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Dolphin Reef Slot

Dolphin Reef is a 20-payline video slot operating on the Microgaming software platform. Set underwater, the game’s wild card is the Dolphin, which only occurs on reels 2 and 4, and the scatter is the Treasure Chest icon. Players can test the slot on this page for free or choose any of the featured Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

Prior to diving beneath the sea surface and exploring the reef, players should adjust their wager. The number of active paylines is set by clicking “Lines”, while “Max” chooses all paylines. “Bet” alters the coin size from 0.01 to 5 and “Max” chooses the highest bet. Clicking “Spin” starts turning the reels and “Au­top­lay­” spins them for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

After any win there is an option to press “Gamble” and increase one’s winnings. If players choose the correct colour of the face-down card, their win is doubled and if they guess the suit of the card, it is quadrupled. Wrong guesses, however, lead to the end of the feature. Winnings may be gambled up to 5 times. To leave the round themselves and save their winnings, players should select “Take Win”.

In the Re-Spin feature players can win 5 held re-spins with expanded wilds when 2 Dolphin symbols emerge on reels 2 and 4. Reels 2 and 4 then expand and reels 1,3 and 5 are spun 5 times .

A jackpot of 5,000 coins will be won when 5 Clown Fish icons emerge on an enabled payline.

Game Play

Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Max: Activate all paylines.
Bet: Select the coin size.
Max: Select the highest wager.
Spin: Start the game.
Autoplay: Spin the reels multiple times uninterrupted.
Gamble: Enter the gamble round.
Take Win: Save the won sum.

Dolphin Reef Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Dolphin Reef is a game I play from time to time whenever my balance allows it and whenever I don’t have any luck with my standard favorite Marvel slots.

This is a standard 20 payline 5 reel slot from Playtech with a few interesting features. I think this is the only game I know where 3 scatters only provide a bet win and don’t trigger any bonus round. I learned this the very first time I played this game. I was playing on minimum bet and went over 200 spins without hitting a bonus feature. I didn’t read the paytable so I was waiting for 3 scatters to hit. When they finally did I only got a 3 x bet win and thought there was something wrong with the game. I opened the paytable only to find out that the bonus is triggered when the dolphin symbol appears on reels 2 and 4. I was angry and didn’t want to wait any longer so I just moved to another game. Later on I played this game a few more times and had some descent wins on it so I started playing it more.

I like the bonus round here because you get 5 respins with stacked wilds on reels 2 and 4 so you have a chance to hit some nice 5 of a kind combinations. I almost get some descent win every time I get this feature. Another thing I like here is that the wild also substitutes the scatter symbol so you can get 4 or even 5 scatters in the bonus round. It would be better if 4 scatters paid 100 x bet instead of 10 and 5 scatter to pay 200 x bet instead of 100 but still you can have some descent wins.

My biggest win on this game in the bonus round was about 400 euros in Fly casino but I was lucky enough to get the bonus round on a high 5 euros bet.
Dolphin reef it is playtech online slot, it is quite interesting game to play, but unfortunately it is presented not at all casinos, not sure why but some places miss this game.

This game has 20 paylines and generally there is nothing special, but somehow this game is still interesting. Some kind of magic which nextgen using in their slots, which have nothing really great or new, but still very nice to play.

There is only two wilds at base game, and also very pity thing about scatters. We all know that usually scatters trigger something , and always wait something good when we get 3 scatters, but unfortunately at this slot 3 scatters did not trigger anything, and basically just award some money. To trigger freespins feature you need to get dolhpin wilds at reels 2 and 4 at same time, they appear only at this reels, so you will not miss this moment when they appear.

So what does freespins give us? We got only 5 freespins, which can not be retriggered by anyway, but there will be 5 freespins with reels 2 and 4 wilds. Not bad at all, also taking a fact that both wild reels also substitute as 1 scatters, so if you get 3 scatters on other reels - there will be 5 scatters payout.

I think i like this game because feature trigered usually, and also when it finally come - it will pay at least something. Chances to get very low dissapointing payout are very small. My best result at this slot was 350$ dollars won at 1$ bet size after 5 freespins, and it is still can be higher if good paying symbols will make 5 of a kind.

Overall it is great and interesting slot to play. Variance here is not so high, so you will unlikely lose money fast without having few freespins feature = chances to have some nice wins.
Typical problem for online slots - base game is quite boring.
Dolphin Reef is definitely one of the coolest games out there. Once you give it a shot you cant help but like it. It offers great wins and great feature, which is pretty much all you want from a game. I have been playing it for years now and would say that I have been winning on it more that 80% of the time.

I first played this game on 888, and the minimum bet is €1. On that bet I have won over €300, and because of that recommend to play this game on high bets. You can still win good money on small bets, but if you are looking for huge wins you got to bet big.

The thing to look out for is the dolphins on the second and fourth reels. They award you with an awesome feature that not many other games offer. For five spins the second and fourth reels stay wild and give you a huge chance of getting big pay. My best result was over 300x, which is not big by this games standards.

The wilds also mix with scatters and you can get five scatters in free spins pretty easy. I got four of them many time and five of them only once.

The graphics, the sound effects and the theme are very nice and relaxing. As you play you feel yourself relaxing and enjoying yourself. I have spent hours playing this game, in fact I'm sure that many people who play this game are playing it for very long time.
The only thing that I would have like to see in this game is a stop button. I just like to double tap and for some reason believe that I would have been successful in this game. The reels spin so slow that I think I could stop it when I see it. Over all a cool game and one of my favorites. My rating 9 out of 10.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
I want to dedicate my first ever game review here at to my very top favourite Playtech slot game 'Dolphin Reef'. I wasn't interested at all in this game way way back in those early gaming days of mine, until I watched a friend playing it for hours, obviously very keen on the game. I then tried it on my own, on and off, intermittently playing with my other favourite games. Whenever the other favourites were not playing, I would switch over to Dolphin Reef.

Getting to REALLY know the game took quite a long while for me, because it was, and still is, unlike any other slot games I am used to. Dolphin Reef plays with 20-lines, the dolphin being the wild symbol and the treasure chest the scatter symbol. The wild symbol (dolphin) can substitute any other symbol for wins, including scatters, making it possible to attain 5-of-a-kind for all symbols. No other wild symbol in any other Playtech game can do this...and this is also the reason why Dolphin Reef is so unique! In the normal game mode (main game), the dolphin only appears on reels 2 and 4, and pays for any winning line, substituting whatever symbol necessary to make a win. Whenever a dolphin appears on both reels 2 and 4, a feature game is triggered. This feature game consists of only 5 free spins, plays at the triggering bet per line, cannot be retriggered, and reels 2 and 4 have expanded wild at every spin. This is another unique feature of the game, not found anywhere else. The closest resemblance would be the feature games for Count Spectacular and Lucky Last, both Rival games, but these have the expanded wild on reels 1 and 5, as opposed to reels 2 and 4 for Dolphin Reef. Whilst the Rival games can have more than 2 reels of expanded wild, there can only be two expanded wild reels for Dolphin Reef.

In all my years of playing this game, there has NEVER been a feature game that paid nothing! The expanded wild on reels 2 and 4 allows any smallest possible win to be attained easily, those 2-of-a-kind wins, yet making 5-of-a-kind wins relatively easy too! All you need to get is a same symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5, and if they all land on any of the 20 paying! Perhaps this is not so easily envisioned, but once you have played Dolphin Reef long enough, you will be able to visualise how easy it can be to get 4 and 5-of-a-kinds! On average, those 5 free spins can pay anything from 25 times up to 40 times your total bet, easily! Good spins would pay up to about 150 times the total bet, and anything better would pay you up to about 750 times. 5 Nemos (fish) is the maximum win at 5000 times the line bet (not to be confused with a total bet win). Nonetheless, 5 Nemos are a lot easier to get than any 5-wilds win. In all my years of playing Playtech slot games, I have only won a few times of 5-wilds wins, as opposed to the countless of times of the 5 Nemos wins! Till to this day, Dolphin Reef has brought me the most monetary wins than any other game, Playtech or others, and has remained my top number 1 favourite game for over 10 years now!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dolphin reef slot game in my humble opinion has one of the best free spins feature from the games I played so far.Apparently there are few versions of this slot but I only played Playtech version with 20 pay lines. I did not think of it much when I first saw it listed in Playtech casino. I just saw it like another aquatic themed slot with dolphin as a main symbol but trust me this game is much more than that. My first time on this slot I had very small balance and my bet was just 0,20 cents. First few spins did not bring anything but soon after that I got two dolphin wilds on reels 2 and 4.

The message said free spins awarded click to start. I was really happy but when I saw that the number of free spins is only 5 I got angry. I thought that five is small number of free spins but after the feature ended I was more than happy with profit from this free spins. I started free spins and both 2 and 4 reels turned to wilds and reels 1, 3 and 5 re-spined five times this generated great wins. From my little bet of just 0.20 cents I won more than twenty euros in just five free spins. Pretty amazing feature if you ask me. The dolphin wild substitute even for scatter chest and that is rare in online slots. One more thing that makes this feature awesome is that you don't have to wait for ages to trigger it. It was very easy to trigger and even if it don't pays huge amounts it will never end without paying any money. Dolphin reef does not pay too many small wins and if you don't get free spins very often it is better to play another game and give it a try later.

The slot game doesn't need huge amount of features and fancy graphics to be awesome. Dolphin reef is perfect example of that. As long as it pays well it will always be among my favorite games to play in casino. The rating I am giving to this great slot is nine out of ten stars and I will keep playing it in my future sessions.
katemak 1170 reviews
I was reading all of this reviews and was a bit surprised, because most of all the software casinos have, The Playtech is the software I play the less, because I found its games not amusing, neither interesting for me. What I was going to say I love this slot Dolphin Reefs but so far I was never playing this game of some of the Playtech casinos, but in WGS and I could swear that this is WGS game.

Ok we learn all the time, so I guess I am fan of Playtech games also, but I was not aware of that. Dolphin Reef slot has 20 pay lines and 5 reel and there is nothing too exiting about this game, it's very simple game, except for the bonus round, which, when I play this slot it gives me solid amount on my balance .I like the bonus round just because the Dolphins lending in the reel 2 and 4 they become stuck wilds and there we have 5 respins, which during those respins triggering the fish or the turtles on the reels 1 and 3 it can really gave you good amount of winnings. But to be honest this game has never won me something spectacular only solid winnings, well the last time I played this slot the maximum I got from it was 98$. I was playing this game at Miami Club Casino and was playing with 0.60$ per spin.

I have deposited 35$ and with the bonus I was playing with 70$, so I was so noxious, because all the time I was getting the Dolphin feature either on reel 2 or at reel 4, but only 3 times they lend together. There is a free spins feature, which 5 dolphins in the reels? Never happened to me, only the bonus round. If you have bonus to wager, I do not recommend this game, because you will spend half or maybe all of the money waiting for some big hit or win, which they will not come.
valentin68 535 reviews
Dolphin Reef is a very weak slot from NetEnt and Playtech casinos where I won a large pile of money. It is almost unbelievable how such a weak slot with just a few qualities managed to give me so great wins that after 30 minutes and about 250 spins played here I left with more than 35 Euro extra, playing by my good habit at the minimum bet of 1 cent/line.

Seeing how weak it is, this slot is probably one of the oldest in Playtech casinos, even older than the now “clasic” Great Blue. With only 20 lines (played in the Playtech variant) the thrill of the game is reduced to almost zero. This means that in 10 spins there are about 2-3 winners and 80% of the payouts are smaller than the total bet of 20 cents. Very rarely you will win more than 30 cents, 1 Euro, but only if you're lucky enough to line 3 “Fish” or 3 “Frog”s, the two major symbols giving the maximum payout. Otherwise, except the sole feature, which I will refer to next, the slot does not offer other extra emotion. However, this feature, which consists of 5 free spins when two "Dolphins"-Wild are displayed on reels 2 and 4 brings itself important wins. The two dolphins turn into Expanded Wild during Free Spins, and if you are lucky enough to have two Fish (or Frogs) on reels 1 and 3, then you will leave with full pockets (10-15 Euro from a single spin). And even in the case of 4 or 5 minor symbols the payout has values of 1-2 Euro. Because there are 5 Free Spins and all are usually winning you can finish this feature with no less than 10 Euros each time.

Now, doing a count at 20 cents/spin this win is equivalent to the amount necessary for 50 normal spins. I probably got lucky and at least a few times I had two Dolphins on reels 2 and 4. I got to say that I did not expect at all this turn of events and although the boredom from the normal spins was quite high, as big was the satisfaction given by these 5 Free Spins every time I played them.

The slot is one of the most boring from Playtech and NetEnt casinos, and only the thrill brought by the 5 Free Spins cannot make at all for the poor quality of the game. Because of these reasons the rating this slot receives is only slightly bigger than the average.
yapro 790 reviews
No one review this cool game? Okay, i will do. This game is from playtech, but i first time played it on skill on net casinos, i am good remember that day because it was lucky for me, it was at euro king club casino.

This game has 20 lines, scatters symbols which did not trigger anything, just pay some money, and expanded wilds on reels 2 and 4, and everything on this game is aboutthis two expanded dolphins, because two dolphins in one time award respins, during each respin reels 2 and 4 are wilds. Great idea for feature, and i like it.

Like i said, first time in my life i play this game at euro king club casino. I had 500$ on my balance, which was earned on 300 shields game, but still had 2k wagering requirements. Somehow i open this game, read the paytable and rules, and i liked the idea, so start spinning and high for me bet which was2$. From beginning game just start suck and suck my money, and i start thinking that i never clear wagering, and that start play this game is mistake. I go down to 300$ and really feel myself bad, because still can't trigger feature. Finally feature comes, and i see why this game is great. It pay me x 500, to 1k$ . This is really huge money for me, and i was happy and like crazy keep saying 'good dolphins, good dolphins'. this day i finish withdrawing 1100$ to my webmoney account, and that was really great day. I play this game from time to time, and can't say anything bad, like any other high variance game it can be really cold, but can be hot and pay something really great.

High variance game, on which sometimes really hard to trigger feature, but game is of course has potential, and i like theme. I give this game 9 stars, because it is amazing slot in my eyes.
Dolphin Reef video slot was played by me many times, and i should say that i like. Most times i play it not at playtech casinos, i found this slot on skill on net group of casinos, and this is a place where i am usually spin this slot.

This is an old playtech slot, so does not wait new generation graph or sounds, but even it is old, i found it is pretty beautiful, or i am just like this slot, who knows, but as i told, it is does not look outdated and it is always a pleasure to open this slot machine and give it few spins, or more than few.

At dolphin reef we have 20 lines to deal with, and moreover this slot has expanded wilds - my favorite thing at video slots at all, i love stacked wilds, because it is always gives me a feeling that soon i will manage to hit big. Or i just hope on it, who knows. Any way, on dolphin reef video slot we can get expanded wilds only on 2 and 4 reels, but good thing that this wilds also replace scatters, so get 5 scatters on this slot a bit easier that on others, but to be honest 5 scatters here does not pay so big to wait it. When you get wilds on 2 and 4 reels in one time, you get 5 respins with stacked reels 2 and 4. So if you hit few 5 of a kinds during this respins you can achieve nice payout.
I like dolphin reef video slot, and i am always give it few spins when play at skill on net casinos, i recommend it and definitely return to it.
I see Afi below me here already wrote a review about this game. Apparently there are multiple versions of this game floating around, including the Playtech one. My review however is dedicated to the version from NextGen, which has 25 paylines and 5 reels. This game can be found at Unibet for instance.

The format is pretty much the same though, except there are more paylines to accumulate some nice wins on. First time I started playing this slot I thought it was a bit dull and boring to be honest. I wasn't aware of the potential this game really had, and how easy it was to trigger a win during the special re-spin mode.

First of all let me tell you more about the theme of this game. Dolphin Reef is like the name suggests all about the Dolphins and other species you would find in the sea like fishes, sea turtles, starfishes and of course a treasure chest can't be missing as well. These form the main symbols while the high value cards are being used as well.

To spend as little as possible on this game by using all paylines you have to bet at least €0.25. I've doubled that bet when I played this game. The treasure chest is the scatter symbol in this game, and it's good to know that these are pretty much easy to get. Why, you might wonder?

Well, that's because on reels 2 and 4 the dolphin symbol acts like a wild. Usually wilds substitute for other symbols except scatters, but not on this game cause scatters are included as well.

Do keep in mind though that scatters only reward a prize, and don't trigger any free spins. This game has a special re-spin feature though which I'm very delighted with. If you manage to get the Dolphin wild on reels 2 and 4 at the same time, you will receive 5 re-spins while those reels turn completely wild.

Since this game even pays for many 2oak combination, it's really easy to accumulate some decent wins during this feature. I had some of the shittiest spins with reels 1 and 3 barely connecting and still managed to win 20-25x bet size. I know I just have been unlucky during the 3 times I managed to trigger this feature.

A 5oak or 5 scatters would be much more easy to hit, and I can only imagine what benefits would bring. Too bad I haven't seen this version at too many online casinos.

My final rating for Dolphin Reef is 8/10.

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