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SEB Pank is a prominent banking company in Estonia that offers a direct funds transfer service between account holders. Online casinos with an account through SEB Pank can allow Estonian players to use this transfer service to deposit. If you're interested in using this method, check out the casinos on this page.


SEB Pank is only found in Estonia; as such, you will almost certainly need to be a resident of Estonia to use this deposit method. If you do not live in Estonia, your casino may be able to do a similar kind of bank transfer instead.

Depositing with SEB Pank

Once you've determined that you can use your SEB Pank account to deposit into an online casino, find the casino's banking information. You may need to go into the cashier and fill out a form, or this information may just be posted on the casino's website. Then log into your SEB Pank account online and conduct the transfer. Make sure to let the casino know that you have sent the money. Once the casino gets receipt of the funds, your account will be manually credited.

Advantages of SEB Pank

SEB Pank is a much more cost-effective deposit method than a third-party e-wallet. If you're looking to get the most play out of your deposits by minimizing fees, SEB Pank is a good way to do it.

SEB Pank also offers you much more security than most deposit methods. Since the transfer is done completely on the highly secure SEB Pank server, you don't have to worry about disclosing any information to any third parties. This means that your sensitive financial details remain safe.

Disadvantages of SEB Pank

Unfortunately, an SEB Pank transfer is not instant. The casino must wait to receive notification of the transfer and verify that it is yours before they can credit your gaming account. This process may take 2-3 business days to complete. Ask your particular casino for more information.

SEB Pank is also severely limited in use. Only residents of Estonia with SEB Pank accounts can use the service, and only casinos that explicitly accept SEB Pank can offer the transfer service as a deposit method. If you cannot use SEB Pank for any reason but would like a similar bank transfer service, consider an international bank wire instead, or ask your casino if they are working with a bank in your jurisdiction that offers a similar service.

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