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MoneyGram is an international money transfer service that allows almost anyone in the world to send money anywhere. Although it is most commonly used for person-to-person transfers, some online casinos offer MoneyGram as a deposit method. Although it is slower and more expensive than most other methods, MoneyGram is one of the few options that works for virtually everyone.

Depositing with MoneyGram

If you want to conduct a MoneyGram deposit, you'll first want to contact the casino you wish to play at and let them know. This is because MoneyGram transfers are done manually, and you will need information about the casino in order to send the money. Once you get the necessary details and inform the casino about how much you want to deposit, you can then send the money.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be able to send the money using your credit card or bank account online at If you are not able to do this, or if you would prefer paying in cash, you'll need to go to your local MoneyGram agent and have them conduct the money transfer instead.

Once you send the money, MoneyGram should provide you with a reference number. You will need to contact the casino's finance department or a support representative and tell them this number in order to complete the deposit. They should then tell you approximately how long it will take for your funds to be available for play.

Withdrawing Through MoneyGram

Some online casinos will allow you to withdraw through MoneyGram under certain circumstances. If you choose to receive money from the casino this way, you'll probably need to provide the casino with some basic information. Once they process the withdrawal, you should be given a reference number that you can use to retrieve your money from your local MoneyGram agent.

Advantages of MoneyGram

MoneyGram is one of the few payment methods that works for almost every situation. Regardless of where you live, what currency you use, or even whether or not you have a credit card, you can use MoneyGram to send money to and from any online casino that lists it as an available method.

Disadvantages of MoneyGram

The first downside to using MoneyGram to deposit into or withdraw from an online casino is the fact that it is processed manually. Unlike other payment methods that are integrated directly into the casino server, MoneyGram requires both the player and the casino to do the necessary steps themselves.

MoneyGram is also more expensive than most other banking methods. The fee charged will vary based on location, payment method, and amount sent, but it is almost always more expensive than it would be using a faster online payment service.

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