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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Egiptian themed slots are always a good idea. Playtech knew that success is guaranteed when they have created the Dessert Treasure2 video slot game. The setting is somewhere in the Sahara desert and the hint of the pyramids. I quite like this game but I never win anything big when I played it. The main strength in this game lies in the expanding wilds which appear only once in a blue moon.

You need 3 or more symbols on an active pay line to trigger the Oasis Bonus. There are 7 chests and you have to choose 3 treasures for cash prize and a chance to find a treasure map. The first time I triggered this bonus in the third chest I found the map. Then I had to decide where to seek my treasure. There was a secret tent and a hidden sanctum. I chose the hidden sanctum and there were 7 containers and I had to pick 3. I won 10.75 in total. The bonus round seemed quite time consuming and the reward at the end was not that big. So I have to say that this bonus did not impress me that much.

The free spins were not what I have expected either. I got 15 free games with x2 multiplier and only 12 euros win in total. During the free spins round you can get additional spins for 3 girl symbols. This is a good thing but it would be even better if the game was awarding with something. This can also be time consuming because you get free spins and not getting anything in return. During my game session I realized that it is very easy to trigger the free spins round. That is the thing that I liked about the game. Even the payouts are not that big they come on regular basis so it is good for me and for my balance.
Afi4wins 1216 reviews
So, you'd think that only Hollywood knows how to make sequels? Nah, Playtech can too, and did, with this Desert Treasure 2. Over the years, not all things would remain the same. Some things change, some things don't. With Desert Treasure 2, the icons remain the same, but the hero and the heroine has changed. The camel now has a saddle, the oasis has bigger trees, the map and compass has become a little bit more modernised, and the treasure chests are now much much bigger! Hehehe. Nonetheless, the chests may now be much be bigger, but the cash inside isn't, they are all still about the same!

Just look at the Oasis girl. Is she the same girl but more grown up now? I guess not. This new girl doesn't wink at all! She's more nicely groomed, with red rosy lips and a crown on her forehead, but with a rather serious facial expression, like she's asking me "so, what do you want now? Another 24 Grand?" Oooh boy, I wish she would just wink at me and not ask anything! Hahaha. The smiling cobra, whatever happened to my friend the smiling cobra? It's also gone! Now there's only a ferocious looking blue-eyed crawling creature, fangs ready to bite, and certainly doesn't look friendly at all! One step closer and that blardy thing will definitely bite me! Damn! Gone are my sweet winking oasis girl and the smiling golden cobras. I guess some blardy rich Arabian prince came, saw her and took her away in his private jet! What? No jet at that time? Oh, okay then, on his flying carpet, how's that? But this new sophisticated oasis girl... hmmm... I guess she must be waiting for a prince with at least a 12 feet long limo, nothing less! Hahaha.

So, having said all that, how did Desert Treasure 2 go? Well, to me, the original is still the best! Why? The cobras are now Expanding Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4. No more 5 Wilds on a payline in the free spins game like before. Totally not possible now. 5 oasis girls remain at 500x total bet, but 5 of that new younger Arabian nomad now pays 10,000x the line bet, replacing the smiling cobras. So, this guy must be the culprit who took away all my smiling friends and replaced them with ferocious ones! He must be damn scared that another prince might just come by and take this new girl away too, hahaha. The free spins? Why, oh why, I don't really know, but the free spins are now only doubling any wins and not tripling them as before. Another big let down for me!
Well, you've read about the changes in the sequel to the original, and most of them are not better but lesser! This is reflected in the actual game play of Desert Treasure 2. Things may look almost the same, but the movements and payouts aren't! The free spins are much harder to come by, the retriggers are also rare, and you won't get so huge payouts in the free spins game too due to the reduced 2x win multiplier. I have played and played Desert Treasure 2, I found it blardy hard to win like I used to, and I don't like it as much as before. Do you?
zerooo 742 reviews
Desert Treasure 2 is video slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is powered by Playtech software provider. I played this game a long time ago while I was playing at Playtech casino and I liked it.

The game offer free spins feature and bonus game. Bonus game is pick up game. You have to select different things and you get prizes. I got bonus game many times and from it I never won more than x40 – 50 bet. The prizes were really small, I played at 0.6€ bet and there were prizes like 0.3 to 3€. I think this is not so good, I expected bigger and better prizes. I do not think here you can win big money.

Free spins feature is quite better than bonus game. When you get three or more lady's symbols anywhere on the reels the free games starts. There are 15 free games with x2 multiplier. I think the multiplier is not so good, but the paytable at this game is good; so it could provide some big winnings if you are lucky enough. Well I was not lucky, I never won more than x100 bet from free games. But I like that you can win bonus game during free games. I triggered bonus game a few times during free spins. The winnings were not the best, the prizes from bonus game should be at x2 multiplier, I think this would be much better.

I will rate this game with 7 out of 10 possible stars. I like the theme, design into game. During base game I had a few decent winnings. There are some really high pay out symbols, but it is hard to get them. Otherwise I think it is a good game from Playtech software, maybe I will play it more in near future when I will be at those software casinos.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Desert Treasure II" is one of the most popular slots of Playtech, and there are several reasons for this, mainly related to the payouts, I personally think that this slot is sustainable in the long run because rates of pay table are quite fair as their special features that happen usually with a pretty reasonable frequency. The design and sound effects are around what they could be considered normal, they are not ugly or annoying but they are not too showy; its layout is of 5 x 3 reels and the number of lines is 20, it has also been included in this game a wild symbol that works as substitute for standard symbols and it spreads throughout the reel when it can participate in any combination. Special features are a bonus round and a round of free spins.

3 or more bonus symbols appearing on an active payline and starting from reel 1 and left to right, trigger the round "Oasis Bonus" and the number of items or gifts you can click on is equal to the amount of these symbols obtained during the base game. Initially in the oasis you can choose to enter to Secret Tent or Haiden Seinctum, in the first one items are chests with treasures inside and the second one items are vases, each containing in an instant bonus, but some of them may further contain a map, which will entitle you to a pretty similar kind of bonus round where you can choose the same amount of fruit dishes that grant also some instant bonus; these awards are usually not very large but they’re ok.

For its part, the round of 15 free spins is obtained with the occurrence of 3 or more scatters with the image of the girl in any position, all your winnings in this round are multiplied by 2x and additionally the feature can be re-triggered.

I do not think I have a favorite feature here, all they are welcome and necessary for the normal development of the game, and I think all payouts in this game, including awards from the special features, are characterized for being sufficiently fair for both players and casinos. "Desert Treasure II" is for me a very nice slot and recommended for being played on a real casino account.
Desert Treasure 2 is a game made by Playtech and in my view is much better than the original Desert treasure. In most cases when it comes to games or movies sequels are not very good, but in this case I would disagree with that statement. This game has much more to offer and the pays on it are much better.

There are two features in this game and also it has expanding wilds. They are located on the 2,3 and 4 reels and if you get them you are guaranteed to win big. I use to play this game a lot before but because of all the new games I kind of forgot about it. None the less my memories of this game are mostly positive and in my view it is one of the best games out there. The thing that everyone looks for in this game is the old desert dude. If you get five of them on the smallest bet of €0.20 you will win €100. I am happy to say that I got five of them once in the normal mode and won that sweet €100. As sweet as that was, if I managed to get them guys with the three wilds I could easily walk away with €500 and that's on the bet of €0.20. There are not many games out there that pay that big and that is what makes this game unique.

The free spins are really cool in this game too and three women would get you there. It gives you 15 free spins with all wins doubled and you could make good cash on it too. I got the free spins once on a €1 bet and managed to re-trigger the bonus. The firs 15 spins were not great and only gave me around €10 but the second set made me over €90.

Overall the game is full of potential and I strongly recommend it. If I was to rate this game I would give it 10 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
yapro 790 reviews
Desert treasure 2 video slot it is sequel of first part of this game that created by popular on all the world software playtech(few days ago notice that looks like our Bulgarian friends can not play at playtech casinos? Poor Valdes, at least you can enjoy netent and microgaming).

Slot has 20 paylines and themed with desert treasure, i am like everything with this theme, like this Arabian guy that pay biggest amount of money, and i hate snakes at all, but at this game i need this snakes. Snakes appear on 2 3 4 reels and it is expanded wilds, so very important.

Game has two features, first one allow to win some bonus cash, and triggered by at least 3 bonus symbols on payline. Number of picks in bonus game determined by number of bonus symbols that trigger bonus game. Best hit in bonus game i had at will hill casino, at 1$ bet i managed to win 95$, and i was able to pick second bonus game round during first one. Also here is possible to trigger free spins by getting 3+ scatters, game awards 15 free spins with x 2 multiplier and this free spins can be retriggered infinite. Best hit after free spins trigger i had x 400 total bet or so, i was lucky to get 3 expanded snakes in one time in one spin. Best hit in base game is around x 150. I played this game only at will hill group of casinos as i like this group for playtech games.

This medium variance game is interesting and nice, expanded wilds give a chance to hit big during base game and free spins, bonus game sometimes allow to get some extra cash. I play this game sometimes but not so often how other games, because i think this game is a bit outdated. Take not about good rtp of this game, a bit more than 96%.

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