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Ramesses Riches Slot

In Ramesses Riches, you'll embark on a journey through the ancient world of the Egyptians. Collect ankhs, read scrolls, and visit the fertile Nile riverbanks to turn your bankroll into a fortune. See how it all works by playing this video slot for free. If you want to play for real money, just sign up at any reputable NextGen Gaming casino.

Before you start playing, be sure to set up your bet to fit your bankroll. Click the up and down arrows by Lines to change the number of active paylines. Click the up and down arrows by Bet to adjust the bet per line. Hit Max if you want to change either value to the highest possible amount. Hit Spin when you're ready to begin, or use the Autoplay feature if you want to play without interruption.

Ramesses will start your expedition off right by substituting for any line win. Get the big bucks by scoring three or more scattered ankhs, where you will activate 4 free games for every ankh that appears in the triggering combination at a 3x multiplier. With the chance to retrigger the feature, it gives you plenty of opportunity to win the Pharaoh's treasures.

Game Play

Lines: Pick the number of active paylines.
Bet: Change the bet per line.
Max: Change either the Lines or Bet to the highest value.
Spin: Start the game.
Autoplay: Play the game without interruption.

Ramesses Riches Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1312 reviews
Ramesses Riches is an old game, as with most of the other Egyptian-themed games from other games providers. Some used the same name Ramesses, others used Pharaohs for their game titles, but are all basically of the same theme. If it isn't the King that is the main character, then it would be the Queen, Cleopatra being the more commonly used. The only lacking aspect of these games tend to be the quality of their graphics, which aren't quite up to today's contemporary standards, so newer players may not quite like its graphics quality.

Ramesses is the Wild symbol, paying 5000x the line bet for 5 of him, and doubles all wins with it. The Ankh, the symbol of Eternal Life, is the Scatter symbol, paying 100x the total bet for 5 of them. 3 or more of these Ankhs trigger the Free Spins game, whereby each Ankh awards 4 free spins and with all wins tripled. More Free Spins games can be retriggered. The Queen, or presumably Cleopatra, pays 1000x, the Panther 250x, and the rest paying from 200x to 100x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. Not the best of paytable, just an average one but on the lower side.

There aren't any special feature or bonus games in Ramesses Riches, typical of older games, so players have to make do with having only the Free Spins game feature. But this is not a bad thing at all, as it keeps the game simple and the payouts focused. The more features a game has, the more diversified the payouts would be, mostly resulting in diluted winning amounts, as compared to singularly focused ones. But of course, everything depends entirely on how well the paytable has been laid out. Just think of the game Dead Or Alive and you will realise just how well a game with only the Free Spins game as its feature can actually perform and be a big hit.

As far as Ramesses Riches goes, it cannot ever be as alive as its western counterpart. The paytable doesn't provide for it, but this doesn't mean that the game isn't good. I would say that Ramesses Riches is a fairly balanced game, in the sense that it doesn't eat credits like a hungry lion, but neither does it throw out huge wins. My plays on this game haven't brought me any withdrawal win so far, even after all these years, but then again, I don't play it as I do with my other favourite games. My best win on Ramesses Riches was just under 70x my bet amount. Not a lot, but I wasn't expecting a lot either.
Ramesses riches is slot game made by Nextgen. It is one of my lifetime favorite games made by Nextgen. It is very good game which I am playing at Guts to make my wagering requirements without any problems or troubles. But of course you should be careful and make clever bets, better longer but without trouble, than fast but with some losses.

There is 20 paylines in this game, so you could play with just low 0.20 bets. I am usually not fear this game, and even if I had only 20$ on my balance I am still brave enough to play this game with 0.40 bets. Game looks good, nothing special this is for sure, I can't remember any old Nextgen game which I can call looking perfect. But still good enough to not complain about it.

There is very similar to many other Nextgen games gameplay. You generally do not have anything interesting during normal play. Payouts are pretty low for all symbols, except 5 wilds. Wilds also double wins, but even this fact does not help this game to give higher payouts. Generally I do not think you can get more than 100 bets wins with anything, except 5 wilds or 5 scatters.

Freespins feature is very simple. 3 scatters anywhere on reel trigger 12 freegames with x 3 multiplier. If you get 4 or 5 scatters you will have more freegames, but only +4 for each extra scatter.

I had couple more than 100 bets freespins feature, specially with retriggers, which happens quite often in this game. But do not think that this feature paid a lot each time. Most times it pay something like 20-30 bets, but since it is easy to trigger it you will be happy with result.

I could rate this game with 9 stars, I very like to play it when I am need to meet wagering requirements safe way without losing much.
If only low payouts during normal play, which makes playing not very interesting.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
There are a lot of games online that for a theme have Ancient Egypt. I think this is the most exploited theme when it comes to slots and you can find games like that from every software provider. I have a favorite game from every slot provider like Cleopatra’s Coins from Rival and Cleopatra’s Gold from RTG. From NextGen it’s definitely this one. I’m glad that Cleopatra is second in command here like the highest paying symbol and the main guy is the Pharaoh Ramesses. He is also the wild symbol in the game and doubles a win when he is substituting in a winning combination.

The graphic of the game is descent and has a certain ancient look. The sounds of the game are pretty cool and I really like them. I don’t think I can get bored playing this game. This game has only a free spins bonus which is triggered when you get 3 or more Ankh. I didn’t even know they were called that until I started playing this game. Anyway you get 12 free spins and if you get an extra symbol or two you get 4 or 8 spins plus. This is a pretty descent number of spins and all wins are tripled. The best part of the game and the best winning potential is that in the free spins all wins that include a wild have a 6 x win multiplier. Overall with everything above explained this game has some great winning potential.

I have to say that the free spins in this game come relatively quick. I don’t think that there was ever a session where I didn’t get the bonus round. Also I think that the rate or retriggering the free spins is bigger here than in any other game. Whenever my balance is low I come to this game and it usually boosts my balance for 10-15 euros. Another important detail I noticed is that when it pays it goes on a dry period for some time, so if you decide to chase a bonus round after some big wins and don’t get any after a max of 75 spins leave it alone. Come back later and you will have a bonus round fast.
Ramesses Riches slot it is another great online slot made by Nextgen. Nextgen software is good, and generally their slots is of course good, but I think their games can be even more better if they will improve graphics, because most my slots which I am currently like looks not so nice.

There is 20 paylines on this slot, and I think such slots already can be called as classic slots, because there is no any special or new feature. There is regular wilds, regular reels, and nothing special. Wilds are doubling win, and of course it is great thing, because actually it is stupid when wilds do not have any multiplier and other feature, who will then care about such wilds?

There is also free spisn feature at this game, 3 scatters or more starting it. 3 scatters award 12 free spins with all wins tripled. This is awesome, because generally any win now with wild will pay already decent money, and if 5 of a kind appears, win would be just good, something like 100x total bet or so. Also during FS you get a lot of scatters typically, and chances to retrigger feature is good.

I played this slot many times, and it is one of the best Nextgen games to complete wagering requirements fast. It is not scary for me to play this game with bet size a bit higher than usual, because generally free spins trigger often (but not always pay good of course), and sometimes during base game some good wins appear in a range of 30-100x total bet. Anything higher during base game is possible, but I never had such wins. Also take in mind that even free spins come often, it is does not guarantee that you will always win in this game, it is obviously impossible. Also very good to play this game when you have something left to wager, and want to save as much as possible.
I am not sure about this, because generally everything is ok with this game.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
NextGen is probably one of thebest online casino software ever made and believe it or not their games are as good as WMS and probably a slice better payout.
I remember playing this game like it's just yesterday.

Almost a decade ago I found this casino named PartyCasino and they offered a lot of NextGen video slots and this is how I get the pleasure to acquainted with Ramesses Riches.
It occurred to me that the bonus feature of this game is easily to trigger because whenever I play this game I always get the free spins bonus within 5 minutes (maybe it's just luck).
Those things that called Ankh (scatters) can appear on each reel and they did appeared a lot in almost every spin.

The only thing that I don't like about NextGen games is the similar sound whenever a scatter appears, one way they can be excited to hear but in a long run it's kinda dull and boring (not unpleasant).

I had a few big wins playing this game and the biggest win was around 100 euro with the minimum bet. 3 times retrigger the free spins is something hard to forget (and the evil laugh of Ramesses).

With this game I dare to play a little bit higher than my usual bet because I know everytime if I play this game I certainly will trigger the bonus round within 5 minutes but triggering the bonus round doesn't mean you will hit the big fish but 3 scatters pays 5 times your bet, that's a reason enough for me to play higher than usual.

Remember one thing thou, if you have won big win you shouldn't stay playing this game. Get out and play other games. It happened to me more than once, I won big and lost even bigger. At that point I really thought that Ramesses laugh was really evil.

My advise to you is, play it, win it but don't lose it!
yapro 790 reviews
Ramesses Riches video slot was created by nextgen company, and it is another one old game in their portfolio, which is generally have nothing unique or great, but like all their games this one has interesting and nice graph, and therefore it is interesting to play it.

Ramesses Riches video slot has 20 paylines, and like i said it is typical game for this software creator and it is really great, since i like how their games work. here we have wilds on all reels, and here wilds if land 5 on same payline will pay x 250 total bet, i am really not sure if it is interesting to you in all my reviews read about biggest possible wins, but i think it is really interesting information, and since for me it is important, i will report you about such things, so you will know what to wait from the game even without opening it. 5 scatters here pay 100 x total bet and 20 free spins. 3 scatters give 12 free spins, and 4 scatters give 16 free spins, typical thing. I play this game only in skill on net casinos, and reason for this is very typical for me - just this game is in my list of this slots, which help to make lot of wagering without losing a lot of money. This game really helps in this and i like that nextgen has good amount of this slots, so for example how this happens, i deposit and take big bonus, hit big at 300 shields game, and then i start playing this medium variance game in order to clear bonus without high variance and losing much.

One more great looking game from nextgen which have medium variance. Game is interesting, but it is almost impossible to have really nice payouts with which you can make screenshot. So did not wait too much from this game.
Ramesses Riches game is powered by microgaming. I don't like this game at all. Reason being is the way the reels land. At the beginning they show the top symbol and when the reel fall it goes out of screen. I had two scatters on reels and third one come out and then hide on top of the reels again. Over all i would say that it is the game play that i don't like.

There are 20 lines in this game and my usual be t is €0.40. The pays are not bad in this game but i have never landed any good wins. The biggest win i had on a line hit was around €8. There is only one feature and that is a free spins feature. To get that i had to get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. It took me ages to get this feature and finally when i got it, i got four scatters. That awarded me with 16 free spins with all wins tripled. The total of the spins was around €27 and i was very disappointed.

The graphics in this game are pretty cool and the sound effects are nice. It is the game play that i really don't like. These days i don't play this game at all, there are much better games that i can waste my money on.I think if they made a second part to this game with normal spins this game will be more popular. maybe even if it had 243 lines, that would be cool too. If i was to rate this game i would give it 5 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Ramesses riches is nextgen game, which was released long time ago. First time i met this game at eucasino, when i just registered there, and start to discover their game. It was plenty of fun, apart from skill on net games, which was also presented on this casino, this nextgen slots make me feel happy, and i start play this software quite often. Now, after few years passed, i am still happy with this game, and for me it is still interesting to open them, even taking fact that they not so nice like new releases from microgaming and netent.

My best hit on this slot was around 500$ after feature on playmillion casino, on feature, which was triggered by 3 scatters, and awards 12 free spins at x 3 multiplier, i get 4 ramesses which also wilds, and it pay something like 450 $ , and i was excited of course, this is big win for me. I played this slot a lot of time , because wagering requirements on skill on net casinos is high, and because this game is really good to clear wagering. Variance is medium, feature is nothing special, but still interesting, i can not say anything bad about this game. Also once on eucasino i had very nice run on this game, make small deposit of 20$ and start playing at 0.25 penny, it was interesting and nice session, and also a bit fantastic, i get 5 retriggers in free spins, and won 250$, this is 1000 x total bet, and there is without any really decent hits, just for retriggers and some low wins. This game definitely has potential!

Conclusion: Of course old, but still very nice game which can help every player in case of need to clear bonus. Even with bonus game can be played, and award some nice wins. 8 stars, can not give 9, because game is old.
Icymod 758 reviews
Ramessess Riches is a fun video slot pulling together 20 paylines. The content inside this video slot portrays an egyptian theme. This really is a fun way to break my wallet because of the Free spin scatters. All it takes to get 12 Free spins at 3x would be to land 3 Ankhs. Sometimes when spinning the reels don't give out 3 scatters right away they offer it in 4 scatters. Each scattered Ankh gives out 4 Free spins each so 3 would grant 12 Free spins and by 4 will give out 16 Free spins. It's even better to chain together with Ramesses as not only is he the wild symbol but he makes all combinations 6x in free spins....basically doubling the 3x! My best win for this video slot has only been $82 on account of 2 retriggers and a 5 of a kind win, the other combinations were paying gradually to moderately high!

Overall, the free spins aren't that hard to hit too, it didn't take me very long to enjoy the free spins! All it took on my part is to bet $1 per spin but when the triggered free spins have been hitting bananas (crazy) then I changed to $2 bets only for a short time to see if I would have the same outcomes for when I'm putting down $1.It's a neat yet very easy video slot to get into. The free spins egyptian music (Claps 5 times).
First of all I'd like to point out something. Ramesses wearing Ear Hoop earrings!? That's something I never noticed before because I just get focused straight away on taking down the free spins feature......but Ramesses doesn't wear these. It's just unusual.

My last dislike about Ramesses Riches is if during the standard 12 Free spins at 3x, a few of my free spins get wasted that I only get a low $11 win and they don't retrigger to make up for some of the free spins I lost on. It adds good insult to injury when playing these and getting cra*ppy results!
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I never used to play Ramesess Riches much because during some of the first times I got to experience playing it I never won anything. I used to spin and spin and literally not even get pennies back. There are a lot of slots that are similar in many ways to this slot and I simply adore them all - I'm fact some of them are my favourite ever slots.

Unfortunately Ramesess Riches has made it into my Top slots of all times but the more I got to play it the more I realized I think I had the wrong strategy, I'm quite fable when it comes to slots and always play them at minimum bet, in this instance - being a 20 line slot at minimum bet of 0.01p makes it 20p a spin, however I decided one time as I had an incredibly high balance at the time I decided to play it at £1 a spin. Well my dare devil instincts definitely paid off!! The wins were considerably coming in more and I was getting free spins all the time. I simply fell in love with this slot from there on!

You will find this slot in most Microgaming Casinos, which is unlike the other slots of his kind which can only be found in certain Microgaming Casinos and not all!
The only thing I dislike about this a lot is like I said above I have to play it at £1 a spin to really reep the rewards and with me not being filthy rich means I can't play it as much as I'd like to!
I'm not saying you have to play it at a hefty £1 a spin, I've done ok at 40p/60p a spin too. I have found once you win a lot on this slot it tends to get very mean then - but this is something that any player will be able to pick up and recognise!
There are more than just a couple few NextGen Gaming slots available at several Microgaming casinos. 32Red is one of them where I found this game. At first I was a little bit surprised since Microgaming has an exclusive contract with 32Red to only offer games from Microgaming itself. Apparently the NextGen games available on 32Red fall under the Microgaming quickfire umbrella.

I think that's a great option so we can also enjoy other games with different characteristics just as easily. Ramesses Riches is an Egyptian themed slot just like the Throne of Egypt (Microgaming) and Egyptian Heroes (NetEnt). For some reason I often am successful while playing these games, while not so successful with other themes.

It's weird but let's just call it a combination of luck and variance maybe. Ramesses Riches has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The minimum bet for this game is only 20 cents, so an excellent option for the low rollers among us. I've experienced this game with bets ranging from 40 cents all the way up to 2 euros per spin.

The game contains scatters (Ankh) , wilds (Ramesses) and a fun second bonus round where free spins get played. The wild symbols contains a 2x multiplier as well by the way. To trigger the free spins you need at least 3 scatters, to win 12 free spins matched by a 3x multiplier.

4 or 5 scatters means winning 16 or 20 free spins respectively. During base game I noticed it's quite easy to hit, but that doesn't necessarily mean you win big. I usually win around 20-30x bet size when playing this game like every 150 spins, and the rest is fractional. My best win during base game was around 80x bet size I believe, thanks to some high paying symbols and a few wilds.

During free spins I had a few good sessions as well, thanks to the 3x multiplier and the 2x wild multiplier. This means there is a 6x multiplier if you match some symbols with a wild. This leaves room for huge potential. My biggest win here is 250x bet size, but I'd say on average the free spins don't pay more than 20x bet size.

My final rating is 7.5/10 for Ramesses Riches.
katemak 1170 reviews
Ramesses Richesis a 5 reel 20 paylines slot and it is WTG platform.I like playing this game and I am playing it very often in Miami Club Casino,Lincoln Casino and Liberty slots ,well only this casinos have the WTG slots. They have every day freeroll tournaments and that's why I am playing it for free and you can still earn some free chip from them and they are real money not bonus money.

So about the game, Ramesses Riches has ancient Egypt theme so the main features in this game are the Ramesses it self which is a wild symbol and its substitute all symbols except the scatter symbols which are the golden keys.

The golden keys can appear anywhere on the reels so if you hit 5 golden keys you will be rewarded with 20 free spins ,so the free spins vary from 12 to 20 free spins ,depends how many scatters you hit on the reels which are 3 multiplier,but if the wild appears the Ramesses then you will be paid X 6.

During the free spins you can also retrigger the free spins if you hit more then 3 golden keys,but in my experience that really happened very rear.The other symbols on this game are Cleopatra ,so by my experience she comes on the reels less times,but she pays together with Ramesses much more then the rest of the symbols.Also here its the Egyptian cat,the eye Horus and some J,Q,k 9 and 10.

I never had so many winnings from this game or maybe had not got luck with it.
I like this game but because i didn't had so much luck on it from this WTG platform game i will chooses Funky chicken slot,well with this slot you can earn real sum of money.

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