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CartaSi is a Web-based credit card company that allows residents of Italy to obtain both regular and prepaid credit cards that can be used for various online purchases. For online gamblers, both services are a convenient way to deposit money into your account without having to provide primary bank account information. CartaSi is explicitly accepted at nearly 20 different online casinos in our listings, but CartaSi cards should work at virtually all online casinos.

Getting a CartaSi Card

If you are interested in a CartiSi credit card, you can complete the application process online. The only requirements are that you are a resident of Italy with a bank account at any of the banks affiliated with CartaSi. When you fill out your application online, you'll provide identification information, as well as information about the bank account you'd like to link to the card.

If you would like a more secure approach, consider the CartaSi prepaid card. This allows you to set limits on how much is on your card and does not require constant linking to a bank account. For more information, visit any local bank that features CartaSi.

Depositing with CartaSi

CartaSi is designed to be as easy as possible to use. When you log into the casino of your choice, select “credit card” or equivalent from the list of choices in the cashier. Then enter the necessary information as shown on your card. Choose how much you want to deposit, then process the payment. Funds should be available instantly.

Advantages of CartaSi

Like all credit card solutions, CartaSi is remarkably convenient. Once you have the card in hand, all you have to do is log into the casino and make the deposit. There is no need to register at a third-party site or load a virtual wallet, which can save you plenty of time and hassle.

Additionally, CartaSi is much more secure than a conventional credit card. Although the prepaid card solution is the most secure since it does not allow you to overdraft, the CartaSi credit card is fairly safe as well. Since you can choose which bank account you link it to, you can keep it away from your primary account to greatly reduce the risk of identity theft.

Disadvantages of CartaSi

Although CartaSi is secure, it is not completely secure. Because you still have to send your credit card information over the Web each time you make a deposit, there is a risk that it will leak out. This is generally nothing to be worried about since most casinos use both SSL encryption and an enterprise-level firewall. Just make sure you regularly scan your own computer for viruses and other malware to avoid any security breaches on your end.

The application process will take some time. When you sign up for a CartaSi account, you will need to wait several business days for the company to verify your identity and send you your card. However, once you get your card, depositing will literally only take a few seconds.

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