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Wild Gambler Slot

Embrace your animal side in Wild Gambler, a fast-paced video slot based in the dangerous African savannah. If you're lucky, these beasts and birds will lead you to great wealth. Test it out for yourself by playing on our website for free. If you're interested in real money play, just register at any reputable Ash Gaming casino.

Start the game by choosing how you want to bet. Use the - and + buttons by Line Stake to adjust your overall wager. You cannot adjust the number of active paylines. Click Spin to start the game, or use the Auto Plays button to wager a number of times without interruption. If you want to hold the wilds in place, you can click Lock & Spin, but you must pay a fee for the privilege.

The game's free spins bonus is triggered randomly when five meerkats appear. You will get 8 free spins, and all wilds that emerge during the free spins will be locked for no charge. With so many wild lions roaming about, as well as the ability to keep them on the reels for a price, this is one of the most adrenaline-rushing games around.

Game Play

-/+: Adjust your bet.
Spin: Play the game.
Lock & Spin: Pay to keep all wilds on the reels, and spin.
Auto Plays: Wager a number of times without interruption.

Wild Gambler Slot Reviews by Players


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Raptordinos 866 reviews
Definitely "Playtech" could not have chosen a better name for this slot, "Wild Gambler", a game which by its nature seems really to have been created for serious and risky gamblers because the value bet can become quite high depending on the strategy followed by the player even if the player is playing at the lowest bet level allowed in the game which it’s $ 0.01 per line, and the reason for this is that the player has always the possibility of leaving locked each wild symbol appeared, so that each wild can stay indefinitely located in place until the player decides to release it, to lock each new wild has a higher cost depending on location of all the wilds, potential winnings and probabilities, and this is when the player must make his own calculations to decide whether or not to freeze one of these symbols, all based on the its own budget to cover the risk and the likelihood of getting a reward, that is, in addition to luck this slot also requires a degree of skill of the player who must study carefully all 20 paylines to determine his best options.

At the moment I can only afford to play this video slot on demo mode and still I enjoyed it a lot, always trying new strategic positions to locate my wilds and what I discovered is that cost - reward of locking wilds is a bit more optimal on some locations than on others mainly because paylines are not perfectly symmetrical, this is a conclusion that any player can reach after carefully studying the distribution of the 20 lines of this game.

Best luck that any player can have on "Wild Gambler" slot is getting the 8 free spins round at some point where he has locked many wild symbols, preferably forming complete lines with them since they will pay you 1000 times your bet per line at every spin. If you are a highroller I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy a lot this game as well as its fantastic big wins that can be achieved with incredible frequency, and if you're not I think this game also provides sufficient chances of winning as any other slot but with an extra dose of emotion. Please try it out on demo; you might be interested on this kind of slots.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Wild Gambler is a simple and just a great game that has great sounds and suiting background music. The graphics and animations look decent but still they are not like some of the newer slots nowadays but they are just fine by me. This slot is powered by Playtech software and it has 5 reels and 20 payline combinations. The minimum bet that can be placed in this game is 0.20$ and the maximum is 200$, so the range of players that can play this is huge whether you play safe or you are a high roller.

I played this game with 0.40$ and I just have to say that even with this amount of bets you can get a really good payout. Also the game has some really good features that I really like and that make this game produce some great payouts. First of all we have the Lock and Spin which is a button located right next to the spin button. It can be used to Lock Wild symbols in place for a period of time that depends solely on you. Using this feature you can stack up Wild symbols and achieve some great wins but it comes at a price since with every symbol that it Locks the bet rises, but it also states what is the minimum payout that you can get. So only take this option if you have Wild symbols nicely placed. Also there is the free spin feature that triggers when 5 meerkats appear randomly and they award 8 FS. Also the great thing about these free spins is that the Wilds that were locked when these meerkats appeared stay in place for the duration of the free spins plus any additional Wild symbol will also be locked, for a chance of great wins. I rarely triggered those free spins but I took advantage of the Lock and Spin button with every opportunity that I saw that granted me some solid hits.

Overall I think this is a great game that is worth checking out and I would gladly recommend it !
Wild Gambler is an interesting game that I play on 888. It is a unique game that has a lot of potential and big pays. I came across it a while ago and first time did not like it at all. It did not give me the feature or good win, but the second go at it changed my mind completely. The game offers a wild - lick feature, where you can make any block on the reel wild. It will cost you extra cash, but is available and makes this game unique.

The pays in this game are also very good and even for three of the smallest symbols you get your bet back.

But the thing that makes this game great is the feature. It is a free spins feature with freezing wilds and is just epic. Because the wilds come out quite a lot, most of the time you end up with five or six wilds at the end of your free spins. On the smallest bet I win on average €30 in the free games. There have been times when I won much less but they are very rare.

The graphics, the sound effects and the theme of the game are very good, and you cant help but have fun and enjoy yourself while you are playing.
Because the feature is random, you can end up waiting for ages before you get it. It is the only bad thing about this game and probably the thing that pushes most of the players away. So if the game is in a bad mood then you might never get the feature, and should stop playing not to get to zero. The other thing that does not work on this game is the stop button. I have tried it many times and and never got the feature on double tap, so would not recommend it at all.

Over all a cool game and my rating is 8 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
I think it’s very obvious when opening up this game the player wasn’t expecting this. With name of Wild Gambler it’s a big surprise the game has a very attractive and cute interface created around Safari theme. Maybe it was a mistake giving this slot a misleading name but I suppose the developers wanted to point out the feature and possibility that the game offers. Back to the visual appearance I believe it’s a fantastic work. We can take an imaginary trip to Africa and meet Wild Life and some very specific animals. The design is OK and the very colourful screen also doesn’t ruin the overall effect. The characters are sweet and well-drawn and all the little details are in place so eventually we can say we play here in an attractive environment.

What the name suggests is the very unique feature and definitely this slot is all about it. Lock & Spin is that extra and it really gives lot of chance to players to be smart or just simple be tactic. The feature makes possibility to play as many Wilds on the reels as the player wants. It sounds strange but simply clicking on any position of the reels and that character will turn into Wild for the next spin (or spins as long as the player doesn’t change it). We can play with one, two, three or as many Wilds as we want but of course it has a serious prize. Putting a Wild on the last reels doesn’t increase the total bet too much, just few cents more (playing with €1 total bet and covering the last reel with Wilds means just +0.21 cents than the original bet would be) but picking one of the three spot on the first reel it triples the bet and if we choose we like to play with 3 substitute figures on the first reels it require a €8 total bet (covering the whole first two reels with that figure we have to place a €60+bet). Sure, we can remove any Wilds from the table or put on other ones any time the indicator always let me know what will be the punctual bet and it’s good for us and inform what will be the minimal winning with that stake.

It’s really an awesome feature and truly gives lot of playing options (a solid balance doesn’t hurt) and force players to be very, very tactic if it is in used. As I see it, the key to the success at this game is the ‘normal’ appearing Wilds. It really can cause some well-paying winning combinations but the game itself also knows that and I noticed that in the critical situation when one or two specific symbols are missing for a very serious line win, it always gives just the less paying card figures so I can suggest to anyone to take this feature very carefully and caution.

Because of the extra of the game the best paying 5 of kind type win with Lions rewards with only 1000 times of line bet but the other animal line wins pay relatively well up to 800, 500, 400 times of line bet. The game also offers free spins but this secondary game is very rare occasions triggered. This side game is randomly activated if 5 Suricates appear on the screen giving 8 free games. During the extra game all Wilds that were locked at triggering spin will be stayed in their position and any additional appearing Lion also will be held until the feature is lasts.

I very appreciate this unique feature addition and it really can entertain and cause some exciting moments to the players. I also love the nice graphics and images of nice, funny animals so if it has a little bit higher top amounts to offer to win I really would have nothing against this game. I can’t do anything else just to recommend this game everyone who seeks to play for a little different but very innovative feature and like the challenges what a modern slot game could provide.
valentin68 535 reviews
“Wild Gambler” is a handsome slot. It has a very nice theme, fat wins, it is full of action and is having a feature I had not found on other slot until now.I noticed that lately I am starting to prefer the slots from AshGaming casinos. They are full of fun, have unparalleled features, their quality is close to that of slots from Slotland and the wins are sometimes fat.

The “Wild Gambler” slot has a theme linking gambling to the African wildlife. Wins are big and numerous and if you were to make a statistics, from 3 spins, 2 are winners (more often than with the other slots). 80 % of the winning combinations pay here more than the total bet, so if you play long enough you will surely have good times when you will be in absolute profit.You just need to know
when to stop, me at least I have played here over 500 spins of absolute pleasure and in 70 % of the time I had some extra money.Big wins are also quite frequent, about once every 50 spins you will have a “Big Win” which is about 20-30 times the total bet.

The slot has a feature never before seen, which is that any symbol on the screen by clicking on it will turn into a Wild. These Wild 's can then be locked for the following spins. It is true that the bet for a spin with locked Wilds will be slightly higher but the corresponding wins will definitely be bigger. Everything here is to know how to choose these Wilds positions on the reels. I played having 6 Wilds on the screen and also with no Wilds and at least without Wilds the game was very nice.

8 Free Spins are awarded here solely by chance. Occasionally several Meercats appear at the base of the slot each having in hand one letter of the word BONUS. If the word is complete you will enter the Free Spins. The Free Spins wins are usually magnificent. Any Wild that occurs becomes locked and always at the end of the 8 spins I had about six free Locked Wilds on the reels.

The spins are alert and the slot is very nice. If music were slightly better, I would have had nothing to reproach these slot.

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