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Big Rig

Big Rig Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Big Rig is another great game that comes to us from NuWorks. NuWorks has some really very original and interesting slot games.

The game itself is not so nicely designed but offers a unique atmosphere. So that does the sound (some country music) that can be heard while playing.

At one moment I had pretty much real feeling as I drive a big truck on the highways somewhere in the United States. As the other NuWorks games this game too comes with a progressive jackpot.

Here you can win two progressive jackpots: Minor and Major jackpot. There are also a number of options offered by NuWorks as standard in all of their games. Big Rig comes with one feature.

The feature is activated when BIG Appears on reel 2 with RIG on reel 4. When you come to here NuWorks gives you a choice. In fact you can choose one of two options. The first one is a free spins feature with 12 free spins and the other is re - spin option with 7 spins.

Now, if you choose the first option you have the possibility re - triggered free spins while in the other option there is not of that possibility, but the wild symbols stay frozen on the second and the fourth reels.

I have played here recently at the Buzzluck casino. From all of the NuWorks games that I have tried so far, I had the slightest luck on this game.

Before I have reached the feature I've made probably more than 150 maybe even more than 200 spins. Then, at last the feature. I chose the first option and 12 free spins, but again disappointment. In the 12 free spins with a 0.25 bet I've got less than 3 euros. However, I'm going to recommend Big Rig.

Of course, I will try once again with this game because it owes me some money. It is certain that the game has the potential to pay well but only in the free spins or re - spins feature.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Ahh the long open road, big steering wheel in front and your trusty furry friend next to you. That’s pretty much the everyday life for these country music lovers. A friend of mine is a trucker back in the states and he likes what he does very much. It does get boring from time to time having no one to talk to but you can enjoy the solitude on the open road.

This game for a theme has truckers and drivers and is one of the games from Nuworks that I like the most.The symbols are very good and the music is nice and relaxing as you play. I think I could play this game for hours without getting bored.
In this game there are 3 main symbols. The wilds are BIG and RIG and they come stacked on reels 2 and 4. The scatter is a big red truck and it really doesn't have any part in the features of this game. It has the standard 200 x bet payout for 5 of them.

The wild symbols are the biggest actors in this game. They only come on reels 2 and 4 and if you are lucky to read BIG RIG you get to choose between 2 free spins features. You can choose 12 free spins with x 2 multiplier. If you get BIG or Rig during free spins they will award a bonus prize of up to 10 x multiplier. This feature can be re triggered so the payout can be very high. The second free spins feature is I think better. If you choose to re-spin you get 7 re-spins while BIG Rig remains on reels 2 and 4 as stacked wild symbols. I still haven’t gotten this feature here but I think the payout will be great. During base play I have had some wins of 50 or 20 x bet so this game does payout well.
Big rig is a game powered by NuWorks and is based on the theme of truck driving. A career that I would certainly avoid at all cost. Apart from it being very lonely you also always deal with hooligans who trow things at you. I would know because when I was young, my friends and I use to trow snowballs at the big trucks. There was a time when we pissed one of the drivers so much that he parked up and started chasing us. He did manage to catch one of my friends and gave him a good hiding. In all it was very funny and amusing.

The day before I played this game I was watching a movie with Sylvester Stallone driving a truck and also doing so arm wrestling as a hobby. It is definitely a stupid movie, but it stuck in my head and when I saw this game I remembered the movie straight away. I started playing it on $1 bet and soon after was lucky enoughto get the feature soon after.

The feature is awarded when you get BIG on second and RIG on fourth reels. When you do get them you have to choose which feature you want to play. You can pick 12 free spins with all wins doubled. When ever BIG or RIG comes out it gives you a cash prize of up to 10 x. If it looks like a small amount then you are mistaken. In those 12 free spins the BIG and RIG symbols come out a lot and add up to a big sum of money. I picked this feature when I got my bonus and on my $1 bet I won almost $80 and that was without any good line hits.

The second feature I never managed to get and when I read what it was I was kicking myself. It is a re-spin feature where the BIG and RIG symbols are held for seven spins. Because those symbols are wild you can win tonnes on it. I always rush and made a bad choice in my view.
Thee is also a chance to win the jackpot and the meters near them give you a hint of when you might get it. I really wanted to get it and was praying but no luck. Well one day, maybe:)
This game gets 7 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
I was introduced to Big Rig slot when a casino (maybe Begado? don’t know yet) offered me some free spins on it. Generally, I’m not a big fan of such kind of generosity, better saying I don’t see many benefits in it because 5 or 10 spins are nothing to get familiar with a slot or know it better but this time I had a little success and got more time to make it my friend.

First, I have to mention I don’t really love its Truck / Driver / Travel theme. The view of it is not funny (actually it’s a really hard work being a truck driver), not beautiful (in the background there’s a desert, I suppose in which the highway goes through) and hasn’t outstanding graphics or any symbols, figures I can sympathize with (except the Dog). OK, it’s hard to be enchanted by a CB radio or a Diner what this game employs to be its representative. So, I disliked what I saw and was disappointed by the selection what gave me this slot for gambling partner.

But later this 25-payline slot a little surprised me with its payouts. Truck symbol is the Scatter and five of them pay 200 times of total bet if they’re seen on the screen. Its owner (or prisoner if I look at it from another angle) Truck Driver can represent 5000 coins as its top prize. The game’s one and only feature provides players a little freedom, choosing options. If on the three positions of the second reel land letters and can be seen BIG and at the same time the fourth reel has RIG letters, either 12 free spins or 7 re-spins are awarded. If the free spins are selected that 12 games’ wins are doubled and there’s the chance to re-trigger the feature in the same way as it was previously but if just BIG or RIG appears, both can reward an additional prize up to x10 of stake. If RIG is the top priority both expanded Wilds remains on their positions until the other reels complete the 7 re-spins.

Usually I choose free spins but at this slot I’ve experienced selecting the re-spin variant can be equally profitable. Though I could gain some more nice winnings (not just with feature) and played for an extended period of time, finally ÍI couldn’t complete the requirements attached to the original free spins. Based on this and other occasions (though they weren’t too many of them) I’ve found this slot has slightly better than average payouts.

Considering this and my repugnance of its visuality, it has been a question for me whether should I have play with this slot or shouldn’t. Maybe it is a stupid thing but for me it is as much important how a slot looks like as the possibility for winnings and at this game unfortunately that segment can’t give anything that I would like so had to realize this game wasn’t made for me.

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