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Eurocard is a brand of credit card available in Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Although it used to be a completely separate entity, Eurocard has merged with MasterCard Worldwide in order to increase its availability at participating merchants. Eurocard is a good choice for online casino players in eligible jurisdictions to deposit instantly at any online casino that accepts MasterCard.

How to Obtain a Eurocard

Like all credit cards, a Eurocard can only be obtained by opening up an account with a bank or financial institution that offers a Eurocard product. If you live in a country where Eurocard still maintains a presence, visit a local bank, check online financial sites, or look out for offers in the mail to open a card. Once you complete the necessary paperwork and await the verification period, your card should be mailed to you for immediate use.

Depositing with Eurocard

To use your Eurocard to add funds into an online casino, make sure your casino of choice states that they accept MasterCard or Eurocard on their website. Then log into the casino for real money play and choose “Eurocard”, “MasterCard”, or “credit card” from the list of available options. Enter your card information and the amount you'd like to deposit. The funds will be ready for play immediately.

Advantages of Eurocard

Eurocard, like all major credit cards, has the advantage of convenience. Unlike online banking services that require you to provide additional verification information and wait out a processing period, Eurocard allows you to deposit immediately. Once you have the card in your hands, you can charge it instantly.

Eurocard also gives you flexibility. You don't need to worry about having the exact amount of your deposit available in an account since Eurocard uses a revolving line of credit. When you deposit, Eurocard pays for it; you just pay them back at your own convenience.

Disadvantages of Eurocard

Unfortunately Eurocard does not offer the security of most other deposit methods. In order to protect your card information, you'll have to rely on the casino's and your own security technology. Keep your firewalls up to date and scan your system regularly for malware to prevent unauthorized access to your details.

Eurocard is generally not a withdrawal method at online casinos. If you intend to use your Eurocard to make a deposit, you should first figure out how you will take your cash out in the event that you win. If you are unsure on how to start, contact one of the support representatives at your casino of choice to help you make an informed decision.

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