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Fast Bank Transfer Casinos 2019

A fast bank transfer is a special type of bank transfer where funds can usually be sent from an account to another within one business day. For online casino players at 15 of our listed casinos, a fast bank transfer is a viable deposit option, although its implementation may vary from casino to casino.

Setting up Fast Bank Transfer

In order for you to use a fast bank transfer to deposit at an online casino, you'll first need to establish a bank account. See if your current bank account is supported by the casino's system by asking a support representative. Depending on which countries the casino focuses on, this can vary widely. Some casinos may be able to use a system that works for virtually any institution, while others may be specific to certain locales.

If you find that your bank is not supported by the casino's fast bank transfer method, you will need to look into other options to deposit. You may still be able to use your bank account to do a standard bank transfer or international wire.

Depositing with Fast Bank Transfer

Once you've established that you can use your bank account to do a fast bank transfer, log into the casino of your choice in real money mode. Go to the “account” or “cashier” section of the software, then choose the casino's fast bank transfer service from the list of available options. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and follow the instructions for their specific system to complete the transfer.

To avoid any confusion, we recommend that you ask how fast the transfer will be. Some casinos may be able to credit your account instantly, where others may take one full business day or more to clear the funds. As always, it is best to get a definitive answer before you deposit.

Advantages of Fast Bank Transfer

The main advantage of a fast bank transfer, of course, is its speed. Compared with a typical wire transfer, a fast bank transfer can take several fewer business days to complete. If you've got an itch to gamble and don't want to go through the hassle of signing up with a third party or using your credit card, a fast bank transfer could be the right option for you.

Disadvantages of Fast Bank Transfer

Unfortunately how a fast bank transfer actually works can vary from casino to casino. It's difficult to predict how quick the bank transfer will be at any given casino. You can, however, eliminate most of this uncertainty by checking with a support rep before you make your deposit.

If you wish to withdraw back to your bank account, you will likely not be able to use the fast bank transfer method due to the additional verification that needs to be completed. This is done to ensure that fraudsters don't end up with your money. Almost all casinos do, however, offer some sort of bank transfer method, such as a wire or region-specific bank transfer.

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