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Teleingreso is a popular payment method available in Spain that allows users to make online purchases in-person. This is a convenient way to add funds into a casino account if the casino is a participating merchant. Currently, 20 different online casinos in our listings allow Spanish players to use Teleingreso as a method of deposit.

Using Teleingreso

If you are a resident of Spain with a Teleingreso pay point nearby, you can use the Teleingreso service to deposit at any online casino that offers it as a payment solution. Unlike many other payment processors, Teleingreso does not require that you complete any registration form or undergo any verification. Rather, allows you to make deposits quickly and easily. You can even use cash!

Depositing with Teleingreso

In order to make a deposit with Teleingreso, you'll first need to make sure that the casino of your choice accepts them as a method of payment. If they do, begin by going into the cashier in real money mode and selecting Teleingreso as your payment method. You'll be given a 9-digit code associated with your purchase. Then go to a local Teleingreso location with that code and pay with either cash or ATM card. A 1.5% fee will be assessed for the service.

Once the casino receives notification that you have paid for your 9-digit code, they will have to manually push through the deposit. Depending on the casino, this can take anywhere from 1-5 business days. We recommend you ask before you initiate a Teleingreso deposit to avoid any surprises.

Advantages of Teleingreso

The clear advantage of using Teleingreso is the fact that it enables you to make a deposit without worrying about a third-party online service. Since the transaction is conducted in-person, Teleingreso does not require that you verify your identity or complete a tedious sign-up form. All you have to do is provide the 9-digit code that is shown when you initiate the deposit, and Teleingreso takes care of the rest.

This also significantly decreases your chance of falling victim to identity theft. Since you do not have to provide any financial information online when using Teleingreso, there is no risk of your data leaking out onto the Web.

Disadvantages of Teleingreso

Although it is convenient and secure, Teleingreso does have the disadvantage of not being instant. Because the casino has to manually check each 9-digit code generated to see if the payment has been made, you may have to wait several business days before your deposit is available for use.

Furthermore, Teleingreso is only available to residents of Spain. If you do not live in Spain, or do not have a Teleingreso pay point nearby, you will need to look to alternative methods for depositing.

Lastly, Teleingreso cannot be used as a method of withdrawal. Ask the casino you are playing at about solutions that will work for your particular situation. We encourage you to talk to a support representative before you make your deposit to avoid any delays.

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