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Cleopatra Treasure Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.

Cleopatra Treasure Slot

Embrace the world of Egyptian luxury in Cleopatra Treasure. This video slot embodies the culture of one of the most famed civilizations in history. Check it out on our site for free, or visit any of the listed GamesOS/CTXM casinos to play this game for real money.

Before playing, set up your wager amounts. Click the - and + buttons by Line Price to select a coin denomination. Press Bet One to add a payline. Hit Spin to begin the game, or use the Bet Max button to play with all paylines activated. You can also press Auto Spin to play several times in a row.

The golden-clad symbols of Cleopatra Treasure can carry great value. Obtain complete lines of symbols to earn impressive payouts. Wild scarabs boost your chances of winning. Three or more scattered Busts of Cleopatra start the free spins round. Finally, three or more Golden Urns on an active payline will initiate the sought-after bonus round.

Game Play

Line Price: Pick the amount you want to wager on each line.
Bet One: Add a line to your bet.
Spin: Play at the selected bet.
Bet Max: Play with all 30 lines activated.
Auto Spin: Spin several times in a row.

Cleopatra Treasure Slot Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra that almost every single person on the planet knows about, the female which according to history organized about 68 000 soldiers and went into war. Has anyone recently heard such a fact, no, I don't think so.

Honestly, I was expecting more from this game. It was my second choice on my lucky winning day, but I was just jumping in and out of line for 10 minutes. I got very disappointed, from payouts and the bonus game. I am not sure but I think that the biggest win from the bonus game was 7 euros for me, many times it was just a zero and when that king cobra appears from the cup she was getting annoying to me. You need to have a very high bet let's say about 9 or 10 dollars to get something from the bonus game where you can chose only one cup to smash.

The scatter symbol is Cleopatra and in this game where you can trigger free spins which is a good thing, at least tree scatters will trigger up to 20 free spins. That was my disappointment, I wanted to write last night, with fresh memories, especially because I couldn’t take screenshots so I can discuss and tell more, but this game seems to have very low payouts. I kept getting into the bonus game with many zero wins and this bonus games isn't anything special at all. The wild symbol won't trigger nothing except on winning combinations, for example the Pharaoh, black panther symbol is the one that pays the most, if triggered with wild can give you some but no decent payouts.

Another disappointing thing is the very poor graphic. Whoever created this game should have payed more attention to details. Even Cleopatra doesn’t seem realistic and as I already said, very poor graphic.
If you get the free spins it is possible to trigger more free spins but don't expect a huge payout.
paquito76 867 reviews
As a player who loves historic themed games, Cleopatra Treasure just couldn’t hide from me and it was a ‘must-play’ slot at the very beginning. After opening the game it was noticeable that the graphics are not good. Somehow the whole reel area and symbols are too sharp, too bright and it seems to be noisy which is a grand mistake, so this badly influences the judgment of the appearance. The symbols are well decorated as illustrate the symbolic Egyptian masterpieces like Sphinx, Eye of Horus, Bastet, scarabs or vase. Strange, but the background image is great and can’t be noticed there the mentioned pictorial error. Anyway, the visualization of the slot wouldn’t be bad but this big mistake on creators’ part is very rough.

I’m also not too impressed by the game segment. It’s not a good paying slot and its potential is very limited and I always have a feeling that what I got here is far from being enough. Five Sphinx symbol can do that trick to award 3000 coins to player in return for a full line with it while Scarab acts as a Wild and replaces other symbols in the hope of a potential winning combination and at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels activate 5, 10 or 20 free spins. The common ground between the Wild and Scatter is, neither has the ability to work with any multiplier number or having any paying function.

The slot also offers a little bonus but it’s not similar to the traditional bonus side games in any aspect. 3 Vases on the screen trigger it then we have to choose one of them that reveal its instant cash prize (but one of them forces the player to walk away with empty pocket, but it’s not a tragedy at all considering what the other two might pay). Though it’s activated very often but for example playing with €1 total bet the 95% of cases the 3 options are 0, €0.5 and €1. Maybe there was once when I won here €5 but it was so surprisingly because I never thought the game could offer more than €1.

As you can see from the game description it’s not a good game at all and honestly it’s strange that games like this still has a place in the game repertoire. I believe a modern, 20-payline slot should have much more to offer because with these qualities, it is not too tempting for players and sooner or later nobody will play on such games. As a player who loves historic themed games, Cleopatra Treasure is a big disappointment.
valentin68 535 reviews
Cleopatra Treasure is a slot so-so, not too good and not too weak. The slot has 20 paylines and can be found in GamesOS casinos (AdamEve) . I played here many times and every time I went in loss a few Euro.

The story and the theme are beautiful, the slot being connected to the Ancient Egypt and the symbols of the slot have their origins in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. The slot does not have too many paylines, only 20 , but all lines pay left to right and vice-versa. In principle, with a minimum bet of just 20 cents, you have an opportunity to earn an average of 10-25 cents about once every 2-3 spins. Which of course is not enough.

Besides the Wild symbol, the other two features this slot are a very simple Bonus game and generally 5 Free Spins. The Bonus game is triggered very, very often (I have had times when the bonus game was even offered to me every spin) and consists of randomly choosing an antique container from 3 possible bowls. Two of the bowls offer a small payout (equal or twice the total bet, i.e. 20-40 cents) and the third container contains a snake and does not offer anything. By contrast, the 5 Free spins are very rarely triggered and also very few. The wins from 5 Free Spins are also small, only a few tens of cents.

The nice aspect of the slot sits just in his story and the graphic quality is generally good, like for the majority of slots from AdamEve. As I said, besides these things the slot is only at most medium, for the wins it offers. At 20 Euro gambled in 100 spins, the are some some good looses (7-10 Euro) and these bring the total balance to zero pretty quickly (especially in these GameOS casinos where the bonus need to be wagered 99x in general).

So my opinion, the slot should be avoided and only if you do not have another better choice it is worth to stop playing here.
gordontan 70 reviews
Among thousands types of slow games, Cleopatra Treasure is the first slot game that i have ever tried. I can say that it is quite an interesting slot game, its main theme is related to the ancient Egypt and the queen is the title of this game.

At the starting of the game, i make an auto spin of 100 times so that i no need to spin every single round. I had bet 1 dollar each for 20 lines and 20 dollar for each spin.i should say playing slot games also depend on our luck because at the first two spins of the game, i got the bonus round due to the vase symbol collection. The vase symbol bonus round will allow you to make choices based on the available three vases. Among three of the vases, only 2 of them consist of money and another one is not so lucky as it requires you to ave better luck next time.I was quite a lucky guy as i can get 10.00 among the three vases.

At the moment i have 97 spin left ,my credit balance was standing at the level of 540.00.The next thing is that as long as you can have 4 similar symbol in one of the 20 pay lines, you can earn quite a handsome figure. At round 87th of my 100 rounds,i nearly had a big shot, just a missing Q in the line will make me to have straight of 10,J,Q,K,A.It was a disappointment because if i can get straight, then the bonus given to me will be very high i believe.

At the round of 84th ,i noticed that i cant continue using auto spin for my game because it would automatically drag my credit balance lower and lower, i just realized that i cant play every round with the same amount ,i need to make some adjustment for the bet of each round. Once i have changed my mind to play every single round with full attention, my luck got better as i easily obtained 3 of a kind with a 1 dollar each for 20 lines,that round made me a winning of 7 dollar. Since that round, i believe my luck would be continuing for the rest of the rounds, i adjusted the line price to 3 dollar each line for 20 lines making a total of 60 dollar per single bet, unexpectedly i only managed to win 63 dollar from my bet 60 dollar. it was just a small 3 dollar surplus.

To start free spins round is not that easy at all, you need to collect at least three scattered Busts of Cleopatra and i never get it even i had played more than 30 rounds in total. As a conclusion, i should say,cleopatra's treasure slot game is quite a trilling one because the outcome obtained will usually out of your expectation, you cant really predict what will come next,it is merely based on luck and the electronic setting. anyway it is a slot game with awesome theme and is worthy to get a try to spend your leisure time.
Icymod 758 reviews
Right now I am confused by the content that AskGamblers has shown me with slots. Some of these slots have the name right but shows a different illustration. Isn't this ISoftBet's Cleopatra's Treasure? Why am I seeing the CTXM version of it? Assuming the game is for the ISoftbet version I will talk about it.

Cleopatra's Treasure a small but rewarding 5 paylines video slot. It contains a very small 5 paylines just so it can create small winnings in a very high ratio. It's also got the big potential to climb ever higher! The good thing about this slot is it gives any player the ability to win on both sides, left to right and right to left. As this is for few paylines the credit costs don't cause a dent to my balance at a significant rate so I can waste as much credits as possible on this slot without worrying too much. Of course I would always bet with a coin size of 0.25 on max bet of 5 coins delivering $1.25 as my bets. It's weak on 0.10 coin size at 5 coins for $0.50 and I happen to see that both sides gave me good advantages in carrying out some good wins. Although with Cleopatra's Treasure not having free spins, collecting 4 symbols on a payline with this bet alone is really rewarding. I happened to find a 100 coin win for my $1.25 that gave away 20x of my bets for 4 symbols.

Now I wonder what happens when I get all 5 on a payline? Does that mean double payouts, one left to right and another right to left. The thought of that is juicy! As Cleopatra's treasure doesn't include wilds and free spins it does contain one bonus round that appears very light to my expectations. 3 Cleopatra scatters are needed for this. This small bonus is a "pick or drop that current amount to pick again feature" that shows 3 sarcophagus for credits. I found 20 coins to be my highest while the rest are low to 5 and 2 coins. The choice of what reward appears in the sarcophagus is solely on the player such like myself. In a huge positive daze I won 300 coins in one spin that resulted to 60x my $1.25!!!! 300 coin win / 5 x $1.25 = $75. I was thrilled that a mediocre Egyptian slot like Cleopatra's Treasure would pay so high!

Great expectations can be born from this slot and for the most part it's a 9 out of 10 based on what it can do for me!

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