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Cash Transfer - Deposit Casino Methods

A cash transfer is a transaction where money is exchanged directly from one party to another. In the world of online gambling, cash transfers are one method of depositing into and withdrawing from an online casino without the use of a credit card. Cash transfers are accepted at a large number of casinos through a number of different service providers.

Depositing via Cash Transfer

To add funds into an online casino through cash transfer, you'll need to contact a support representative. You should be given instructions about which service provider you will need to use, as well as what details you will need to provide to conduct the transfer. In most cases, this will include a name and address, but other information may be required.

Once you have the information you need, visit your local service provider for the chosen cash transfer company. Use the information provided by the casino to fill out the form, then present the transfer agent with the necessary cash for the deposit and processing fee. The agent will transfer the money and likely give you a receipt number. If you do, furnish this to the casino so they can be on the lookout for your money. Once the casino receives confirmation of the funds, they will be deposited in your account.

Withdrawing with Cash Transfer

To withdraw from an online casino account with a cash transfer, you'll need to provide the casino with your own personal details. They will verify this, then contact their local cash transfer company to send the money. Your withdrawal may be reduced by any processing fees; contact the casino's support department to find out which fees you may be assessed.

After the casino sends the payment, you should be given a receipt number of some kind for the transfer. Present this, along with any necessary identification, to your local agent for the chosen cash transfer company, to receive your cash payment.

Advantages of Cash Transfer

Because you do not have to provide any credit card information or identifying information to an online e-wallet service, cash transfer is certainly one of the most secure methods for banking with an online casino. Although online casinos generally employ the latest security technology, choosing cash transfer completely eliminates the risk in depositing and withdrawing.

Cash transfers are also nice because they are done solely with cash. If you're concerned with your bank observing your transactions, cash transfers are an efficient way of keeping your online gambling transactions private.

Disadvantages of Cash Transfer

Unfortunately, cash transfer is not an instant banking method. When either you or the casino provides the cash transfer company with the money, payment processing takes some time. We recommend that you keep an open line of communication with the casino to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Cash transfers are generally one of the most expensive deposit and withdrawal methods as well. For this reason, they should only be used if you have a particular need for cash transfer services, such as limited banking options, no credit card, or privacy.

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