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A money transfer is a method of sending money to someone internationally. Common providers of this service are companies like MoneyGram and Western Union. For online casino players, it is an option for adding money into an account, as well as receiving money from a casino at nearly 20 different online casinos.

Finding a Money Transfer Provider

Money transfers are conducted through third party agents. Common providers of this service are MoneyGram and Western Union, but various casinos may prefer the use of other services depending on their location. Because of this, if you are interested in using money transfer to deposit into or withdraw from an online casino, you should talk to a support representative each step of the way.

Depositing through Money Transfer

Once you've found a money transfer provider that the casino of your choice supports, you'll need to tell a support rep that you wish to conduct a deposit. They will provide you with the necessary information to do this. Make sure you record it. Then go to a local pay point for the money transfer provider, such as a MoneyGram or Western Union branch, and complete the deposit. You should receive some sort of identification number. Provide this to a support rep as soon as possible so that they can manually process the deposit.

All money transfer services charge a fee that may vary depending on the amount sent, your location, and the casino cashier's location. Make sure you bring enough money with you to cover the fee.

Withdrawing through Money Transfer

If you wish to receive a withdrawal through money transfer, you will need to provide the casino with some verifying information. You may be able to do this through the cashier when you request your withdrawal, but others may require you to do this through live chat, email, or over the phone. After your withdrawal is sent, make sure you get an identification number of some kind. You will need to provide this to the employee at that provider's local branch to receive your money.

The fee policy will vary from casino to casino. Make sure you inquire about the fees that may be taken out of your withdrawal to cover processing costs.

Advantages of Money Transfer

Money transfer's biggest perk is its anonymity. In jurisdictions where online gambling transactions are in a legal gray area, such as the United States and France, it can be an excellent way of keeping your deposits and withdrawals legally safe from various regulations.

Disadvantages of Money Transfer

Unfortunately Money Transfer is generally one of the most expensive methods of depositing and withdrawing money from casinos. Although the fees do vary from provider to provider, they are generally much higher than e-wallet equivalents.

Additionally, money transfers cannot be conducted automatically. If you send a casino money directly through a service like MoneyGram or Western Union, they will need to manually add the money into your account. This can take one or more business days to complete. To reduce the waiting time, make sure you keep in touch with casino support.

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