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So Much Sushi Slot

So Much Sushi is a sushi-themed 25-payline video slot which runs on the Microgaming software platform. The So Much Sushi Logo symbol is the game’s wild card and the Sauce icon is the scatter. Players can stay on this page to test the slot for free or they can play the game for real money in any of the listed Microgaming casinos.

In order to delve into the delicious Japanese cuisine, one needs to adjust their wager first. The “Bet” arrows select the total wager. Clicking “Bet” reveals “Coins”, which allows players to pick the number of coins to bet and “Coin Size”, which alters the coin value ranging from 0.01 to 0.2. Pressing “Spin” turns the reels and “Auto Play” spins them multiple times in a row without interruption.

3 or more identical Sushi symbols (California Roll, Prawn Nigiri, Ikura, Tuna Nigiri, Cucumber Maki) in a winning combination will activate the Much More Sushi Bonus feature. Each Sushi symbol can split up to 5 times to create more winning combinations. The split symbols can award up to a 25 symbol win.

When 3 or more Sauce icons spin into the view, the Free Spins are initiated. Each Sushi piece awards a specific number of Free Spins and players can pick the number of Free Spins they wish to play. Players are awarded up to 16 Free Spins. This round can be re-triggered.

Game Play

Bet: Choose the total wager.
Coins: Select the number of coins to bet.
Coin Size: Choose the denomination.
Spin: Initiate the game.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

So Much Sushi Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1302 reviews
If there's ever so many monsters around, I guess I can take it. If there's ever so much candy around, I'd be able to handle that too. But if there's so much sushi around, now that I know I cannot handle. Most probably I would run away too. Why? Because I don't like sushi, I cannot eat them (doesn't suit my taste buds), and I cannot even smell them too (can't stand the sourish radish smell). Luckily this sushi game doesn't come with any sushi's smell, or else! Hehehe.

Once again, for the third and final time, we come to another game in the series, 'So Much Sushi'. Well, the red lobster does look nice, because it's seafood, the soy sauce bottle is a common sight to me, but all the other food items, hmm, thank god they aren't the real stuff. That makes this game playable for me, for awhile at least. As in the other 2 games in the same series, the paytable remains identical, except for the symbols. The logo 'So Much Sushi' is the Wild symbol, paying 300x the total bet for 5 of them. The Soy Sauce Bottle is the Scatter symbol, paying 75x the total bet for 5 of them, and 3 or more of these Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins Feature game in 5 different choices, from 8 free spins up to 16 free spins, but all without any multiplier. All the high symbols in the game pay from 640x to 320x the total bet for 25 of each kind, whilst the low symbols pay from 4.4x to 2.2x the total bet for 5 of each kind. As for the other 2 games too, I would say that this paytable is a good one, with many possibilities for good wins, although not really big ones.
Comparatively, the payouts from So Much Sushi were slightly better than what I got from So Much Candy. The Free Spins games that I managed to get paid between 24x to 52x my bet amount, with the 14 free spins game paying the most of the lot. The 8 free spins and the 10 free spins games have not proven to be better payers, for me that is, but I'm pretty sure that the good wins should come from these 2 choices. Just not my luck to get them. Between the 3 games, So Much Sushi comes in second, behind So Many Monsters, but all 3 seem to be enjoyable to play.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Usually when I play a slot that has something to do with things that I do not like or enjoy I automatically do not enjoy the game either. I cannot say that I hate So Much Sushi slot just because I hate sushi but I did not find the game very pleasing.

This is a game run by Microgaming software and it is very similar to the So much Candy and So many Monsters slot. They probably came out together. This is a 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines. The graphics are average and the sound effects are okay. There are five different symbols which are all somehow made of fish and rice and the usual card symbols. The wild in this game is the So Much Sushi logo and the bottle of sauce is the scatter.

I played this game in 3 different casinos. The first time I made a deposit in 32 Red Casino and I played the game for so long and I could not trigger the bonus feature. I decided to play it again, because I was so anxious to trigger the free spins and again nothing. There is another game that is quite similar to this one, So Much Candy, and I am very pleased with that game so I thought that this game will act the similar way. It was such a disappointment for me. I even increased my bet and still nothing. The payouts during the base game are not that bad. There are some split symbols and they appear quite often. At least you get 10 x bet. The most that I have won in this game was from split symbols, and it was something like 25 x bet. I would say that the other game is much better than this one. They are basically the same games with different symbols but there is a huge difference when it comes to the payouts.
katemak 1170 reviews
So Much Sushi is another game from Microgaming software with 5 reels and 25 pay lines where the minimum bet takes from 0.25 cents, which is another great slot for low rollers as me, so we can try this interesting theme video slot. The theme as I see it it takes place in some Japanese restaurant offering few kinds of Sushi specialty and with some other symbols, such as the Bottle of some sous which is the scatter symbol.

When I played this game for the first time I really liked the simplicity of its graphics I guess that's made this slot, yes simple but beautiful in the same time, well at least in my eyes. I liked the new feature for me the Splitting of the symbols, so every time when there is a winning line with some of the Sushi symbol they will split in 5 peaces giving you some nice win, so that way you may format a combo of up to 25 symbols on all the reels.

The free spins feature is triggered if three of those Bottles appear anywhere on the reels, so then the free spins round will open but they will be offering 5 kind of Sushi's, so you could choose from, so they go from 8,10,12,14,16 free spins rounds. The more free spins you'll choose the less the multiplier would be, the less free spins you choose the bigger multiplier you'll got during the free spins feature. The good news is that the free spins feature can be re trigger while you play your first round of free spins.

So Much Sushi, So Much Candy and So Many Monsters are all a like, very similar if not the same, still the payout is the same, the free spins feature too only they change the theme and the symbols, everything else stays the same, but even so I like all three games. About my luck on this game, can't say I have won something bigger and those free spins is really difficult to be triggered but whenever I have a chance I play this game, specially when my balance is a bit low.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
So Much Sushi is a great game that I have tried many times so far and most of them ended up badly with some exceptions. The game is brought to us by Microgaming and it has 25 paylines and 5 reels and a minimum bet of 0.25$. This is a game that came out together with the games So Much Candy and So Many Monsters. I have tried both of these games but I have to say that the one that I prefer the most is the So Much Candy basically because it looks somehow better and brighter unlike So Much Sushi. Although all of these games could use some better graphics and a nicer background music that would suit the theme of the slot.

Anyways this slot has a wild symbol that will substitute for all symbol except scatter and also a scatter symbol that when triggered can award 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 FS depending on what feature you will choose, since the more spins you choose the lesser the win per line is. Also every feature has it’s own symbol, so when it gets selected it will replace all high symbols for the duration of the feature. This can either a good thing or a bad one depending on your luck and your choice.
Most of the times when I actually got to trigger this feature I would just pick the 12 FS that never granted me a win above 70x and can also sometimes be a pain in the ass to trigger. So most of my wins happened in the main game thanks to some nice five of a kinds and also thanks to this games unique feature of splitting up symbols, which can split up to five times. This feature is honestly why I come back to these three games and why I basically love them.

Overall I would recommend this game to you since I absolutely think that it has quite a good payout potential, of course if you have your Lady luck right besides you. 7/10
valentin68 535 reviews
“So Much Sushi” is the second slot of the series “So much/many ...” that I chose to play after “So many monsters”. I initially entered into “Major Tom Casino” because I wanted to play at “Alaskan Fishing”, but the fact that about 3 weeks ago I played “So many monsters” made me to stop first here. Probably that more than I have said and written in the review for “So many monters” I will not write here, because these slots are build on the same "template" (and this includes, I guess “So much candy”), but on the overall the slot is nice and deserves the player to stop for a moment here. It looks like Microgaming knows how to keep close its players and thus when it has a successful game it offers also some variations of it.

To begin with “the beginning”, the slot is for gourmets. I am one of them and although I have about 220 pounds (100 kilograms) I was still tempted to try from all the Sushi dishes present on the screen (the major symbols). Especially because they multiply (from a single symbol, there are appearing up to 5 same symbols) when they align and so the line payout is also multiplied accordingly. Yet, here the same observation can be made as for “So many monsters”: if you have only minor symbols aligned the payout is too small compared to the bet.Still, the Free Spins bring here that necessary relief: almost always one comes out with about 10 Euro extra (playing at 25 cents bet) and the balance is entirely rebuilt. The number of Free Spins depends on the payout of the symbol chosen to become the unique major symbol during Free Spins. Now playing this slot, I chose fewer Free Spins but with a bigger value of the payout and it was like the slot was somewhat more generous.

One complaint at the end: I was under the impression that the first slot in this series (“Monsters”) had 243 ways to win (although it had also just 25 paylines as this one –“Sushi”) and I expected at the beginning of the play, all 243 ways from “So Much Sushi”. It would have been better, but even with 25 paylines the slot is not so bad.
So Much Sushi is a new video slot created in Microgaming this month along with two more games.

This game has 5 reels and fixed 25 paylines. I don’t like the fixed paylines number because it gives you less space for tactics. I also didn’t like the looks of the game either. I expected much better graphics considering this is a new game. I can say the same for the background sound.

To be honest it started to irritate me after only 5 minutes of play. I think that some Japanese background music would be more suitable than this. On the other hand I can say that So Much Sushi has some great animations in the free spins. Unfortunately I have seen that only on videos on youtube.

What I liked here is the theme of the game. The theme here is sushi which is a traditional Japanese meal. For me I can say that I adore everything that comes from that country and everything that comes from the far East. That was probably the main reason why I decided to try this game at the first place. When I started I had a balance of about 60 euros and after about half an hour of play here I lost almost half of my money. I played on a minimum bet per line the entire time and my biggest win was only 2.05 euros. I got 2 scatter symbols a few times during my play but I didn't manage to get 3 scatters which activate the free spins. I really expected more from this game. Never mind I have to go now because I’m hungry and I have to go get something to eat. Sushi is one of my favorite meals and this game makes me hungry.


So Much Sushi is an average slot game and it offers nothing spectacular. I have to admit I was very disappointed with this game.
So Much Sushi is a new game on Microgaming, and is quickly becoming very popular. The game on its own does not look great and doesn't really feel like a good game. But when I started playing it, my mind changed very fast. I have never played a game like this before and was happily surprised when I got 4 pictures, which then turned to 18 pictures and gave me a great win. I checked the pay table after that and was shocked with the pays. I know that is is very hard to get 25 pictures, but is it does happen you can get over €100 on the smallest bet.

The game also has a stop feature and for me that is just perfect. I am a fan of double tapping and on this game i got lucky few times. I got good line hits a couple of times and also managed to get the feature.

The feature on this game is very cool and is all about choice. Each sushi has its own free spins. Obviously the better the pay the less spins you get. I always go for the two of highest paying sushi's. In the free spins you only have the type of sushi that you selected on the reels, which gives you a chance to win big. I was betting €0.50 when i got the feature and won over €50. I think you can get 25 pictures only in the free spins, because you do get a lot of wins.

I recommend this game to everyone. I only played it on small bets, and I think that if you get the feature on the big bet you could easily walk away with €100. The other thing I like about this game is that the feature comes out quite often and you cant help but to enjoy yourself. It might be just me getting lucky, but so far I had fun with this game.

My rating is 8 out of 10.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
So Much Sushi is one of three Microgaming new releases that I have played recently and compared to the other two games So Much Candy and So Many Monsters I like this one the most. 12 Much More Sushi symbols which is the wild at the same time gave me the most on my 0.75 bet which was 7 euros and it can pay up to 25 x bet. Two scatter symbols gave me a win equal to my total bet nothing more. I’m not a fan of sea fruits, nor sea food, the sushi looks great but I wouldn't want to eat it and this game simply doesn't like me. The background music is very calming , it might serve as a lullaby. This 5 reel, 25 line video slot like the other two aren't very popular yet, at least from what I can see, none of these games have been played over 60 times here on AG in fun mode. A few days ago I played it at Guts Casino, the first time I’m not sure where, and like the other two games I only played 3 not so long sessions. The free spins come from 5 features and you can win 16 free spins which can be re triggered and during the free spins session you can win up to 64 000,00 coins. I mentioned the scatter symbols and that I didn't have any luck in collecting more than two, the scatter wins are multiplied by total stake. The game theme here is like a little sushi bar where you can find different kinds of sushi. Beside these symbols there are also letter symbols and one number which is a ten. I just remembered that I got the free spins feature once but I can't remember from which symbol. You will be offered to choose 5 different free spins options, for example you can choose 16 free spins which can pay less or 10 free spins which have a potential for a greater win. I didn't manage to re trigger the free spins but at least I got them. There is no standard bonus game, the game is interesting but considering the fact that I didn't have some wins it didn't impress me much.
After already having reviewed the games So Much Candy and So Many Monsters, now it’s time to share my point of view about So Much Sushi. For you guys who don’t know, all these three slots belong to the same family. Same gameplay, same format, same payout table, except the theme is different.

The theme of this slot is like the name suggests based on Sushi and produced by Microgaming. Various nicely decorated sushi foods. Just like the other games, the slot has 25-paylines and 5 reels, and features symbols that are able to multiply into five max for each reel.

So therefore, a five of a kind can end up in 25x the original win leading all the up to 640x betsize. You have to admit that anyone would settle for that during base game. In addition, So Much Sushi also offers some wilds and scatters in the form of Sake. At least I think the bottle is sake. Correct me if I’m wrong!

This game also has a minimum betsize of €0.25 and will remind anyone who knows anything about NetEnt slots of the game Flowers, which got similar characteristics. Except that the symbols here can multiply all the way up to 25x.

I played this game on the minimum bet as well, just like So Much Candy. However, my session wasn’t as good as with the other games. I played this game for maybe 10 minutes before saying enough to myself.

I just had too many dead spins and couldn’t find a way to trigger the free spins feature. The free spins also has the same format as the other two games, offering 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 free spins. This you can choose yourself, but the only visible high paying symbol, in addition to the card symbols, will differ.

I like how Microgaming just found a way to even this out RTP wise. There must be a lot of calculations going on to make sure all of it is perfect. During base game however I didn’t come further than 15x betsize, and lost around 20 euros in 10 minutes on minimum bets.
Didn’t get to enjoy the free spins, apart from some teasing. Maybe next time!
That I didn't manage to win something decent.
Icymod 758 reviews
So Much Sushi is a very new 25 paylines Microgaming video slot that came out together with the other two new additions, So much Candy and So many monsters. This game is, to all of you who are reading this, can be considered to mimic the likeness of the NetEnt slot Flowers except I like it much more for it's "easier" ability to hit symbols and of course it's less of a bit*h lol.

Unlike Flowers for 30 paylines with more than possibly one identical flower in a symbol, So much Sushi can bring about a win that leaves me to question nicely on how much I can win on 3 symbols in my head. For example If I hit 3 sushi symbols, the win animation will zoom out to give out more sushi symbols so there are nice potentials even for just 3 sushi symbols, they can turn out to be 11 symbols within the 3 (3 + 4 + 4 in order).

The first time I hit the free spins I was excited and on the results I first gotten, they were little to comment about! $18.90 for a $1 bet on my first trigger for 8 Free spins but later on in the 2nd trigger for the same chosen set of free spins, I have a better appreciation of the word "Winnings". It gave me $78.80 on 8 Free spins through my $1 bet! The music is magnificently accurate which now becomes my favourite than the other So much/So many series and with this amazing slot, who can't laugh a bit about the dancing soy sauce with the Wasabi spinning around when 2 of them hit. Again the music in the select screen is serious and the free spins music is totally bad ass! I like it especially the end results! Just remember that when hitting 5 of a kind sushi symbols with no apparent wilds in play, that alone causes a super win! 15+ in symbols!? Nice thought to have right?
So Much Sushi could have done a better job for the letter symbols. We all know it's overrated and things like these need to change! How about some Yakitori or some delicious Green/Red Dragon rolls? And hey throw some Chicken cutlets and Mango Rolls too because there incredible delicious.

My final words would be to put up more Japanese cuisine, otherwise So Much Sushi would be "Normal Sushi" as the title! Okay maybe I lied about the final words so this truly would be the last of them haha, it's the wild symbols, they don't duplicate like the sushi symbols. They count as just that one hit whereas the sushi symbols are open to 5 identical symbols in a symbol! Am I drunk to half way there, yes!

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