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It’s quite cool to be the host of an awesome party, isn’t it? The one party everybody would love to come to and later to tell all about it to a bunch of friends. The same goes for gambling party games, guys. If you’re attracted to playing in online casinos, then why not think about organizing an unforgettable gambling party with some exciting games included? Easier said than done, you could say. To give you a hand with the preparation process, we’ve done a quick research and here are 3 gambling party games you might want to consider if you wish to be called a ‘gambling party master’.  


Every amazing party starts with no less amazing invitations, which should be focused on a gambling theme thus giving your friends the idea that their night will be one to remember. Putting numbers on invitations and sending your friends a short message as a remainder not to forget them at home is something you also need to pay attention to. 

An original add to the invitation part could be ‘the party announcement moment’ when you could randomly pick three people, announce their names and allow them to play a certain game for a special bonus prize.        


The first step with decoration would be to decorate the entrance with a banner saying something like “Welcome to the Best Gambling Party of the Year”, making your friends feel like they are heading over to Las Vegas. Add some gambling themed balloons as a decoration, too.

Turn the lights low and play some gambling related music. Use serving trays, plates and paper napkins resembling of a casino and serve snacks such as sandwiches, cookies, chips and stuffed olives.  

Dress Code

This step might be a little tricky. Depending on your vision, you should visualize an image of your friends in suits and evening dresses compared to a more informal dress code. Which one would you feel more comfortable wearing?

A brilliant catch for spicing up the atmosphere would be to arrange themed hats, cigars and sunglasses for gentlemen, as well as pearls, necklaces and bracelets for ladies to wear as soon as they arrive.     

Gambling Party Game # 1 – Bikini Party Slot

Let’s get into the matter of game selection, shall we? The first game on our list is Bikini Party slot which comes straight from the workshop of Microgaming game developers. The game is set against a wonderful beach with a volley net backed up by a sparkling sea, clear sky and hot sand. If you’ve ever partied on a beach, then you sure know what we’re talking about. 

Gambling Party Game # 2 – Karaoke Party Slot

The second option is another super attractive slot powered by Microgaming and it’s called Karaoke Party slot. It is inspired by a purple backdrop and an interactive entertainment game known as “Karaoke”. This game can be used for breaking the ice at the party since it directs guests to sing, to interact with each other, to laugh and have fun!  

Gambling Party Game # 3 – Vegas Party Slot

Number three gambling party game for you is known under the name Vegas Party slot and it’s filled with flashy signs, vibrant colours and catchy music. Honestly, is there a better game proposition for a gambling party than a Vegas themed online slot

So, what do you think about our propositions? Do you have an interesting gambling party game of your own that you would like to inform us about? If so, let us know at our forum – the place of positive gambling vibes.

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