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Rise of Olympus Slot Play'n GO

Rise of Olympus slot is a video slot inspired by Greek mythology and Greek Gods. Powered by Play'n GO, the game is played across the 5x5 grid. Three most powerful gods await you at the top so do your best to climb the godly Mount Olympus and earn a seat next to the most powerful ones. You can start climbing the Mountain at any Play’n GO Casino or you can give it a test run here beforehand.

How to Play Rise of Olympus Slot

Of course, you can’t start spinning the reels before you know how, so here’s a step by step mini guide of what each control button is for.

  • Quick Betting Panel can assist you in choosing your preferable betting range by simply hitting + or – buttons.
  • Once you choose the desirable bet, set the reels in motion by hitting green Spin button
  • And if you get tired of constantly hitting the Spin button, you can choose Autoplay to get the reels spinning on their own for the chosen number of times.

Slot Features

Climbing this godly mountain has never been easier and more interesting, and you will be richly awarded for your efforts. Random features will transform symbols, add wilds and destroy sets, whereby you will get a taste of god induced free rounds, and some powerful Free Spins.

Wild symbol is the Golden Pegasus Coin and it can form winning combos both on its own and when substituting in a win.

Hand of God

This feature is randomly triggered on any non-winning spin. There are 3 deities and each of them has the ability to create unique winning combos. The active god will change after each trigger. Hades will transform one set of symbols into another, Poseidon will add up to 2 Wilds, and Zeus will pick two sets of any symbol and destroy them. You can win up to 5000 times your bet in this feature.

Wrath of Olympus

Left from the reels is the power meter which will trigger the feature once it is fully charged. Once triggered a Free Round will get triggered. The meter consists of 3 sections which are filled when winning with God symbols. Gods will take turn when performing their associated Hand of God feature.

Red token is Hades, Green is Poseidon and Blue is Zeus. Any 3 of the God symbols in a win line will fill one section, 4 symbols will fill up to 2 sections and 5 symbols will fill up to 3 sections on the meter.

Free Spins

The feature is triggered when you clear the grid. Once triggered, you will get to choose 1 out of 3 Free Spins options. Fewer spins means higher risk but also higher winning potential. The chosen Hand of God feature is also active, triggering on every non-winning spin. The multiplier is not reset between Free Spins and can go up to a maximum of 20 times. 

The Wrath of Olympus feature is not available here but the fully charged meter will award you with additional spins. You can win up to a maximum of 20 spins. Hades awards 4 spins and a recharge of 4 spins, Poseidon awards 5 spins with 3 spins recharge, Zeus awards 8 spins with recharge of 2 spins.


Rise of Olympus slot features a somewhat ordinary theme, but Play’n GO did a terrific job in turning such a common theme into this marvelous slot which is packed with action and big wins. This medium variance slot has an outstanding overall design, and the sound effects are so soothing. Given all game features and perks, prepare yourself to be amazed.

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Software Play'n GO
Slot Type Video slots
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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    Play'n GO
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Rise of Olympus Slot Reviews by Players


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Blackjax 344 reviews
Reviewed on November 1, 2021


Rise of Olympus is a 5x5 grid slot released by Play'n GO in 2018. The slot is based on the theme of Greek mythology and the design, music, and animation reflect that. The slot grid has been placed on Mount Olympus and every time you activate a God the background changes to the respective. The slot has Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus who take turns randomly but in the mentioned particular order to trigger their respective features. During Hades the slot background turns into the underworld, during Poseidon the slot background is turned into the sea and during Zeus, the grid is placed in the clouds. Next to the slot, there is a small frame that keeps track of every connection on that spin, and just above that, there is the active multiplier.
Rise of Olympus has a total of 8 base game symbols plus including a wild symbol that is generated when three symbols of the same kind connect. The low variant symbols are a bolt and trident that pay 2x your bet size and a helmet and a harp that pay 3x your bet size. Connecting more than 5gods of the same kind pays 10x meanwhile a mix of any gods pays 5x. The wild symbols pay 50x on a connection of 5. Every time you connect a symbol it triggers the multiplier and if the symbol connected is three it leaves a wild. The slot has a Hand of God feature that triggers randomly on non-winning spins. Any of the three Gods may appear, all with their own unique abilities. Hades will transform one set of symbols to another symbol, Poseidon adds up to 2 wilds, and if Zeus appears, two sets of any symbol are destroyed. When you make connections with any of the Gods it fills up a circular meter and three connections triggers the Wrath of Olympus feature. In this feature all the Gods come together to help you get the bonus feature by clearing the grid. The feature has Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus coming in the same order to help you get the bonus feature. The best part about this feature is that the multiplier obtained is carried forward in the bonus game.
The bonus feature can also be triggered from the base game by clearing the grid even if wilds are left behind. In the bonus feature, you get to choose between Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus which give you 4,5, and 8 free spins respectively. If you are able to fill the circular meter in the bonus game it triggers 4 (Hades), 3(Poseidon), and 2(Zeus) free spins depending on your chosen God. Clearing up the whole grid also pays 100x corresponding to the multiplier. The maximum multiplier and free spin you can get is 20x and 20 spins.
The minimum bet for this slot is 20 cents and the maximum bet is $100. The slot has a max win of 5000x which is good for a Play'n GO. The slot has an RTP lower than Moon Princess that is why I refrain from paying this slot with real money and always pay this slot with bonus money. Not every bonus pays huge but it has the potential but it always falls short.


Sometimes the game just goes dead, not just in the base game but even in the bonus game. The bonus feature does not trigger if you make a winning connection during free spins which takes away all the potential.
stevie37 17 reviews
South Africa
Reviewed on September 6, 2020


Potential for big wins (I had one), entertaining (if the three stooges play along nicely), unpredictable which leads to keeping you nailed to the screen
Gameplay enjoyable most of the time.
This used to be my go-to game until one day when the three old men just pissed me off too much...


In the beginning, I loved this game. Think a grid and you symbols that have stacked match and disappear. Your objective is to clear the grid and your biggest aid is three old men that stand next to the grid and smile constantly.
I got along with the old men and they assisted me most of the time in clearing the grid. We became good friends and I don't know what happened. One of the three (I think the old one is the leader) became a backstabber. Since then, I don't enjoy the game. They give me so much hope at times and just when the old man is about to clear my last remaining three-block, He silently gives me a @$% YOU and leaves me one block to go play with at a barn.
Now games don't make me emotional but this game managed to infuriate me :-) The three old men and I sorted out our differences and I still visit them now and again. When they ask, I plead poverty though and leave after 10 minutes. If they help, I humbly say thanks and hit the road.
Afi4wins 2061 reviews
Reviewed on May 18, 2019


PlaynGo is rather fond of producing games using multi-reels and rows, of which this Rise Of Olympus is yet another one of such games. If you’ve played any one of them, then consider yourself as having played all of them, because each one plays similarly, using similar grids and similar concepts, although the payouts do vary slightly game to game. One cannot run away from comparing one game to the others, so, after one play on this Rise Of Olympus game, any player would certainly compare it with the others, as I did.

First of all, I have never been very keen on this kind of multi-reels and multi-rows games, even though I’ve come to like Reactoonz quite a bit, but only because I’ve had a few good wins from it. The others, like Viking Runecraft and Moon Princess, to name only two, have not been kind to me so far, so I don’t play them much at all, and have not liked any of them either.

I was really hoping that this Rise Of Olympus game could give me a decent playtime, but unfortunately, it didn’t, and my play session ended not long afterwards. In spite of the stated 5000x maximum possible win potential, the game played rather miserably for me most of the time, dishing out ridiculously low payouts, and with lots of empty spins, but as expected of PlaynGo games. Nevertheless, what I found most disappointing were the three God features from Hades, Poseidon and Zeus – none of which gave me any satisfactory wins at all! Although the features are very similar to those as in Moon Princess game, the features in this Rise Of Olympus somehow just didn’t perform or pay as interestingly. Maybe it was just my bad day to play it, but whatever it was, it certainly left a bad impression on me!


Honestly speaking, I do not like the very little 4, 5 or 8 free spins offered by the Gods, and I also do not like the very little extra free spins awarded upon clearing the grid during the free spins, which isn’t an easy task in the first place. In fact, there’s literally nothing that I do like about this game, and personally, I think it is one of the few bad games by PlaynGo. Nope, I certainly won’t be playing it anymore!
blondie 1632 reviews
Reviewed on April 30, 2019


Rise of Olympus slot is lately one of my favorite games to play. To be honest, for quite some time I was a bit skeptical of this game as I thought that it wasn't too special - almost the same as Moon Princess with which I had had the most terrible luck. However, once I spent a little bit more time with Rise of Olympus, I understood what the hype of the game was about.

It's no surprise that the game has beautiful design as it comes from Play'n Go software. The design and theme is inspired by Ancient Greece and three Gods that also have their own features. Technically the minimum stakes are set to 20 cents and instead of having regular paylines, you get paid for the symbols combinations, and with each consecutive symbol drop, the multiplier increases.

What I really like about this game is that any of the Gods can come up on an un-winning spin and do their magic- depending on the background (either fire, water or earth) the representing man can come up and either turn symbols into other symbols, wilds or remove some of the symbols. I think it's important to pay attention on which of the features player enjoys the most, as later on, if you clear the screen, you will get free spins with one off the features and you can pick them.

I think this game is really entertaining as instead of having scatter symbols, there are kind of several phases to trigger the bonus round. Yous tart off with the base game, and you need to fill the bar with wins with the gods. Then if you manage to do that, you will get one spin where all of the gods features will be activated one after another, with the goal to clear the screen of symbols. Then, if that's achieved, you will be able to choose one of the features. My usual favorite is either Heides or Spartacus - Heides gives only 4 free spins and can turn symbols into other symbols and sometimes with this feature it can be easier to retrigger the free spins. But at the same time, that feature is more volatile, so when I choose Spartacus, it gives 8 free spins and the the feature will remove some symbols on an empty spin. So far my best win on the game has been 230x bet, but I'm sure that it can pay much more.

Overall I'd say that this game is very entertaining, the design is beautiful and the features are exciting. I think that the game can pay well and there's definitely potential.
stewex555 110 reviews
Reviewed on February 23, 2019


When the games are made and have different motives and overall impression, this game gives a strong emotional experience, and it's a space where I'm immersed in the already and I moved over there. Amazing processing and linking of symbols, graphics, the motif already and superb sound. I have a subwoofer connected to the PC and I enjoy playing this game as best of the games. It will be strange but I can leave reality and be part of that game. Functions are excellent and create the necessary tension in the game. I am fascinated by this artwork and I would like to have 11 stars.
Fiekie247 1105 reviews
South Africa
Reviewed on August 30, 2018


Rise of Olympus is one of the latest releases by Play 'N Go. I am sure you are all familiar with Moon Princess and the potential that goes with it. Well as much as this slot has the same potential, it has a losing potential like you have never seen before. 100 spins and you lose at least a good 80 non-winning spins and not even a "trinity" feature as well.

The graphics are superb and the deep voice of the speaker when talking is a bit disturbing somewhat. Sound too serious for my liking and I like to be in a happy go with the flow mood at most times. Moon princess has that happy voice and feeling, including the upbeat music that is playing whenever you win more than your bet during the spin.

Now as usual the slot has some war type of symbols, mask, weapons etc and then of course the 3 gods which are you highest paying symbol and pay the same value. The game does not have a standard wild that appear on the reels, however wilds can be generated on winnings spins etc. Wilds pay more of less the same as the gods, accept for 5 of kind wilds pays x50 your stake, whereas the gods will pay x10 your total stake.

The multiplier is the most important factor as it can really increase you wins and then of course the free spins feature which is triggered whenever you clear the grid. You can choose 4, 5 or 6 free spins with retrigger rewards 4, 3 and 2 free spins respectively. Everyone loves choosing Hades which is equivalent to love as this free spin feature is the most rewarding when in the mood.

I had a couple of cold sessions and then 2 days ago I hit my first x500, too bad it was on minimum bet. The slot was eating my balance at first and I lowered bet, which then resulted in the big win. It’s amazing how slots give the Mega Big wins on lower bets.

I simply love this slot, however the look, feel and music of Moon Princess is much better for me.

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