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Highway Kings Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.
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Highway Kings Slot Playtech

Highway Kings is a simple video slot with lots of big wins to hit. The game's main theme is semi truck driving. Hit the highway in your big rig and prepare to score some serious big wins when high-value symbols cascade down the screen. This easy-to-understand game can be played at any Playtech casino for real money.

Before you start spinning away on Highway Kings, set your bet. Use the plus and minus arrows on the bottom-left to change your coin denomination anywhere from $0.01 all the way up to $5.00. The default setting has all nine paylines active. If you want to play fewer lines, use the Bet One button to do so. Press Spin to begin, or use Bet Max to bet on all nine paylines.

Unlike most video slots nowadays, Highway Kings doesn't have any special bonuses. Because of this, players can expect significantly larger line wins. Scattered parts pay up to 100x your bet, and wild trucks substitute for any symbol in any payline. The big jackpot, five red trucks, pays a massive 10,000x your line bet! Highway Kings may not be flashy, but these rigs are filled with unparalleled fortune.

Game Play

-/+: Adjust your coin denomination.
Bet One: Choose how many lines to play.
Spin: Spin with the selected number of paylines active.
Bet Max: Spin with all nine paylines active.

Play game
Software Playtech
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 97%
Special feature Wild Scatter
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Highway Kings Slot Reviews by Players


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Reviewed on June 15, 2016


the Highway King slot game is always on the top of the most favorite game. Perhaps most of players are male, and they often like to play the ones which are about the adventure. If you are also looking for a game like that, it will pretty wonderful for you to try to play Highway King slot game, I am sure that you will be attracted immediately.
paquito76 867 reviews
Reviewed on May 31, 2015


Playtech dedicated this slot to truck monsters and though I see lot of visual potential in this theme but the developer didn’t take advantage of this great opportunity and didn’t make an impressive looking slot. The graphics are surprisingly poor especially for a Playtech product and it seems they didn’t want to waste too much time between the born of slot idea and its release date, which wasn’t a good idea. The used symbols represent several truck parts like tyres, wheels, sparking plugs as well as 3 different trucks, filling stations, fuel container but their illustration techniques are far from being good. They’re not too designed and absolutely not imaginative and persuasive so it can be said with the whole white background colour of reel are the overall visual effect is very powerless and for me that’s not the appearance what I really like to spend my time with.

Thanks to the special Dollar Ball feature (this is basically lotto game with hitting 5 numbers out of 49) this slot offers Progressive Jackpot amount to win but the slot’s own Jackpot is 10.000 coins which can be achieved by 5 Red Truck symbols on any active payline. The other Red Truck icon works for the game as Wild and while it’s working only on the 3 middle reels it can double the values of all winning combinations which this is a part of. The Exhaust pictogram is the Scatter and has the power to reward up to 100 times of total bet.

Because this is just a 9-payline product we can’t be real disappointed that the game doesn’t offer free spins or bonus game and I think we must respect that 10.000 times of line bet grand prize and Scatter qualities because most of the mini-games aren’t able to provide such great qualities. Unfortunately, my opinion about its winning tendency is not so good and the game really tends to forget giving out winning combinations for long stretches at times. Once I had to spend around €40 on the game (playing with just €0.90 total bet) until I could witness the first win that brought me back more than x 5 of total stake. The Wild is also not the busiest symbol on the screen even if its appearing frequency can be considered as normal but 80% of the cases it lands on the last two reels and it’s needless to say how badly it influences the winning chances comparing if they were on the middle or especially on the first reels.

All in all, I can’t say I’m too pleased with the game, better saying its working mechanism and win occurring habits and sometimes I feel as if I play with a 3-reel, 1-payline slot. I think Playtech could re-evaluate the game settings and should see there’s something wrong with how the game operates as of now. If I take into consideration the not too pleasant appearance of the game and obvious lack of detailed and focused work there overall I can’t think it other way than this is not a good game and I even dare to say Highway Kings doesn’t reach the average Playtech quality. Even if the game offers better qualities and potential than my favourite Playtech mini-game, Vacation Station but it definitely isn’t able to give me such entertainment and enjoyable moments than its little brother so I think if I want to play with a simple but great slot I keep turning to the mentioned slot instead of spending my time and money on this product.
Inactive user
Reviewed on October 26, 2014


Highway Kings is a game that is starting to grow on me as I keep on playing it. It has all of the things that I like from a slot game and I am willing to recommend it to all.

There are 9 lines in this game, which is already down my alley, and a feature. Apart from this the game also pays both wayswith out doubling the bet. So if you don't get lucky on the left side you always have the right one to bring you back. I always play this slot on €0.18 bet and I had some great wins on it. My first good win was when I got three scatters and two wilds on the second line. On my bet of €0.18, it paid me €36. The timing could not be better because I only had around a euro or two left. I love when this happens and you think that you are going to run out of cash and then the game brings you back. I guess this is the beauty of gambling and I wish they happened to me more often.

The other great line hit that I got was four blue trucks.One more truck or wild I would have got €200 but it did not come out.
There are also scatters in this game. They pay quite good, but only if yo get four or five of them. I never got five but i got four a couple of times. I actually thought that they were the feature first, but then found that they only pay.

There is also a bonus in this game and it is awesome. You pick a truck and race it to see your free spins and multiplier. I only got this feature once and got around €20 at the end.

Over all the game is cool and the feature is awesome. My rating 8 out of 10.
Inactive user
Reviewed on July 31, 2014


Highway Kings is probably an old game created by Playtech. This game has 9 paylines and 5 reels. Beside this old original version there is also a newer version of this game. I have to admit that I have only played the old version.

I am used to seeing interesting bonus rounds in Playtech slots with great animations and many features but Highway Kings has nothing of the above. There are no free spins bonuses and there are no other bonuses as well. Still I like this game a lot. I like that the reels spins fast just the way I like it.

The theme of this game are trucks and the road. The graphic is very simple but the sound is fantastic and incredibly realistic.The sound that you can hear in the background as you play is so real and you get a feeling that you are driving in some big truck on some road in USA.

My first encounter with this game was a long time ago. But I still remember it perfectly. I have never before played some 9 payline slot in a Playtech casino before. But my balance was less than 5 euros and I was looking for a slot where I could play on a low bet. From the few slot games you can find in Playtech with 9 paylines I choose this one, so I started with a 0.09 bet per spin and soon my balance went up to about 10 euros. After that I wanted to raise my bet to 0.18 euros per spin but that wasn't possible. You can't play with 2 coins only 1, 5 than 10 coins. I put 5 coins and continued to play on a0.45 bet per spin. Soon after that I had an incredible win of 90 euros. I didn't see which was the winning combination as I clicked on the spin tab very fast.

Overall a simple game but I like it very much and for that I give a high 8 out of 10.
aemakgol 323 reviews
Reviewed on March 26, 2014
Highway kings video is another one game which created by playtech, and i think this is their new generation slot, which was created not so long ago. To be completely honest i play this game only few times, and all of this few times i am just got busted with this slot, and i am not sure if i even come to it once again.

Theme is big trucks, and road , and every thing you can link with it. Graphic and sounds not bad of course, it looks very good, but i am still did not like it, first of all because i have no any love to big cars or trucks, and actually i am not a big fan of all this road things, etc. So i am just trying to say probably you will find this slot graph and sounds amazing and charm, but for me it is nothing, and i just off sounds on this slot after few minutes of playing.

Highway kings video slot has 9 paylines, and you should know what does the fox say! (oooooops, not correct) what does this means, this means good payouts for any 5 of a kind. Best 5 paying symbols is red trucks, or cars, i am not sure how this machine is called on English :D if someone interesting on Russian it is 'фура' . Anyhow, pretty annoying for me it is that this slot have no any features, no bonus game or free games, and you just spin and spin, like on old slots.

As i told in begin, i did not like this slot machine. I did not like idea, no any bonus game or special things or free spins is pain for me, i am love to play features. Also as i told i am just did not like the theme of slot, and as i am did not like it, why i should play it? But i did not say this is bad slot, this is bad me, who did not like it.
Afi4wins 2050 reviews
Reviewed on January 31, 2014
Where casino racing is concerned, there are all kinds of races - horse races, car races and even truck races! Yep, especially for those truckers who are weary after long long hours of driving throughout the days and nights. Here, at Highway Kings, they get to race their hearts out, in juggernauts! Oh-boy! When those monsters start racing, you'd better start praying - for huge prizes! Hehehe.

Highway Kings is a simplistic 9-lines 5-reels slot game. No fancy maneuvers, no fancy grid gals, no fancy trophies either. Just pure hard cash prizes to be won! Well, tired truckers do not want difficult races. They're already too worn out, but they're looking for some fun out. So, a simplistic race would do very nicely. No need to crack their brains. No need to worry about swerving into drains. You're not a trucker? Neither am I. But I'd love to get into one of those monster juggernauts and see just what they can do. So, if you're ready, lets get on the road...and see who can win the most prizes and the biggest...for the title 'The Highway King'! Get ready, set, GO!!!! Yeeeeee-hah!

As the wheels go spinning, catch all those thingies onto the paylines for cash prizes. Steering wheels and tyres are common things, so they don't pay much at all. Pistons, dices (dices on highways? Geees!), spark plugs and petrol pumps are better prizes, but petrol pumps can be rather far apart in reaching, so those jerry cans are much better items for emergencies when you're running low on petrol. Okay, okay, when you're running low on cash too! :D Get as many as you can! Oh, don't forget...when truckers are going fast and furious, truck thingies do tend to get dislodged and fall scattered onto the road. What things? The exhaust pipe things! Be careful though...they're hot! 100x total bet hot...if you can get all five of them scatters in one go! Not impossible...a little tricky perhaps...lots of luck certainly would help...but it can be done! Yep, I have managed to grab 5 of those scatters in one of my previous races, so you can do it too! When you have enough of all those thingies, get ready to conquer those highway kings next...the super juggernaut monsters. There are 3 kinds of them for grabs. Lowest in the rank are the smaller yellows ones, followed by the middle-ish green ones that bring in great prizes, and lastly, the flagship and the king of the highways...the super marvellous red juggernaut beauties! They're worth 10,000 times the line bet. So if you're putting a heavy load on the line, there can be nothing better you can find. Get them...all five of them...and show who's the king! Yeeee-hah!

Pheeew! Certainly had some great fun indeed, even though those highway kings are so elusively hard to get, for me at least. And if your fingers are trembling for more, try out the latest version at your favourite Playtech casinos. They're called 'Highway Kings Pro"! More fun, more thrills, real truck races, and complete with them sassy gals too! So...get a move on! :D

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