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Monkey Love Slot

Monkey Love is an island-themed video slot. This game's tropical atmosphere are enhanced with symbols of bongo drums, tribal statuettes, and yes: monkeys in love. If you want to give this video slot a try in real money play, just register at any Chartwell casino.

To start playing Monkey Love, use the controls to set your bet. Press the up and down arrows above Credit Value to change the bet denomination. Available sizes range from 0.01 to 0.25. Then press Bet 20 to add one coin to each of the 20 paylines. Alternatively, you can set the bet per line manually by clicking the circles on the left and right of each payline. If you made an error, use Clear to start over. Press Spin to begin, or use Bet Max to play with 10 coins per line. Press the up and down arrows above Auto Spin, then press Auto Spin to spin a selected number of times without interruption.

Monkey Love offers players several ways to win big. The wild drums can substitute for any symbol on a payline and double the payout. Get 3 Scatter symbols to boost your bankroll. The biggest payout, though, is definitely from the bonus feature. Just get 3 scattered Bonus symbols to enter this lucrative round. In it, you pick a box and a gift to woo your simian lover. Rewards go up to 7 free spins at a 6x multiplier! These fantastic ways to win and its silly premise make Monkey Love a video slot to remember.

Game Play

Credit Value: Adjust your coin denomination.
Bet 20: Add one coin per line.
Coloured circle: Add one coin to the selected line.
Spin: Start spinning at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Start spinning with 10 coins bet per line.
Auto Spin: Spin the selected number of times continuously.

Monkey Love Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Monkey Love is a very cheerful and colorful video slot game with lots of hearts everywhere on the reels. This is an online slot from Amaya Gaming. I have played this game once and I did not have a very memorable session. Most of the spins were losing, and I found it really hard to activate the features, and after I did, I was disappointed of the small wins.

Monkey Love is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game. There is only one special feature with this game and there is nothing special about it. I have played this game on min bet, because I wanted to test the water first. And, to be honest after so many losing spins I did not want to raise my bet. I thought that that would have been unnecessary risk.

After a while I managed to land 3 gift bonus symbols and to activate the free spins. It is possible to get between 4 and 7 free spins, I got 4 of course, which is the smallest number. There is a multiplier too which is between x 3 and x 6. So with 4 free spins and a multiplier of x 3 I won only 5 euros. Luckily, I had some money on my balance to continue playing this slot. I could not believe how out of luck I was, and I wanted to activate the free spins again and hope that this time I will win more. 50 spins later I did activate the free spins and I won 3 euros only. At this point I decided to change the game.
Monkey Love seems like a really nice game the first time you see it. But once I started to play it and saw how my money were going out of the window I quickly changed my opinion. I would definitely not play this slot again and I would suggest the same to you.
Now this is the part where i have to write all the positive experience i had with this game. So i am going to go ahead and skip this part, because there is nothing good to say about this game. If there was a competition for the worst looking game with smallest pays, then this game would definitely win.
I have never seen or played a game that was stupider than this one. Monkey Love? What does that even mean? I don't know what that monkey loves,but it is definitely not paying out. With its tiny wins it adds insult to injury, and i find myself hypnotized to this stupidity. A thought of raising the bet to see if i can get lucky sparks in my mind, and like a retard i do just that. After noticing a huge loss in my balance, i come to my senses and realize that i've been done.
There are 20 lines in this game and one feature. It is a free spins feature and you can actually get a high multiplier on it. The game also has scatters and they only pay. The biggest pay on this game is 5 wilds and they pay 5000x line bet. The wilds were coming out so little for me that even getting three of them would be an impossible task.
Just to piss me off, the game also has the stop feature, which i used and abused. I probably did almost 50 double taps, and never once got anything bigger than €1, which is shocking.
On higher bets the game was even worst and 8 out of 10 spins were with out a win. A seriously greedy game that does not want to pay anything. My advise would be not to play this game at all. It is not worth it and you are just going to lose your money. My rating 1 out of 10
paquito76 867 reviews
I think Monkey Love is the most loveable, cute slot in Amaya’s repertoire. It has a very charming interface with very good graphics and very adorable and colourful pictograms. We can’t really speak of a real theme that this game is built around but I guess it wasn’t a primary purpose of developer when created this slot instead much more to produce a pure joyful and pleasant slot, and they did a good job in this segment. We can see the deep blue ocean on the background with sands under our feet and palm trees complete the overall big picture and feeling. Who wouldn’t want to play in such circumstances?

The symbols as I said are very cure as illustrate monkey, loving heart, little girl, banana, gift box crossed with pink ribbon (brrr). Personally I feel they’re a little bit childish and sentimental and they’re really not the type of game symbols that suit best to my style but strangely I find most of them sweet than kitschy and I easily can imagine this is the favourite slot of some gamblers and I’m not thinking about exclusively the lady players.

The game section itself offers 20-payline to bet on with the promise of winning potential 5000 times of line bet as grand prize. 5, winning combination forming Wild figures would do that trick if they wanted enough to reward the lucky ones and also doubles all wins values if at least one of them is a part of other good series of appearing symbols. The payout scheme of the Scatter is quite good as it can give over max. 200 times of total bet. My least sympathetic figure, the Gift Box is the Bonus of the game and it’s a free spin activator if at least 3 of them pop up anywhere on the reels. There, first we have to choose out of 6 boxes to determine the number of free spin (up to 7) then a box item selection is required for getting the multiplier value (max. 6).

In my opinion this bonus+free spin feature is perfectly describes the entire game sector – nice, cute but from gambling standpoint it can’t be taken seriously and maybe a little bit indifferent. The free spins usually reward just few coins that are not worth to wait for this side game. Generally, the normal game mode is exactly like this, too and I’m sure the fault is in me to think that of this slot and maybe if money wasn’t involved in this whole thing my mind would be changed and enjoyed it more but it’s also a business on the other hand and this side of gambling is not dominated for me enough at this slot at any way to rate it a real good game or consider it a 1 professional’ product. Sorry, Monkey Love fans!
valentin68 535 reviews
Well, in this slot “Monkey Love” I do not know better if the girl is the one that loves the monkey or whether the player has to choose who he loves the most: the little girl or the monkey. Excuse me, but this is the impression that I was left after trying this slot for about 250 spins.

So, the “Monkey love” slot is part of Amaya casinos and has 20 paylines for a minimum bet of 20 cents. The slot is better than the average one from these casinos, in the sense that the losses are not too many and sometimes it is possible for the player to be in profit. From my experience with the game, here in the first 80 spins I lost about 6 Euro, then for the next 70-80 spins I had some extra money (even 4 Euro extra) and finally after the last 80 spins I found myself in minus with a total loss at the end of some 5 Euro.So that 5 Euro lost for 50 Euro gambled means a return of only 90 %, but maybe I just not played enough to make a good statistics.

The slot does not have a paytable but from playing experience a win of some 3-5 cents is offered even for 2 symbols aligned. The Wild symbol (the “Drums” that double combination they enter) does not help here too much, and combinations of more than 4 symbols on the same payline I never had.However the slot is excellent when it comes to Free spins , which I have played 5 times in the first 100 spins and 3 times in the next 150 spins. The number of Free spins is very small, generally you get 4 spins with a 3x or 4x multiplier. However, the Free spins retriggered twice and automatically were added another 4 free spins to the existing ones. Once I won from this round about 8 Euro (the most rewarding round) and once some 70 cents (the lowest win).

I have met the Scatters only by 2 (about every 10 spins) and each time they gave me a payout of 20 cents (equal to the total bet ) .

Otherwise, the slot is generally kind of easy and although it is not excellent for its graphics quality, also is not the worst. Compared to other slots casinos from Amaya casinos this slot is certainly better than the average.
Icymod 758 reviews
The simple and pleasing graphics of Monkey love did not cut well into the way it delivers it's game. For 20 paylines it can create very little winnings. I had to press the Bet 20 button and switch the credit value forward to make each spin for $1. I was considering to bet for $2 after my $1 bets but it convinced me to leave it to $1. I tell you it's not even worth it even on this bet because there are small wins of $0.50, $1.30 and $2.85 and basically nothing. What I would like to find when I play for $1 a spin would be a win size of $5 to double digits of $11 or more! The value of what I put in does not come running back to me in flames to explode just like a bomb would.

The Free spins bonus are literally a way of giving little when they are triggered. I would need 3 scattered stacked presents tied with a pretty pink bow to enter the bonus game where inside there will be presents shown to choose from them. Only one present can be chosen that reveals free spins. I wasn't into this because the lowest to dig up free spins, one got me 3 Free spins only. The next round allows for a multiplier, this round had granted me 3x. Chocolates, a diamond ring (On a first date? That soon already?), a bouquet of roses, bubbly champagne, a banana (typical monkeys) and a picture of the male monkey were the choices to choose from. Each one will always be different. The highest I managed to get from one trigger are 5 Free spins at 5x. I have never seen anything higher than this! It's a crime getting away! This is what makes me terribly disinterested, which I want to point out that by having Lady Luck give me this slot as a choice, I would say she's giving me the idea that she's a bit*h, period! This set had given me only $7.55 on my highest trigger! WoW! This is something I would give a pet too! What goodness can come from Monkey Love are the results shown on the bottom after each concluded spin, it will tell me the news of whether my bet turned out positive, negative or simply the same when I put my bet in.

Don't try winning on this slot as you will only make little from it and many reasons as to why you should've chosen another slot. A very small winning slot like Monkey Love gets a 4 out of 10!

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