers Forum .

But wait! There is even more to this because there is a competition within the competition, which will crown the grand gold winner.

By the time the closing ceremony at the Olympics is underway, BetChain will announce this grand gold winner who will be awarded a brand new iPad just for being the top wagerer

What are you waiting for? Get ready! Olympics at BetChain have already started. Go to BetChain Casino, go for gold, go for glory, and show everyone who is the best of the best!

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