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Prepaid Gift Card Casinos 2019

A prepaid gift card is a type of payment card, generally sponsored by a major credit card brand, that is loaded with a preset amount of cash at the time of purchase. Prepaid gift cards are distinguished from other options in that they are anonymous and cannot be reloaded. If you'd like to use a prepaid gift card to deposit, check out the prepaid gift card casinos on this page.

Obtaining a Prepaid Gift Card

Although intended for use as a gift, you can just as easily buy prepaid gift cards for yourself. They are carried at numerous stores around the world and can be bought in just a few seconds with cash. Just make sure you bring enough to cover the load fee. Furthermore, note that not all gift cards are equal: some are limited to transactions within your country of residence. Make sure the gift card you choose is available for international online transactions.

Depositing with a Prepaid Gift Card

Once you've got the prepaid gift card in your hand, it's time to use it to make a deposit. Generally speaking, it can be used at any casino that supports your card's brand. For instance, if you have an American Express gift card, you should be able to deposit by logging into your casino and depositing like you would with a normal credit card. Choose “credit card” or your specific brand of card from the list of available deposit options, then fill out your card details and the amount you wish to deposit. As long as there is enough money on your card, your deposit should clear immediately.

Advantages of a Prepaid Gift Card

Prepaid gift cards, when accepted, offer an excellent level of convenience. They allow you to place funds in your account in seconds. Additionally, a prepaid gift card can be obtained without much effort at all: you don't even need a bank account.

Prepaid gift cards have another edge over many other deposit options: anonymity. When you purchase a prepaid gift card, it is not placed in your name. If you're concerned about identify theft or just want to keep your business to yourself, a prepaid gift card could be a good choice.

Disadvantages of a Prepaid Gift Card

Unfortunately, prepaid gift cards are generally more restricted than a standard credit card. Many online casinos are not able to accept them. If you're unsure if your online casino will accept a gift card, you should ask them before you spend money to get one.

Prepaid gift cards may not be a convenient choice for players who like to make frequent deposits. Since they are anonymous, they cannot be reloaded. If you run out of money on your gift card, you just have to throw it away and buy another one, as well as pay another loading fee.

Lastly, prepaid gift cards cannot be used as a method of withdrawal. If you have not decided on how you will get your money out of the casino if you win, you should look in your casino's cashier to find a method. You can contact your casino's support department if you need assistance.

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