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Abaqoos Casinos 2019 | Online Casinos Accepting Abaqoos

Abaqoos is an online payment system based in Hungary that can be used by online casino players to fund their accounts. Unlike most online payment services, Abaqoos actually gives you the ability to deposit with cash. The system is currently accepted at over 30 of our listed online casinos and is one of the most convenient ways for Hungarian players to deposit.

Starting up with Abaqoos

Abaqoos revolves around a voucher system. When you first register your Abaqoos account, you will be given a unique voucher. You then have two methods by which you can fund the voucher.

The first and most convenient method is bank transfer. You can use this method if you have an account at one of these eight banks:

  • Budapest Bank
  • CIB Bank
  • Erste Bank
  • K&H Bank
  • MKB Bank
  • OTP Bank
  • Unicredit Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank

To conduct a bank transfer to your Abaqoos voucher, look on the Abaqoos website and find the account they have at your bank. Then contact your bank and provide them with the necessary information to conduct the transfer. Make sure to have the bank officer include your username in the notice section of the transfer. In most cases, you will have the money on your voucher within 1 business day.

You can also withdraw money from your Abaqoos voucher to your bank account.

Alternatively, you can fund your Abaqoos voucher with cash by visiting your local Hungarian Post Office or any of the local bank branches listed above. You will just need to provide the worker with Abaqoos's account information located on the website.

Depositing with Abaqoos

Once you have money loaded on your voucher, you can quickly deposit into any of the online casinos that accept it. Log into your casino account, load the cashier, and choose Abaqoos from the list of available options. Then just enter the necessary information along with the amount you want to deposit. You do not have to deposit all of the money on your voucher at once.

Advantages of Abaqoos

Abaqoos, like most online payment processors, gives you an extra shield of security that credit cards and direct bank transfers to casinos do not. Since you do not have to enter any of your financial information online at any point, you do not run the risk of getting your accounts compromised.

Furthermore, Abaqoos does not generally require that you complete any complex verification process.

Disadvantages of Abaqoos

Although it is highly convenient, Abaqoos is not instant. You will generally have to wait one full business day for funds to be available on your voucher. Compared to e-wallet solutions that allow for instant credit card or bank deposits, this is quite a bit slower.

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