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Craps Rules

Craps Rules

Walk into any casino and a Craps table looks like the fun and exciting place to be. However, a beginner may become overwhelmed. It may seem confusing but in actuality it is easier to play than it looks. The game of Craps involves two dice. This makes the possible numbers rolled a 2 through 12. It may seem confusing when you look at a Craps table because of the many different bets taking place. And also the layout of the table makes both ends a mirror of each other. This allows more players to participate.
The essential way to play is you place a basic Craps bet which is placing a wager that the person who rolls the dice will roll the number you need to win. The game of Craps is different than other Casino Games because you are hoping the other players will roll what you need to win.

A Pass Line bet is the basic bet in Craps. The bet is made by placing chips on the area marked "Pass Line". To determine whether you win or lose the person shooting the dice may roll more than once. This is because the Pass Line bet is a series bet. During the series the first roll is called the come-out roll and is different than other rolls in the series.

During the Come-Out roll an automatic Pass Line winner will occur when a 7 or 11 are rolled. This would be a one roll series. A 2, 3 or 12 are automatic Pass Line losers and the series will end. These numbers are also known as Craps. If a 4,5,6,8,9,10 are rolled the number becomes the shooterís point and the series will go on. If the series continues the object is for the shooter to roll their point number before they roll a 7. If a 7 comes up the Pass Line bets lose and the series will end. If the point is rolled the Pass Line bets win and the series ends. If another number that is not a 7 or the point number then the shooter continues to roll.

There are certain things that will take place during game play that beginners need to know. The dealer uses a disk called a buck that looks similar to a hockey puck. It is black on one side and white on the other. When the shooter has made a point the buck will be placed on that point number white side up. When no point has been made the buck will stay on black and off to the side. When the buck is on black that is when you can place a Pass Line bet. Some casinos however may let you bet at any time so be sure to ask the dealer. Also if you need more chips you will need to lay your money down in front of the dealer. Make sure you do not hand money directly to the dealer and always keep it from interfering from the dice rolling. Once a Pass Line bet has been made it cannot be removed.

With dice rolling, players will take turns being the shooter. The dice will change hands in a clockwise direction. You can pass if you would like but you might want to try, you may have good luck. Also when it is your turn to be the shooter you will be passed four to six dice from the ìstick manî and you must pick two dice and he will take the rest. You must always use one hand when handling the dice. The dealer will think you may be switching dice if you use both hands and they will make you re-select from new dice. To produce a valid roll the dice must reach the end wall and bounce back. You must also have laid a Pass Line bet to be able to shoot the dice.

These are just a few basic rules and regulations in the game of Craps. Be sure you always check with the Online Casino you are playing for any rules that may be different. As I said before the game of Craps is not as hard as it seems. If you just learn the correct way to play the game and with a little luck you will be on your way to winning in no time.

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