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Bank Transfer Express is a special kind of bank transfer used by online casinos that allows for same-day processing. Currently, this technology is only available for players in the United Kingdom who play at UK-based online casinos. Online casinos that offer Bank Transfer Express can be seen on this page.

Depositing with Bank Transfer Express

Bank Transfer Express uses the UK's CHAPS banking protocol. Specific instructions to deposit with Bank Transfer Express vary from casino to casino. Begin by logging into your casino of choice, going into the cashier, and finding “Bank Transfer Express” or “Express Bank Transfer” from the list of available options.

You will be provided with your casino's bank details. You may be prompted to include a specific reference number in your transaction or deposit an odd amount to help the casino identify your transfer. Once you have the information, go to your bank's website, call your bank's phone number, or visit your local bank branch to conduct the deposit. A fee will likely be assessed by your bank for this service.

Once the casino receives your payment and verifies that it belongs to your account, your casino balance will be updated manually. If you have any questions about your casino's instructions, consult a help representative before trying to send the money.

Withdrawing via Bank Transfer Express

Bank Transfer Express may be available for a withdrawal method at your online casino if you live in the UK. Typically, it will be lumped in with the general “bank transfer” cashout method. Simply enter your bank details on the page and opt for “Same-day processing” or “Express Processing”. Your casino will then send a Bank Transfer Express payment to your bank account within 24 hours. Check the cashier for any applicable fees.

Advantages of Bank Transfer Express

Bank Transfer Express is one of the few ways that allow players to get money to and from an online casino directly within 24 hours. It eliminates the need for a third-party service to move money, which is nice for players who are interested in keeping their details as private as possible.

The Bank Transfer Express service conveniently allows for both deposits and withdrawals. If a casino offers it as a payment option, there is a good chance that it is also available for cashing out money as well.

Disadvantages of Bank Transfer Express

The expedited processing time provided by Bank Transfer Express is not fee. For deposits, your bank will assess a fee; for withdrawals, the casino you chose will typically reduce your cashout by the fee amount. Fees vary from bank to bank and from casino to casino, so consult both before deciding on Bank Transfer Express.

Unfortunately, Bank Transfer Express is only available to players within the United Kingdom who play at UK-based casinos. Most jurisdictions do feature local bank transfer services, but processing times vary.

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