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Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling

Will AI Make an Impact on Online Gambling?

Not so long ago human race witnessed the birth of a new age, a civilization crossroads focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Soon after its awakening, AI managed to break the chains of scientific laboratories and became a familiar term to majority of the general population. Over the recent years, artificial intelligence has begun to filter into all segments of modern society including online casinos and the industry of online gambling. Now, the big question is will AI make an impact on online gambling?

The Rise of AI

You might not be aware of the fact, but AI has been around for a while now. You may wonder what AI is in the first place. The concept is supposed to allow machines to reach the level of thinking previously reserved solely to humans. That further implicates that AI will be expected to find solutions to complex logical and practical problems, and all that to help humans ease their lives. 

Imagine artificial intelligence as your new best friend.

But hold your breath, for the final goal with AI doesn’t end here. Remember Skynet and Terminator? Well, the ultimate plan indeed is to enable machines to efficiently gain knowledge, in a way where they would to be able to learn, repeat, evaluate and modify their own behaviour. Let’s hope the Judgement Day only ever happens in the movie.        

AI in Online Slots 

The moment AI showed up it was clear that the online gambling scene was about to change. Make no mistake, artificial intelligence and online slots have been sitting at the same table for years.  

The big difference, however, is the application of this technology, which is incessantly being improved minute by minute. An excellent example of the upcoming power of AI was demonstrated recently when poker-playing AI system called Deep Stack outperformed professional human players in Texas Hold’em poker.    

If AI Steps In, Will Luck Step Out?

Naturally, this question will sooner or later start to intrigue each player. When you seriously think of it, you’ll probably come up to a conclusion where it is possible that AI could partially take a bit of luck away from gambling.   

A recent study showed that AI can mathematically predict a gambler’s behaviour.

By looking out for unusual player’s behaviour, Featurespace’s machine learning system succeeded in catching players who were cheating while playing certain video games.   

The Future of Online Gambling and AI 

What could we expect in the years to come? It is already noticeable that AI has become a significant tool for both online casinos and players. Examples when artificial intelligence has been used to enhance the fairness and competitiveness of the games are more than welcome. The alter ego in that mirror is what rises as a potential issue here.

For instance, when someone playing Free Spins on online slots uses AI to gain an unfair advantage over the house or other players, that can be understood as breaking the rules and being a cheater.   

What are your thoughts on the influence of AI on online gambling? Leave your comments and impressions at our forum - we are there as usual.

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