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BetMGM Casino - Michigan -Unfairly rejecting my winning bet


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BetMGM Casino - Michigan


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Posted on December 1, 2021

Hello AskGamblers Community and staff,

I come to this site for the first time expressing deep grievances for BetMGM's customer service and handling of this specific situation to this point. I had very grim hopes about dealing with this young online casino's (young in my state) customer service department that has brought me many headaches in the past. This time the stakes we're too high (literally) and I find myself having to repeat story in numerous emails with support for a glitch that has occurred on their end as the servicer. Lets get into the details.

I have been playing roulette against my better judgment. I would consider myself a higher volume player with over 60k in losses this year alone, so I would be a fool to not use everything in my power to pursue winnings that are rightfully mine, yet denied due to the host's technical error (Evolution/MGM)

I played $25 chips on 10 of my favorite numbers and lucked out with a win on #22. Effectively taking my balance from $250 to $900. I always tip the dealer on a decent win, so impulsively I tipped $10 and proceeded to ponder my next hand. When seeing the sequence X,21,22 I had a strong gut feeling that the numbers would stay in sequence, so with the intention of going all in - I did just that. I played 4 special favorite numbers, and proceeded to repeatedly tap the remainder of my chips on 23 before the bet timer went to 0. In the moment I was dumping all that was left on 23 which showed to be a purple $500 chip covering 23 after tapping the black chip $100 denomination 5 times. Shortly after the spin started I got the dreadful "Bets Rejected - Insufficient funds"

I immediately typed in the played chat - "It rejected my bet! If 23 hits I'm sick!" Sure enough, there it was #23 red. I shot a couple of messages to the dealer in the player chat- he expressed great concern and sympathy to the fact that an error occurred and encouraged I talk to support. I immediately switched gears and went to support chat as shown in the screenshots below. My balance went back to $900 after the hand instead of paying the rightful winnings. So I sat there confused as to what the heck happened in complete shock and disappointment. It wasn't until 6 or 7 numbers later- I returned to the lobby to begin a follow up chat with support to see what they had found. At that point my balance showed to be $890 which made me realize that the game did not settle from the tip, even though the tip showed the classic "Green Check" to confirm that you tipped the dealer.

As I've seen in other forums, the Evolution support member cited "Please note that some technical irregularties took a place" as shown in the screenshot. An investigation under Case ID<removed sensitive information> had been started.

I was told that once complete the findings would be shared at the Casino for resolution. 3-4 hours passed with me checking in with various Evolution support members until finally they told me the investigation had been completed and passed along to MGM support. I proceed to call them via phone, wait on hold after explaining my situation. The support member frustratingly asked me if I had tried to restart/redownload the app as if he didn't hear the entire complex story that had been outlined to him. After going on another hold, I was hung up on after 30 mins just as the rep returned to the line. I call back again, restate my story for the second time verbally only to be told that there was no notes or anything in my file regarding this dispute. I demand my contact be escalated and I follow the expected instruction to email BETMGM. After typing a detailed time consuming email and including pictures I then received a response requesting - Game log information from a desktop. Upon going into the game log. I saw just how out of touch the service I was receiving was. The logs clearly do not reflect Rejected Bets. I sat and wondered if they we're plotting against me with such an absurd request, especially considering that their gaming provider Evolution has an entire investigation completed... I took the last hand that I could identify (Hand where I won $900) and put the Table ID and all the other details they requested to the best of my ability.

When thinking I was done typing emails - I was very wrong. I received an additional email, asking me for a detailed description and screen shots once again. At this point I copy and paste and make it explicitly clear that I plan to take legal action and pursue damages incurred for all of the time wasted and emotional distress with the handling of this debacle. I've lost $14,000 since the beginning of this dispute in 2 days partially because I am literally going insane dealing with these inquiries.

Now today 11/26/2021 I received multiple emails requesting 24-72 hours to hear back. When I finally hear back today at around 5pm EST I get a dreadful message asking for my "detailed explanation with screenshots" because they cannot view them. In total I've had to detail this situation at least 7 times between phone/email and not a single representative has referenced the investigation of case with evolution. This is a travesty of service and completely unfair to me as player who has always been loyal to MGM Online Casino, resorts and when I go to Vegas with friends. Should I need to take legal action in this matter I will be sure to let my best friends who are Noir and Platinum rewards members know how I was treated in this situation. The ball is in MGM's court and I know that I am right on an issue that is clearly on the provider end.

It's good to see that other gaming providers at the links below owned up to the fact that their systems produced errors and taken care of their players accordingly. I expect that a large provider that MGM who considers itself "The KING of Sportsbooks" would take care of their players when they are clearly in the wrong. This situation has been handled so poorly it is borderline unbelievable.

AskGamblers, thank you for doing what you do. I hope that with your help I don't need to further stress myself out with legal proceedings against Bet MGM who I thought would show more integrity that this to this point. My birthday is arriving shortly and this issue has ruined the very thought of it while I stress about this resolution. Thank you for hearing me out, because at this point - I haven't been shown that BetMGM has cared at all.

Thank you and have a blessed Holiday season everyone.


Big player

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