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1-Pay Casinos - Deposit Casino Methods

1-Pay is an e-wallet service provided by Neteller for online casino players primarily in Taiwan. Like most gaming e-wallets, 1-Pay allows users to upload funds into their 1-Pay accounts and use them to deposit into online casinos, as well as cash out of online casinos and withdraw funds into virtually any Taiwanese bank account. Currently, nearly a dozen listed online casinos support 1-Pay.

Depositing into 1-Pay

Before you can use 1-Pay to play at an online casino, you must create and fund your account. You can open up a 1-Pay account by going to their website and filling out the necessary infromation on their registration page. Once your account is created, you can begin adding funds. 1-Pay currently offers two deposit methods: bank debit card and net bar cash deposits. Both of these are free of charge from 1-Pay, but net bars may charge processing fees of their own.

Using 1-Pay to Play at Online Casinos

Once you have funds in your 1-Pay account, you can use them to deposit into any of our listed 1-Pay online casinos. First log into the casino account you're interested in playing with, then go to the cashier or account section of the lobby. Choose “1-Pay” from the list of available deposit options and enter your account information and the amount you would like to deposit. Your money should be available for play immediately.

Withdrawing with 1-Pay

Most online casinos that support 1-Pay for deposits also allow you to withdraw your winnings back to 1-Pay. These are generally free of charge and are usually processed within 24 hours. You can then withdraw your money from your 1-Pay e-wallet through a direct bank transfer, which generally clears between 3 and 5 business days.

Advantages of 1-Pay

As far as e-wallets go, 1-Pay is one of the most inexpensive around. In fact, 1-Pay does not charge any fees to players; their revenue comes strictly from the casinos. If you're a Taiwanese player looking to stretch your gambling budget as far as possible, 1-Pay is one of the best deposit and withdrawal options around.

1-Pay is also remarkably secure compared to credit cards and other deposit methods. Since you're only allowed to deposit what you have in your account, you don't run the risk of getting scammed money. If you opt to add funds to your 1-Pay e-wallet via debit card, you only have to provide your information once. This is much safer than providing your card information over and over again to make each deposit directly.

Disadvantages of 1-Pay

The only main disadvantage of 1-Pay is the fact that its availability is so limited. Although it was once accepted for Chinese players, the company has decided to stop operations there for the time being. As such, 1-Pay is generally only an option if you are a resident of Taiwan. If you are not, you may want to look into 1-Pay's parent company, Neteller, instead.

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