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How to Attract More Female Online Casino Players

How to Make Online Casinos More Attractive to Women

A long, long time ago, when casinos only existed if they were made of bricks and mortar, the majority of gamblers were male. However, with the advent of online casinos, that unavoidably changed and nowadays both men and women engage in online gambling on a daily basis. However, online and mobile casinos still seem to be more male-oriented on the whole. So, what can casinos do to make themselves more attractive to women? Here are some ideas.

Anonymity in Online Casinos

Like we said, once upon a time casinos were normally brimming with male players with an occasional female player here and there. When you’d hear incredible stories of big wins or the greatest casino cheats in the world, they were usually about men, for this or that reason. And then came the age of online casinos.

“Anonymity plays an important role in online gambling.”

Now, on the internet, does it really matter if you’re male or female? Hardly. Just like men, women enjoy getting away from daily troubles and chores and online gambling is a popular pastime among both. Long gone are the days of stereotypes that only men enjoy a good game of poker or chasing after that big win on a progressive slot. Or, if they aren’t, they should be.

Naturally, anonymity plays an important role here. On the web no one need know who you are – even if you hit that jackpot you may choose to remain nothing but a username. Not a bad way to stay safe, isn’t it?

Boost Your Female Audiences

If casinos agree that the future is female and really do wish to attract more female players overall, there are certain ways in which they could accomplish such a goal.

“Casinos could come up with casino bonuses reserved for female audiences only and employ more male live dealers, if they wish to attract more female players.”

For example, online casinos can set their sights on preparing tailor-made online casino bonuses and deals aimed specifically at women. These can be welcome bonuses, match deposit bonuses, exclusive bonuses – anything and everything is fair game.

Here’s another thought: why not employ more male live dealers across live casinos – not that women can’t appreciate the female live dealers, but… we’re sure you get the point – or create online slot ads that speak directly to the female audience? Female players surely wouldn’t be averse to such endeavours. What say you, ladies?

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

If you’re an online gambling aficionado and a woman, these questions are for you. Do you feel like online casinos should be more women-oriented? And if so, do you have any other tips for them, besides the ones we’ve mentioned? Or do you not particularly care as long as you’re on a winning streak?

Tell us all about your thoughts on the matter at our forum – we can’t wait to discuss the issue with you! In the meantime, let us wish you a very happy Women’s History Month and whole lotta luck on your favourite online slots!

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