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As part of the infamous Virtual Group, this casino has a longstanding reputation of extremely slow payments. Players are still being paid, but the withdrawal process is known to take several months for many.

Wild Vegas Casino


Not recommended Casino

Casino complaints range from slow payment to complete void of winnings. Reports of poor customer service. It is marketed by the infamous Virtual Casino Group well known for being rouge and are notorious for voiding player winnings.


Wild Vegas Casino Reviews by Players


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Wild Vegas Casino, another member of the notorious gang called the Virtual Casino group. With true honesty I believe these ugly casinos...ugly, as in giving very poor services need to be wiped out of the map because it pisses off a lot of people who want to make a drastic change in their lives by gambling, next thing they know they take that hope away from us, leaving us with regrets and an big hole in our pockets. This is what I experienced because I fell a fool to this RTG casino.

I had a liking for the match of 350% seeing is how this is close to the definition of "Wild" in this casino. I was close to meeting half way on my balance of $35 deposit + $122.50 slowly betting 3 coins watching my balance cautiously keeping my eyes glued to my balance if it lowers to 1/2. Two days passed for my balance so when I logged in for a third time I was locked out. That's odd? For what reasonable grounds?

I immediately investigated with support. They were saying I was cheating during my bets. I never cheated, all I had done is continuously bet 3 coins on slots each time as an honest person would. I followed the rules & everything. I tried reasoning with them about trying to reopen my account but they stubbornly stuck with their story. Most honest casinos will reconsider reopening accounts if they asked for verification documents but here they don't give you a chance! If the world took these "uncalled for" online casinos out of the nice picture along with half of the odds against us during gameplay or through a bunch of playthrough when meeting a bonus then we will have a much better chance at walking out much more than a cool smile, eyes that saw something unbelievably golden and money that will impact our lives in a small to huge way depending on how much we can find in a random treasure chest based on our luck.

It's a game of chance however here at Wild Vegas chances don't exist! Well, that's my $35 forked over to them without issuing me a refund so if you want my opinion RUN as if two doberman dogs were chasing you from behind to try to bite you viciously with their slobbering mouths in the #ss. My ranking for this casino...........ZERO! Don't go coming here people or you'll lose out!
I knew they are had a lot of problems with the pay outs but the offered a free money chance so I decided to check out the promotion and after that I made an account and try them out.

They offered 65 dollar no deposit bonus if I enter the special code what are provided to the That bonus is only for keno and slot so if you play with video poker you winnings will be voided, so be careful with it. The wagering requirements of this promotion is thirty times and the max cash out from this promotion is 100 dollar, verification deposit aren’t needed.

I saw they had a lot of unclosed complaint too but I didn’t give up and visited they web site.

They had a basic page and no was to promising for me. Finally I downloaded the casino and after a short registration I went to the cashier. I entered my no deposit code to the redeem coupon section and I successfully claimed it.

I seek some slot than I found out to play with the three stooges, I raised the limit to 1 dollar then I started to play. This is a weird slot I think, it can be hide any free spins for hours then it gives in a row, so it can surprise the players. In my game play I get the free spins finally, and after I collected 76 dollar from it I raised the bet again to 2 $. When the stake are grown my balance is started to go down and I didn’t get the free spins until I reached the 50 dollar and I leaved it. I picked the hockey hero with 1 $ bets.

Unfortunately or maybe not, I lost my whole balance and wasn’t able to withdraw, but what I said maybe that was luck and I can left them casino without any anger.
Thank you!
Icymod 758 reviews
Wild Vegas one of the casinos belonging to "The Virtual Casino Group". As always they are one of many casinos that do not deliver payouts in most cases and they are branded as one of the worst casinos to play on.

Back in 2007 I joined Wild Vegas created an account for Real Money and claimed one of their no deposit bonuses of $75 with 25x wagering requirements. This resulted in $75 x 25x = $1875 needed to make a withdrawal.

As I played my entire bonus on two Real Series Slots Aztec treasure and Crystal Waters. What I expected from both these Real Series slots are to pay in small and moderately high amounts. It turns out they failed to provide me the results I expected to land.

I just did not find this casino to be the best because everything about it isn't worth going through. You have video slots that do not pay up, you have support that is both rude and unresponsive (it took me 3 calls and multiple delays to reach them) and lastly you have a casino just waiting for mice (us in example) to bite into a cheese armed mouse trap.

Once we took the bait, Snap! This was the case when I transferred funds in 2007. I was still new in the casino world and I did not know rogued casinos existed. I was a fool to fall into a trap. My $150 will never be withdrawn and my account is non-existent anymore.

The best way to avoid casinos such as Wild Vegas is to look them up on a search engine like google while putting the word "Rogue" or "Blacklisted" at the end. I'm sure you will find something that will raise red flags for you! As for me I did not know what rogued was until I got over them, had knowledge to stay away from them and searched them up before deciding to make a deposit! I learned my lesson in 2007. It's just too bad I'll never get back what I lost! A 0 out of 10 for Wild Vegas because they do not pay!
This is the ideal name for this casino. Las Vegas itself is a place that is indeed wild, and full of casinos and gambling, but that is not the reason I say this is the ideal name for this casino. There is an old saying, what happens in Vegas in Stays in Vegas, well whatever money you deposit win or lose will stay with Wild Vegas Casino. Another trademark about Las Vegas is the fact you can meet someone and get married in one of many chapels, then not to long after, realize that you made a BIG MISTAKE, the same goes for Wild Vegas casino. In Las Vegas there are a lot of imitators, you get Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, any of the Rat Pack, and a whole slew of imitators down in Las Vegas, it just so happens that Wild Vegas Casino is a good imitation of a real casino. In Las Vegas and I believe this is one of the only places in America that it’s legal, but prostitution is legal, so just like when your down playing in Las Vegas, the same thing will happen in Wild Vegas, you will leave both places spending money to get F***ed. Finally the golden rule and I had previously mentioned this, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, just like if you read other peoples warnings and decided to deposit money here, and never saw it again, you probably won’t be telling anyone about that, anytime soon. So yes the name Wild Vegas is fitting.

They are a part of the “Wild West Gang” of RTG casinos that will take your money and leave you angry, depressed confused, and flat out robbed. A tip for all of those who think that those casinos who give away $50 each month are legit, think again. The reason they do that is so that if you do win, they can say you used two free chips in a row without depositing, and won’t pay you. Believe me when I tell you, they aren’t giving you that money out of the kindness of their hearts, it’s strategically placed in front of you so you use it, and violate their stupid policy.

On my next review on this set of casinos, I will explain in depth more, why they do this. I played here on two occasions, both times I never won anything of substance, but to be honest I won as much as if I had hit a random jackpot if you get what I am saying.

This falls under the stay far far away category.

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