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Austria Casinos

Austria is an online gaming jurisdiction that offers games of chance to Austrian residents. The authority responsible for the issuance of licenses is closely monitored by the European Commission. Because of the limited availability of Austrian gaming licenses, very few online casinos have an Austrian license. A full list of casinos with Austria licenses can be found on this page.

Types of Licenses Available

The Austrian government provides licenses to companies around the world. These licenses permit companies to offer a number of different games of chance, including casino games, poker, and bingo. Licenses may require companies to only offer certain types of games. Companies offering multiple gaming services will need to seek out the required licensing for each type of game from the Austrian government.

Austrian Players Only

While Austria can offer gaming licenses to international companies, licensees are required to only accept players from within Austria. This is an unappealing term for most online gaming businesses looking to take advantage of the worldwide capabilities of the Internet. As such, online casinos with an Austrian license are usually fairly small and local.

It's important to note that Austrian players are free to play at any online casino, including those that are not licensed by the Austrian government. The restriction only applies to operators, not players.

Licensing Requirements

Very little information is available about what the Austrian government requires of its operators. However, if the terms of the licenses are anything to go by, strict monitoring measures are almost certain. Oversight would be necessary to ensure that companies are abiding by the various regulations set forth by the Austrian government.

Companies looking to obtain a license from the government of Austria would need to contact the government directly. The Austrian government does not currently have a website dedicated to information about gambling licenses.

Player Disputes

The first course of action you should take if you have an issue with a casino licensed in Austria is direct contact with the casino. If the main support team is unable to assist you, ask to speak to the casino manager. This will resolve the problem in many cases.

Failing that, try using the services of a third-party affiliate such as AskGamblers. These affiliates offer complaints services where they work with the casino to try and reach a satisfying resolution. Because casinos rely on affiliates for business, the casino will be much more likely to fix the issue with an affiliate involved.

If the case is severe enough and none of the above methods have worked, consultation with an attorney specializing in Austrian gambling laws may be necessary. The Austrian government does not offer any easy way for players to contact the licensing authority.

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