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Golden Tour is a simplistic video slot with a bright golf theme. The slot features only five paylines, but lines win left-to-right or right-to-left. This twist makes Golden Tour one of the most unique slot games available on the Web. Online gamblers who have lots of luck on this green are welcome to try out Golden Tour at any Playtech casino for real money.

Players can begin their Golden Tour adventure by selecting their coin size. Amounts from $0.01 to $5 are available. Then, players choose how many lines to play out of five by hitting the “Bet One” button. To keep all five lines active, do not adjust anything. Unlike other video slots, gamblers cannot bet multiple coins per line. Once the game is set up how you like it, just hit the Spin button.

Golf-themed symbols like flags, carts, and clubs will cascade down the reels. A pair of golden golf balls can substitute for either a brown and/or gray golf ball. Lucky players may be able to win both left-to-right and right-to-left on wild combinations. The real big bucks, though, come from the bonus round. Just get three moles, ducks, or fish consecutively to activate this exciting feature.

Game Play

-/+: Change your coin denomination.
Bet One: Bet on one more line.
Bet Max: Spin with all five lines activated.
Spin: Spin with the selected number of lines activated. 

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Software Playtech
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 97.7%
Special feature Wild Scatter
Slot details
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Golden Tour Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1766 reviews
• Malaysia
Reviewed on March 24, 2016


Fancy a game of golf on a tour? No huh? It's okay. I guess this oldie golf slot game would only attract golfers and golfer-wannabes more than anybody else. But there's no harm in giving it a try. I did... and for quite a while too, as it kept me entertained and continue on playing for days, even coming back for more months later.

Golden Tour, as the game is named, is a simple 5-lines 5-reels slot game with golfing as the theme. Golfers usually go on tours for golf tournaments, golfing promotional events or just for the sheer of golfing at different exotic golf resorts. Just as we gamers would do... the same way we go from one casino to another for the various kinds of games. In Golden Tour, you are playing golf purely for fun and cash prizes. No trophy to be won, no super prize for a hole-in-one. And here in Golden Tour, there can be nothing else but into-the-hole on the greens. Like a hole-in-one, with no misses at all! Yeah... you can never be better at putting on greens than at Golden Tour! Brag that to all your unknowing friends! Tell them "no birdies, no boogies... just hole-in-ones!" Watch for their eyes widening! Hehehe.

Familiar golfing paraphernalia are used for symbols, like golfing shoes, flags, golf-bags, buggies and of course golf balls, in the colours of orange, white and cream, the cream coloured ones paying the highest prize. Playing with only 5 paylines is easy on the eyes. Wins are more easily noticeable than when playing with the usual 15 lines or more, and there are no awkward paying lines to take notice of. So there's never a need for head and neck bending twists to see which line is paying what. However, players should take notice that wins can be achieved in two directions - from the usual left-to-right as well as from right-to-left, but only the highest win on any payline gets paid. So in fact, this is a not really a 5 paylines slot game, it is also a 10 payliner too, not that it makes any difference any way, hehehe. There is only 1 type of bonus game available, the scatter bonus game, which is triggered by 3 scatters appearing anywhere on the paylines. 3 types of scatter symbols are available - a rabbit, a duck and a fish. Beats me how these creatures got scattered onto the golfing fairways and greens...but that's another story, hahaha. Each type of scatter pays differently, from the lowest to the highest, but which pay what, I couldn't be certain. No indication is shown in the paytable, and all the bonus games that I had played and got paid for are all about the same. I couldn't tell if the rabbit bonus game paid more, or the duck... or was it the fish? Ahhh... who cares... as long as you get paid!

So, how do you play the scatter bonus game? Good question! Glad you asked that... hehehe. Firstly, you must get 3 scatters of the same kind anywhere on the paylines. You know that already? Okay, great! The bonus game has three separate screens. In the first screen, you pick 1 club driver from the many shown. No, there's no Man-U or Liverpool club driver there... just golfing drivers! On the second screen, you pick 1 putter from those shown. What's a putter? It's that short stick in the golf-bag, the one with the curved flat head. NO!!! NOT THAT stick... geees! Anyway, on the third screen, you are ready to sink the golf ball into the hole! Swing your arm, hit the ball, and see how beautifully it goes into the hole! A hole-in-one! Waaaaaaait a minute! That hit wasn't using a putter... it was using a chipper! And all the while you were asked to pick out a driver and a putter? Geeees... strange game of golf this is, isn't it? But quite fun anyhow! Hehehe.
Inactive user
Reviewed on October 31, 2015


I have never been a fan of golf, probably because I do not come from a country where the sport holds an important place in the sports and social life. Americans are definitely not agree with me, but I admit that this is the one sport that enjoys a high reputation in the global sense. When I wrote about Basketball slot from RTG platform, I wrote about basketball and its popularity on the Balkans, while the Golden Tour situation is quite different from my point of view. However, it was not a reason not to taste with the slot machines, and explore its possibilities and in this way I learned something about golf.

I love this game mainly because of some other things, and these are the first simple and fun game without complicated free spins and bonus rounds, and another that I like is the percentage of winnings in this game, which is about 98%, and it is for each respect. If you did not know, this slot is part of the Dollar Ball progressive network, and you can play in both modes, the classical and progressive mode. I am always for the progressive slot machines, because in addition to a greater role you have much greater opportunities, while in non-progressive games are always out there, tapping in and not do anything important.

If you decide to change your method of play in the progressive, will make it so you can see in the top right corner of the yellow button "enable" that changes your mode of play. In regular play maximum amount you can win is some $ 10,000, while rolled in a progressive mode this possibility several times increases. If you have not yet decided which version is right for you, we suggest you download the free version of this slot machine to your computer and try it in fun mode. My suggestion is William Hill Casino Club, and open yourself a fun account where all available Playtech games you can try for free.
Inactive user
Reviewed on August 21, 2014


Golden Tour comes from Playtech and it looks like an older game, and I really couldn’t guess from its name that the theme of the game was a golf tournament, and I didn't know what it was about until I saw the symbols in this game.

The most paying symbols are golden, platinum and bronze golf balls paying from 500 up to 2000 coins. There are three scatters in this game and collecting 3 or more of the same kind will start the bonus game. Well at least I got into the bonus game with a balance as low as 7 euros with the intention to spend it all on this game that it not attractive to me, but with each spin, I got something to play with. The name and symbols do not match. The wild symbol is my favorite.

I think we could have much more excitement in this game if the sounds were different than the bird singing while golfers are playing, and seeing this is too simple with average symbols.

The bonus game is called Chose your gear! Is quite fun compared to other slots, and I am wondering who came up with the idea for such a background sound while each spin is stopping. The bonus game gave me nothing but 3.75 dollars win and it is really nothing, but compared to all of the other winnings like the 1.40 dollars the highest payout, it was ok. I got the second bonus game and won 2.25 euros and each spin was again giving me something to play with.

Well now, when I decided to leave, my balance on this slot was back on 10 euros and it could be enough for me to play and try another game. This is not the type of game I would ever wish to play again. Really not. The paylines colored bulbs make it hard for the players eyes and are too colored.

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