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DineroMail Casinos 2019 | Casinos Accepting DineroMail

DineroMail is a group of online payment options provided for residents of Latin America. This payment option enables players in Latin American countries to add funds to their Neteller e-wallets securely and safely, or deposit directly at 10 of our listed online casinos.

Using DineroMail

Only a select few online casinos support DineroMail directly. If you do not see the DineroMail logo on a casino's website, you will need to create an account with Neteller. Creating an account with Neteller only takes a few minutes and can be done directly through the official Neteller website. Once you're set up, you can begin adding funds through any of the DineroMail payment methods.

To start, go to the DineroMail website, choose your country of residence, and create your account. During this time, you will learn which specific option will work best for you and how you can use it to add funds to your Neteller or casino account.

Adding Funds Through DineroMail

In order to add money to your Neteller account with DineroMail, log into your Neteller e-wallet and choose “DineroMail” from the list of funding options. You will then be prompted to complete the transaction through the DineroMail website. Then choose how you'd like to add funds and how much you would like to add.

If you're depositing directly into an online casino, the procedure should be almost exactly the same. In both instances, the transaction will likely not clear instantly. Expect a delay of 1-5 business days before your money is available for play.

Advantages of DineroMail

DineroMail is one of the most flexible deposit options for players in Latin America. By using DineroMail, you can deposit directly into about 10 casinos that directly support it, but also at any of the dozens of casinos that offer Neteller.

DineroMail is also more secure than credit cards or other conventional deposit methods. Since you only provide your payment information directly to DineroMail, you do not run the risk of getting it leaked out onto the Internet.

Disadvantages of DineroMail

Unfortunately, DineroMail is not a fast method of depositing into online casinos. Transactions do not generally clear instantly. Neteller states that any DineroMail deposits will take between 1 and 5 business days to clear. This figure may be different with direct-to-casino deposits.

DineroMail may also be costly to use. The company charges a 15% commission for Neteller deposits, so only use the service if you are willing to pay the fee. If you are not using Neteller, make sure to contact the casino you're playing at to discuss what fees may be incurred through a DineroMail deposit.

Lastly, DineroMail is not currently set up to handle withdrawals. However, if you are using Neteller as your DineroMail gateway, you can withdraw directly back to Neteller, often at no charge. Contact the casino you are playing at for more information about cashout options.

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