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Easter Surprise Slot

Easter Surprise is a colourful video slot that celebrates the spring season. With lots of Easter eggs, bunnies, and baskets, hopefully you can snag a couple of goodies. If you're finding good luck inside our free version of Easter Surprise, be sure to give it a shot for real money at any of our listed Playtech casinos.

To start playing Easter Surprise, first set your bet to fit your bankroll. Use the Click to Change button on the left to select a coin denomination. Available sizes range from $0.01 up to $5. Press Bet Per Line to adjust the number of coins you're betting per line up to 10. Finally, use the Lines button if you do not want to play all 20 paylines. Use Spin to begin, or use Bet Max to spin with all 20 paylines activated at 10 coins per line. You can also use the Auto Start feature. Use the - and + keys beside Spins, then press Auto Start to spin that many times without interruption.

As the reels tumble, a cute little harmony will play. Hopefully the music will bring you plenty of nice wins! The wild bunnies are fantastic for giving you potentially gargantuan line wins. If you manage to get three scattered Easter Surprise symbols, you win 10 free spins at an impressive 3x multiplier. Finally, if you get three or more Bonus baskets consecutively on a payline, you get to open up some Easter eggs and win instantly! Although Easter Surprise may appear adorable and whimsical, the big payouts it offers are serious.

Game Play

Click to Change: Adjust your coin denomination.
Bet Per Line: Select how many coins to bet per payline.
Lines: Choose how many paylines to keep active.
Spin: Spin with the selected bet settings.
Bet Max: Spin with all 20 lines activated and a bet of 10 coins per line.
Auto Start: Play the selected number of spins continuously.

Easter Surprise Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1299 reviews
(Re-post) If you're a Playtech fanatic like me, then Easter Surprise would surely be amongst one of your favourite games. It uses the same game-play style as the ever-popular Desert Treasure, with probably just about similar possibilities for really big wins too, and I mean really big wins! But you can't compare such wins with jackpot wins of course... those are like once-in-a-lifetime big-bang wins! I made my biggest ever single win on Desert Treasure, but I have not had any more of such brilliant luck on any other games, including Easter Surprise. But who knows what the future holds and what it could bring! The key factor is...keep playing! Those big wins don't have legs, and they certainly don't take rides on planes, trains or cabs either... so it's impossible for them to come knocking on your door! You just have to catch them and bring them back to your home! Hehehe.

I have not been playing Easter Surprise for a long time since I found new favourite games from Playtech. So I decided to play a refresher game here and see if this Easter could still be a "yes!" game. With a starting balance of $2000 (wow, big hah?!), I played with $10 total bets from the start. After I got that first bonus game, I increased my bets to $20, but that quickly drained away like a thirsty guy downing a delicious cool fruity juice drink on a hot day! Gees! After I got myself a nice cool drink...yep, that suddenly made me very thirsty too... I continued on with my game. With not much left in my balance, a bonus game came, boosting my balance back up a bit. Not bad. Ah well, I was playing with fun money, hahaha, and just testing out the game after such a long break... so there was nothing to lose. So I upped to $100 total bet per spin and just let it roll on auto play. Another bonus game came, with a x11 payout, not bad at all! Soon after, 4 scatters came into my life... okay, okay, not my life, but the game... and paid me $5000 on the spot, with 10 free spins and a x3 win multiplier to go! Whoopie! This is exactly the kind of happenings that would thrill you to bits and make you come back for more and more! Those 4 scatters paid x50 total bet, for a beautiful $5000 payout, but 5 of them would have paid me x500! Hold on! *click* *clickity click* *click* *click* (doing a quick calculation here). OMG!!! Why? what's wrong? Oh, nothing's wrong... $50,000 has just gone! Now, is that B-I-G or is that BIG?! Gees! Ahem... back to game now. Okay, 10 free spins to go! A couple of times I wanted to throw my fist up into the air, but that didn't happened. Only 2 scatters came, the third one was lame! Dang! Do you know what would happen if 5 scatters came in a free spins game? No? Well, let me tell you! 5 scatters would pay x500 total bet right? Right! Win multiplier is x3 right? Right! So, how much would I get? Err... hold on! *click* *clickety click* *click* *click* (sorry, my brain's still sleeping!). OMG!!! $150,000! Oh-my-gawd, that's what I could get! With such a win, who needs a jackpot right? Oh? Oh, okay, you do! Hahaha.

Well, not even 30 minutes have passed since I started playing the game Easter Surprise right here at AskGamblers games review section, just to get those old feelings back after such a long break... and guess what? My balance has already gone up to $11,140! If only this was R-E-A-L money, hehehe. Dang! I think Easter Surprise just grabbed me by my balls! Still a few more months to Easter, but I think I'd better give this game another stir, and hope those rabbits would bring me lots of purrs! What? Rabbits don't purr! Oh, okay sir! Whatever you say sir! But they sure p-u-r-r-r-rto me, hahaha.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I don't know if there is anyone who doesn't like holidays and warm atmosphere.I know some people get sad and if you are one of them do not hesitate, give it a try to Easter Surprise by Playtech and it will be pleasant surprise to play this 5 reels, 20 paylines game which is all about colors, beautiful eggs, bunnies, happiness, gifts and the most important wins.

This game makes a very good choice for the players not because of its wonderful theme but because of the huge potential.Yes, you heard me very well.

I must admit that I am all into emotional moments and colors make me feel so good just like Easter Surprise slot does and when you know that is 150 000 euros there is no doubt you should make deposit and start playing right now.

No need to wait Easter, it's worth playing anytime, while enjoying superb graphics and design and cute cartoonish characters.

You can chose bet range from as low as 0.01up to 5 while hoping and expecting to get something delicious in return from 97 percent RTP.

We know that there are slots created for special holiday promotions and this slot definitely isn't one of these because its slot that offer all in one for the most players from its payouts to features.

Cute Easter Bunny representing wild symbo lwhich substitute for all symbols except scatter could bring you the most paying combinations and make you pretty much happy because if you manage to get five of them that means that you won jackpot of 10.000 coins. Sounds great to me.

3 or more Basket bonus symbols appearing on the active payline will start Easter Egg bonus where you can chose up to five eggs and reveals delicious prizes.Then comes the free spins feature with 10 free spins and 3 x multiplier and huge winning potential.

Now,it is really time to try it in free mode or even better, go and start hunting those shiny eggs and bunnies.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Easter surprise is another fun slot coming from Playtech. This game has the standard 20 paylines and 5 reels. As you can see from the name, for a theme this game has Easter and the Easter bunny. The Easter Bunny is the wild symbol in this game and I’m sure everyone who played this slot want to see 5 of them hopping around on an active payline to award them a 10 000 x bet win. The scatter here is a Easter Surprise and 3 or more gives you 10 free games with a 3x multiplier. If you are lucky enough to get 5 of them you will be surprised to receive a 500 x bet gift for Easter.

I have played this game a few times and I have to say it reminds me very much of Santa Surprise. Basically everything is the same here except for the symbols and the theme. This game also has two bonus features. The first is a pick up bonus and is activated if you get 3 or more bonus symbols on the first tree reels and on a winning payline. After that you go to the Easter bunny and select as many eggs as the number of symbols you won. Here the winnings are small and usually go up to 10 x bet. The second bonus is triggered if you get 3 or more scatters and you get 10 free spins with a 3 x multiplier. Here you can also get the Easter bonus but the wins from the bonus aren’t multiplied. The best wins can come if the free spins get re triggered which can go on forever. I have to say that re triggering the bonus is not so easy. So far I have only managed to do that twice and still didn’t get a big payout. But this game pays small to medium wins very often so you can use it to wager some bonus.
Easter surprise is a video slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines created in Playtech. I really like Playtech slots. A lot of them come with supreme graphic and animations and even the ones who don’t have all of that like this game are very interesting. You can play them for hours without getting bored. Even though the graphic here isn't great the overall impression of the game is good, it looks very cheerful to me and I think that this game has a nice selection of colors and symbols. Earlier Easter Surprise was a game that I played rarely. But lately I had some descent wins here and started paying more attention to it.

This game offers two bonus rounds. The first bonus is a classical pick up bonus. The cashouts from this bonus are regularly small for my taste. I have wins of 10 x bet or more very rarely here. Like in most of the other games coming from Playtech you can have the biggest wins here in the free spins round. It is activated if you get 3 gift scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. I that case all the wins are multiplied by 3. I had a few times wins of over 100 x be or more here. With this game you can re trigger this bonus. In one chance I managed to re trigger it 4 times. That means I had a total of 40 free spins with a 3 x multiplier. The cashout was about 60 euros because unfortunately I was playing on a bet of only 0.2 euros. I am not a high roller player but I will probably try this game again with a bigger bet of lets say 1 euro per spin.


Easter surprise is a video slot game with a weaker graphics compared to other Playtech games but it has good symbols and colors. I recommend this game to everyone.
Easter Surprise is a slot powered by Playtech that has 20 pay lines and 5 reels which has theme of Easter and promises to gift its players some nice cash in form of Easter Surprise. The Slot has Vibrant colors and mesmerizing appearance which lures one to play again and again on this slot. The returns from the slot are pretty good in base game to awesome in bonus games.

I first played on this slot at Winner Casino Club and started with a bank balance of $30. I started spinning on a bet of $0.2 per spin initially. Few odd spins and i was able to strike the free spin bonus round by getting 3 scatter symbols which gave me 10 free spins with 3X multiplier. It paid me $12 which is 20X my bet that is pretty good as far as i think. That day itself few more spins later i was able to activate the Egg bonus round by getting 3 bonus symbols on first 3 reels on an active pay line. I was presented with 6 eggs where i could choose 3 and each had a cash prize behind it. I have seen that there are two eggs that have very good prizes and rest 4 have decent prizes. I won around $5 from the round. Let me also tell you that free spins can be re-triggered in the free spin round itself.

Luckily today itself i re-triggered them and captured the screen so i will upload that here too. I won total of $33 from 20 free spins and considering a bet of $0.2 it is almost 160 times my bet which is amazing. Also i have noticed that egg bonus round has average to good pay outs but free spin round has amazing pay outs and both of them occur very frequently. There is no day when i am playing on this slot and leave with money less then twice of what i started with. Well done Playtech. An overall rating of 9 out of 10 to this slot.
yapro 790 reviews
Easter surprise it is another one playtech game which was released before Easter long time ago, i am of course not sure about it, but when the best time to release game with theme Easter? At Christmas? :) So i am sure that i am correct here.
Like all of course understand theme is Easter and there is a lot of Easter bunnies involved in this game. Also bunny is wild at this game, and best payout at this slot game is for 5 wilds.

Game has 25 paylines so minimum bet at this game is 0.25$. I think this is nice game, and it have no any super unique feature but still very beauty one and interesting to play. First feature triggered when 3+ bonus symbols appear on payline, more bonus symbol you get more picks you get in bonus game, max number of picks is 5 of course. My best win in this bonus game is something like x 40 total bet which is not big win of course but still not bad result for pick bonus game. Also it is possible to trigger 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, player need 3+ scatters to get it. My best hit in base game is nearly x 70 total bet, and my best hit after free spins is around x 200 total bet. I like this game and it is interesting to play it, and also like i say game looks very good so it is even pleasure just open it and click spins.

Game variance is medium of course and it is hard to wait really huge wins from it, if only 5 scatters or 5 wilds will land but i never was even close to it. I play this game rare, because i not like medium variance games, but i think this game will like almost every gambler. Just try it and let us know what you think about it.
Easter Surprise is a game powered by Playtech. I really don't like this game, in my view one of the worst. I play it some times on 888 and every time it proves that it is complete rubbish. It has very small pays and the features are not worth the time. There are 25 lines in this game and my usual bets are €0.25 to €0.50, i tried playing this game on bigger bets but it was even worst. There are two features in this game.

There is a free spins feature and an Easter egg bonus.To get the Easter egg bonus i had to get three or more baskets on an active pay line. This bonus is easy to get and the pays are rubbish. max i won was around €3. In my view it is impossible to win big on this bonus. Even if you bet big max you are going to get is around 40x. I got this bonus a lot on a double tap and would recommend for everyone to try it. The other feature is the free spins and they are definitely better than the Easter egg bonus. You get 10 free spins with all wins tripled. I got this feature good few times and also while double tapping. I don't know why but it works for me. I managed to re-trigger the free spins a couple of time and those were my biggest wins. Max i would say i won was around€22.

Over all i don't like the game. The features are not good and the pays are small. If i was to rate this game i would give it 3 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
“Easter Surprise” is yet another newest slot from Playtech casinos. The slot has 20 lines and its theme is, you probably guessed, the Easter eggs and the Easter bunny that here is Wild . The slot is different from other so-called “classic” Playtech slots because here the wins are very numerous, yet very small. Two eggs of the same kind pay about 10 to 20 cents, but not too often (about once every 30-50 spins you will have 5 symbols of the same type, if not eggs they will be the playing cards figures). The Bunny as I said, is Wild here and is more generous, and generally it will provide enough earnings and quite often you add even some extra money into the balance. In my case in 500 spins (yes, it was a pleasure to play here 500 spins) I had an extra of about 4 Euro after the first 200 spins and finally the total minus was somewhere around 8 Euro (for a total of 100 Euro gambled).

Extra sensation in the pleasant atmosphere of the slot, is brought by the very frequent Bonus games. The bonus games are triggered by the 3 baskets with Easter eggs about once every 20-30 spins . How many baskets are aligned give the number of the eggs you need to choose. The payout is some tens cents (40 cents -1.5 Euro) .

The number of Free spins is 10, featuring a 3x multiplier and unfortunately in 500 spins I played them only twice, but perhaps I was just unlucky. The payout of Free spins is still some 2-4 Euro, but it is enough.

As I said, the slot is easy and inviting, and the Easter eggs are very nicely decorated. Although small, the wins are very frequent so generally when you lose the amounts lost are small.By all means, you can make a stop here, to try the Bunny surprises.
Icymod 758 reviews
Easter Surprise, is an attractive Easter Themed video slot featuring 20 Paylines, the ability for me to seek a lot of rabbit Wilds which are the biggest help to me, Easter eggs that pay well and scattered Free spins Presents that can be described as useful and annoying to have.

When I was playing for $0.80 a spin I was on the edge to have myself win 5 Orange eggs. Unfortunately there was an Easter Scatter that appeared when I'm minding my own business as it landed on the 5th reel, the same position where I could of completed a 5 of a kind win for Orange decorated Easter Egg symbols. I thought to myself, not out loud when this happened, "unless if you want to pick up your shiny purple bow on the floor, you better cut it out" in a stern voice lol. Since the scatters were unappreciative to what I was looking forward to I just had a $10.40 win from it. The rabbit wilds were friendly as the scatter blocking my 5 of a kind win was not! And if it does that again I am going to grab a big stapler to use on the scatters bow just to see who's really the boss!

One things certain, I like hitting up bonus symbols to get me into the small pick basket that awaits me there. I bring with me no more than a $9 win from picking 3 coloured eggs from the basket that the furry rabbit is holding in front of me. More picks can be won should I find more Easter Basket bonus symbols lining up from inside an active payline. This bonus is most likely the easiest for a trigger due to it's small awarding bonus round inside. That I don't have any problems with. Small can be plenty! For the Free spins, I try to be positive about it but to me my results can jump out of a window after 10 Free spins or become an "alright by 40%" good win. If it does do great things for me than around $15 (not including bonus hits) are to be expected from them. If fumbled them I expect less from $15!

Entirely, Easter Surprise can be an 8.3 out of 10!!!

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