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Lottomaticard is a prepaid Visa card developed by Lottomatica, an Italian gaming site. Although it is most well known as a method to fund a Lottomatica account, a Lottomaticard can be used to fund a number of different online casinos. If you'd like to use a Lottomaticard to make deposits, you can do so by using the casino's “Visa” or “Visa Electron” deposit method. This page offers some Lottomaticard casinos for you to choose from.

Obtaining a Lottomaticard

Lottomaticards are only available to residents of Italy. If you are a resident, you can get a Lottomaticard through one of three methods:

  • In-store – Visit a store that offers Lottomaticard products and load it with cash at the register.
  • Online-to-store – Fill out an online form on the Lottomaticard website and pick up the card at a participating store.
  • Online-to-home – Fill out an online form on the Lottomaticard website to have the card sent to your home address.

If you already have an account with Lottomatica, the online form for the store or home delivery methods will be automatically filled out if you log in first.

If you do not live in Italy, you'll need to find an alternative method for funding an online casino. Thankfully, there are similar prepaid cards available in other jurisdictions. We advise you to ask your casino's support team for assistance, or visit a gambling forum for tips from other players.

Depositing with Lottomaticard

Once you have a Lottomaticard, you can use it to make deposits at a participating online casino. First, you'll need to load your card with money. The most convenient method is to make a cash deposit at any store or Pago ATM that participates in the Lottomaticard program. If you cannot find a location, you can also send a wire transfer to Lottomaticard and have your card credited with funds manually in a few business days. Visit the Lottomaticard website for full details.

Once the funds are on your card, you can deposit in just a few seconds. Log into the casino of your choice and visit the cashier. Find the “credit card” or “Visa” option from the list of available deposit methods, then fill out your card details and the amount you would like to deposit. If there are enough funds on your account, your balance will be credited instantly.

Advantages of Lottomaticard

Lottomaticard is as convenient as a conventional credit card for making deposits into online casinos. All you need are the card details and a sufficient amount of money loaded on the card. All deposits will be cleared instantly.

Lottomaticard also offers more protection than a standard credit card. If your card information is stolen, an identity thief can only use the funds you have loaded on it. Lottomaticard can also instantly deactivate the card.

Disadvantages of Lottomaticard

Unfortunately, Lottomaticard has very limited availability. Only residents of Italy can use the card. If you do not live in Italy but would like to use a prepaid card to deposit, check out options available for your country instead.

Lottomaticard cannot generally be used as a withdrawal method. You should figure out how you will withdraw your winnings before you make a deposit. A quick chat with a casino support representative can make this decision a lot easier and save you time in the long run.

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