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Elba - Deposit Casino Methods

ELBA (ELectronic BAnking) is an online payment service offered by Raiffeisen, one of the largest banks in Austria. With this service, bank members can send funds directly to another member or a company with a Raiffeisen account. A select few online casinos accept Raiffeisen ELBA as a deposit method. If you'd like to use ELBA to deposit, check out the casinos listed on this page.


ELBA is only available to Austrian residents who hold an account with Raiffeisen. If you do not have a Raiffeisen account, you will need to consider a different deposit method. Some online casinos offer similar services for residents of different countries. Ask your chosen online casino for more information.

Depositing with ELBA

The procedure for depositing with ELBA may vary among casinos. In general, you will need to get specific information from the casino about where to send the payment. Once you have this information, log into your online Raiffeisen account and send the money using the details you were given. If you are unsure on exactly what to do, talk to a customer representative at your casino for more specific details.

Although the transfer is instant, the online casino will need to verify that you have sent the money before they can credit your casino account. The amount of time this takes will vary based on numerous factors, so it's best to ask the casino before depositing to get information regarding your particular account.

Advantages of ELBA

ELBA is provided by one of the largest banking institutions in Austria, Raiffeisen. For players looking for a reliable deposit method, ELBA can be a good choice. You don't need to worry about filling out an online verification form or submitting credit card information when you make an ELBA payment. As long as your information is up-to-date with Raiffeisen, you simply have to log in with your bank information and send the payment. You don't even have to disclose your financial information to the online casino.

ELBA is also much cheaper than most e-wallets and other bank transfer solutions. If you're looking to stretch your gambling deposit so that you get the most play time for your money, ELBA can be a cost-effective choice.

Disadvantages of ELBA

Unfortunately, ELBA has very limited availability. If you are not a resident of Austria, you cannot open up a Raiffeisen account that is necessary to use the ELBA service. Additionally, only online casinos that explicitly support ELBA can accept payments through this service. However, similar services exist for other countries and other banks – check the banking section of your online casino for details.

ELBA also suffers from the fact that it is not instant. The exact time it takes the casino to process your deposit and manually credit your account will vary. We recommend talking to a representative at your casino before making an ELBA deposit to get a more accurate timeframe of when your deposit will be available for play.

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