Blacklisted: AskGamblers have been notified that Bovada casino is operating without a valid licence issued by a regulated authority. As a result we issued an official warning hoping that the operator will manage to solve the issue. Unfortunately, months afterwards, the casino is still operating without a valid licence which basically means zero protection for players in case of a problem with the operator and that is why Bovada is being added to our blacklist. Please try these instead:

Bovada Casino


Bovada Casino is an online casino derived from Bodog Casino, one of the largest brands in the Internet gaming world. The casino's licence by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been terminated.


Bovada Casino features proprietary games that are also featured on their sister casino, Bodog. Some have been derived from Real Time Gaming software, but an increasing number of the games are completely original. Their library of video slots boasts over 20 titles, with the most popular games including Reel Blood, Witches & Wizard, and Cleopatra's Gold. However, those looking for a classic-style game are limited to a much smaller variety.

Those who enjoy table games have plenty to do at Bovada Casino. They currently offer 4 different blackjack games, 2 variants of roulette, as well as craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let 'Em Ride, baccarat, Three Card Rummy, and others. Each game uses top-notch graphics and can be played with virtually any size of bet.

Video poker players have plenty to enjoy at Bovada Casino as well. They offer a total of 17 different video poker variants to appease any type of video poker lover. Whether you're interested in traditional variations like Jacks or Better and Joker Poker or are looking for more extreme games such as Bonus Deuces Wild, Bovada Casino will likely have what you want. Unfortunately their multi-hand video poker selection is limited, however.


Since its inception, Bovada Casino has maintained the same level of customer support that made the Bodog brand so successful. Players with any type of issue may contact the support department 24/7 through the online live chat feature. With just a single click, you can get in touch with a representative in a matter of seconds. Bovada Casino also accepts inquiries through an online contact form, where players will get a response via email within a few hours in most cases. If you'd prefer to speak over the phone, Bovada may also be reached via a toll-free telephone number.

Security and Fairness

The Internet can be a dangerous place, so Bovada Casino has put into place several protocols to make their players completely secure. First and foremost, the transmission of any personal or sensitive data is safeguarded with 128-bit SSL encryption, which prevents anyone from accessing your information. Bovada Casino's privacy policy also guarantees that they will never sell or give out your information to any third parties.

Genuine randomness should be something that all online casinos offer. Although Bovada Casino has apparently given sufficient proof to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, they do not currently have any third-party audit seals posted on their website. Nonetheless, these are the same games that have been verified at the Bodog website, and we have no doubt that they are fair.


  • Large number of proprietary slots, table games, and video pokers
  • Derived from the famous Bodog brand
  • 24/7 support via live chat, email contact form, and toll-free US phone
  • Protected with 128-bit SSL encryption


  • Very few classic reel games and multi-hand video pokers
  • No third-party randomness audit seals on the website


Bovada Casino Reviews by Players


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Neverontym 4 reviews
United States
The game variety is good. Lots of different options. I don't wager on sports...just slots and blackjack.
The odds of Winning are too low. Blackjack is completely bogus and no way honest fair play. I average less than a 10% win rate in blackjack on their site which is ridiculous. In over one year of play and thousands of dollars, not one withdrawal. Just closed my account since this has only gotten worse over the last 6 months.
DawgPrnice 1 review
United States
Forget them.With the way they do their bonus' vs. cash you will never be able to actually withdraw your money. Every loss is taken from your cash, every win is added only to your bonus; a bonus that you can't actually withdraw. If you lose a bet it's subtracted from your actual cash.If you win it's paid as a non-withdrawable bonus. Scam. It's worse than a sharecropper system.
sillyhooker 4 reviews
United States
The ratings here make no sense. I play a lot, many different places, and this is my favorite site in terms of sportsbook and getting paid in a hurry. Seems a lot of negative reviews are from people with 1-2 reviews that sign up to these sites merely to vent about losing, which is stupid. Stop bashing good casinos because you lose, just don't gamble anymore.

Of course people may have charts of sessions that show losing, it happens. I have gone into a live casino and lost 18 hands of blackjack in a row. The odds are astonishingly low to be so unfortunate, but it's part of gambling. I didn't look for some conspiracy or bash the dealer/casino on my way out, that would be simple minded and arrogant. I left only mad at myself for expecting to go in and win every time. I do not claim to keep track of every spin, but I do keep track of my $$ i/o everywhere I play and with about a 1/4 million played through over the last few years I am just over even (about 1k) with Bovada, obviously not including poker - back when they had it. (however personally I have a better i/o flow with their sister sites)

TLDR- Absolutely unmatched customer service and payout speed.
They just updated their bonus system, which is nice, but if I had to come up with a con it would be the lack of a smaller bonus that has unlimited redemption. They do have a 100% bonus 2x a week, but most casinos offer some 10-30% you can redeem infinitely, at least for BTC - those, 5$ transaction charges nowadays are getting pricey.

TLDR- Wish they had a small bonus with unlimited redemption (similar to their sister sites) for the purpose of smaller btc deposits.
chocolate4444 1 review
United States
I like all the gambling options. I won a couple hundred bucks playing their slots,betting $1 USD a spin. Very honest games, didnt feel like I was being ripped off! As a US avid gambler I will be playing Bovada AGAIN!!!!
I had to get cashed out through Bitcoin, thats not Bovada's fault (its our state laws), I just wanted a checked mailed to me, but I'll live.
Enterprise2291 2 reviews
United States
I used to love this casino brand. Not anymore. Simple enough to deposit money. Might as well never try to withdraw though. It'll take a while.
I am a seasoned gambler. I've been playing at online casinos for nearly a decade. I know how things go. You will have more lossing sessions than you have winning sessions most of the time. (Playing slots)
However, the past 6-9 months at bovada, ignition casino, and cafe casino (all owned by the same group) they have been absolute garbage. I am not stupid when it comes to the way I play. I have been logging each of my sessions for each game I've played and the results are absurd. An average RTP of less then 50% on most of the games? Come on. We know we are going to lose. But that's overkill. And it seems as if this has all really ramped up ever since the gaming commission license was not renewed. So go figure. No one is watching. lets just take advantage of all of our loyal customers and screw them over. Get lost. These casinos have seen the last of my money. Until they can get their license back.
Enterprise2291 2 reviews
United States
I used to love this casino brand. Not anymore. Simple enough to deposit money. Might as well never try to withdraw though. It'll take a while.
I am a seasoned gambler. I've been playing at online casinos for nearly a decade. I know how things go. You will have more lossing sessions than you have winning sessions most of the time. (Playing slots)
However, the past 6-9 months at bovada, ignition casino, and cafe casino (all owned by the same group) they have been absolute garbage. I am not stupid when it comes to the way I play. I have been logging each of my sessions for each game I've played and the results are absurd. An average RTP of less then 50% on most of the games? Come on. We know we are going to lose. But that's overkill. And it seems as if this has all really ramped up ever since the gaming commission license was not renewed. So go figure. No one is watching. lets just take advantage of all of our loyal customers and screw them over. Get lost. These casinos have seen the last of my money. Until they can get their license back.
Ville616 3 reviews
United States
I recently got into Online Casino's this past May and Bovada was the very 1st casino I was able to make an actual withdrawal!!
*Beginner Friendly*
-Great customized service
-Sports, casino, and horses! Not your average casino
-Generous welcome bonus'
-Manageable wagering requirements
-Rules are straightforward no hidden obstacles
-Fast withdrawal via Bitcoin (Haven't tried any other way)
-From what I've experience they genuinely care about their customers and go out of their way to clear any confusions or mishaps and make things right!
-Not a big variety of slot games. Though they do have my favorite ones, so it's all good!
-Free bonus' are rare
Miracleman8888 4 reviews
United States
Easy credit card and bitcoin deposits
Incredibly fast Bitcoin withdrawal
Bovada customer services picks up after 2 or 3 rings everytime
Usually 2 or 3 Casino deposit bonuses a week
A lot of sports to bet on
NIce easy to use website

I'm writing this review because there are a lot of bad reviews on here about this site. I've been with Bovada for about 2.5 years.Since they've added Bitcoin withdraw it takes about 24hours to send my money from my Bovada to my Bitcoin wallet and about 1 day from my wallet to my bank account.It really changed my betting life... no more waiting for 8 days of pending and 3 weeks for a check only to blow your money during the 8 day pending period.

I actually turned a 20 dollar blackjack chip into about $250 and cashed out... I've NEVER come close to cashing out on a free chip in the 5 plus years I've been gambling online and Ive used A LOT of free chips from other sites. Seems like after that cashout though the blackjack has been awfully greedy... I suggest after you win a couple hands to just leave.
Other than when you sign up, there are NO sportsbook bonuses.I primarily bet sports so this was kind of an issue for me.
There is no Live Chat which I find strange for such a good site.

I'm under the impression that EVERY online sportsbook can mark accounts to win or to lose since its unregulated and they can literally do what they wish.There only trying to keep up with other corrupt online casinos so they pay and give bonuses and stuff but I will always believe that online casinos mark accounts to win or to lose. Why the hell wouldnt they!!! Thats just the Casino side of online casinos which I do play from time to time, but nowhere near as often as I sportsbet.

Bovada's online casino seems like they have a big enough customer base to where they dont have to be shady as f**k and mark accounts for loss like other sites *cough* PRISM CASINO and CLUB PLAYER CASINO *cough* and all of their cheating sister sites.

Remember... there are people out there that can hack into foreign government computers... there are people that run unregulated online casinos who only have to be as good as their unregulated competition... They all will cheat steal for profit because the only repercussion is a loss of a customer. Which they will get back because gamblers are addicts. I've been around the online casino gambling scene awhile... and it seems like Bovada cheats the least.. There at the top of the online casino industry as far as I know.
GlennP15 1 review
United States
Nothing the only thing good about this casino is low deposits meaning they'll steal from the poorest of people... If you win to often they will lock your account... On top of withdrawals take forever... Hope you don't plan on seeing your winnings for at least 1.5months
This Casino will gladly take your money but when you are winning they will quickly lock you out.... I recently took 20 USD and turned it into 500 USD in 24hrs. The next day my account was locked and I was told the money I had won was not mine but the Casinos.... Stay away... They only want losers if you win consistently they will steal from you and eventually lock you out
Mshella29 6 reviews
United States
This is one of the first online casinos that I played on. I deposited $50 or $100 (can't remember) and managed to play for a couple days and cashed out $1000. The process took about 10 days total start to finish. It was super easy and I didn't have to provide any documents. I deposited the check into my account thru the ATM and it cleared in 2 days.
I haven't won a single thing since my first withdrawal and deposit! You can only use the slots bonus once a week.
Mattacin 2 reviews
United States
Bovada seems to me to be one of the more "Legit" online casinos out there. The games are indeed fun, customer service isn't to bad neither. Thanks Bovada. Keep it up! I really like the excitement of this place. Very professional, which isn't easy to find, now-a-days.
Bonuses could be more plentiful. Lol. And the free no deposit plays could be way better.
cheiftech 42 reviews
United States
Bovada has the games I like and occasionally they offer players a bonus. I like that Bitcoin deposits are available and withdrawals via Bitcoin are offered.
They have an error on their Rival platform that Vegas Crest corrected in 2 days...12 months no fix on Bovada. You play in a game and the patterns are favorable...wilds showing up and bonus icons firing and RTP is in the 90%+ range. Continue to invest because hopefully the bonus fires and you will get paid out. For 12 months randomly an error occurs and they originally stated it was just me and my I tested it. I received the same issue on mobile, same issue on tablet, and same issue on laptop. I even verified it was not a network issue by reproducing it in a hotel as well.

When this happens here is what happens: This is the results of a live recent session on Golden Gorilla:

1. 91% RTP - Again running well...possibilities of a nice hit looking good.
2. Error occurs...bounces you out of the game. An error I have provided a screenshot that contains the exact error code.
3. Go back into the game: Wilds disappear...bonus icons hit but the payouts are less than 3x...every time. RTP drops to 64%.

This is actually good...I have 330 screenshots and RTP data points tracked. ON ALL 330 sessions the RTP drops well below 70% with many instances of 20%.

This same exact error...fixed in 2 days on Vegas Crest. Bovada...not fixing it because it obviously works for the casino. Completely unethical...if you play you not only have to defy the odds that are in favor of the casino...if you by chance begin to do well...this random error will occur on their Rival platform. They have a small selection of RTG games so you can play those, but they removed the BetSoft platform...conveniently after the jackpots were at record highs...everyone knew they would remove it before allowing them to hit.

I can provide screenshots of both the data and the errors so please do not disapprove this as a claim with no facts. I have them. Every player should be aware that not only will they potentially receive this error in the middle of a well invested session, but they will be dealing with the most unethical site online. Again 2 days to fix when reported to Vegas Crest 12 MONTHS with DATA and SCREENSHOTS provided and NO FIX on Bovada. Completely unethical and completely impacts the integrity of play.

Yes you can get lucky...if you do cash out and stay away from the Rival platform...They do payout. Sometimes they have delays with their processors, but I have found they are consistent with Bitcoin. They do have another unethical practice which is they do not allow the players to remove funds from their playable balance. If you request a stays in your playable balance until they process it...and they take their sweet time doing that hoping you will go back in and play.

Again 330 sessions showing this error occur where RTP was normal and then dips well below the worst RTP online after the error occurs.
TMset007 12 reviews
United States
Why the h*** does this casino have only two stars overall ranking? They are the best real cash casino by far from my standpoint .

I've spent almost twenty G in 6 mo period on online gambling, and from my experience with the top rated ones, Bovada should be one of the first in line. Period. Besides Bitstarz- it's the only other online casino I'd recommend to a good friend. When you cash out with Bitcoin they process it within 24 hours ( if all your paper work has been processed if you've used credit cards to deposit before) I've had $5,000 USDworthof btc of deposited in my account the very next morning playing that same night--- And used my ewallet to cash out to my bank account the whole process is so easy that it makes online gambling even more addicting.

I shouldn't even say that word because I'd advise against it any day. But if you are already rocking the boat and trying out and want a good experience Bovada is your best bet
Black jack can sometimes feel cheated to you. I'd say play it from time to time but not frequently.

I feel that way about all online gambling tables with all web based casinos. ( real life doesn't feel any more different) if u get what I mean
donkeyramp 10 reviews
United States
I used to play poker here a few years ago but never won enough to withdraw.

Stopped playing poker for a while after that. Recently I've discovered how fun and addictive online casinos are. So I've taken to playing slots, blackjack, roulette etc. Bovada every once in a while would send me an email with a free chip to play with. Never turned it into anything. That is until yesterday.

Managed to take a 10$ free chip up to 700+ USD$. Which to a lot of you may not seem like a lot, but that's a great deal of money to me. So I immediately came here to see what the reviews said about withdrawing. And I was shattered. A 1. 88, I thought... sh**. I'll never see a penny of that money, that I used a free chip to obtain.

Well much to my surprise I just received a fat deposit into my BTC wallet from Bovada, THE NEXT DAY.

So all of you complaining about not getting paid, I dunno what you're on about, cause they were on the ball. I sent them an email asking about timing window, they stated, 48 hour review period, possibly more. Then once approved 15 mins for your BTC to be released. They shattered the timing for both. And I'm over the moon.

So anyone thinking Bovada is shit, give them a shot, maybe now that they're doing BTC withdrawals, it's different. Hell, I'm gonna throw a little bit back in just cause I'm so happy they honored the payment.

Sorry for the long winded review, but I feel they deserved credit seeing all the poor reviews here.
Nothing! They honored payment from a 10$ bonus chip after wager reqs were met.

If I had to complain about anything, it's the idiots that chat in the poker games. Wish you could mute them.
davebair 1 review
United States
Bovada used to be a great casino, they seemed trustworthy and had quick and reliable payouts.
The ONLY WITHDRAWAL OPTION BOVADA OFFERS IS CHECK BY COURIER. Upon receiving their check and trying to cash it at my bank, I was told that the check would have to be taken to collections, that I had to fill out a bunch of forms, and it would take 8-12 WEEKS for the funds to become available. My previous 2 withdrawals using visa fast funds WHICH THEY DO NOT OFFER ANYMORE were delayed by 2 weeks, which I was told was DUE TO TECHNICAL ERROR.

I would not recommend Bovada to US players anymore. They lie about payout times, claiming to take 5-10 days when really you will be waiting MONTHS before you see any money back. They are either not able to pay, or are having trouble sending payments to the US! Deposit money at your own risk, it is possible they no longer allow US players!

Also, their customer service is condescending.This is what they wrote to me:

"I know how frustrating it can be when a check doesn't clear as quickly as we like."

kyreecribbs 1 review
United States
Do not go with Bovada!! On everything! They say this is the best place but it's all a scam to get you bet with Bovada. These people are so sneaky and always have different spreads than other websites and they always having technical difficulties! Once you are on a winning streak somehow they will make it sour picks wont process before game time! Do not do it!
Horrible customer service! People act like they wanna fight you over the phone. Once you are on a winning streak they will find a way to slow you down. For instance say the system is having technical difficulties and your bet wont get processed before the game starts.
jeremysa 1 review
United States
Don't recommend betting any larger than 5 dollars on their slots. At lower denominations I've been able to hit several bonuses or free spins within roughly 10 minutes of each other and losing normally only about 3-4 spins in a row or a high of 7 without hitting something.
When betting above 5 though it seemed jumped to about an average of 7 spins normally and my highest was literally 23 spins without hitting anything.

On their Caesar's empire game when I finally got 10 free spins. I managed to win 4 extra free spins but still lost on 9 spins and the ones I did win were all small wins.
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