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So Much Candy is a sweets-themed 25-payline video slot operating on the Microgaming software platform. The So Much Candy symbol acts as the game’s wild card and the Gumball Machine symbol is the game’s scatter. Players are welcome to try this colourful slot on this page for free or they can play the game for real money in any of the Microgaming casinos found in the listings.

To spin the reels filled with different scrumptious candy, players should adjust their bet first. The “Bet” arrows control one’s total wager. Clicking “Bet” reveals “Coins”, which allows one to choose the number of coins to bet and “Coin Size”, which alters the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 0.2. Pressing “Spin” prompts the reels to begin spinning, while “Auto Play” turns them multiple times in a row without any interruption.

When 3 or more identical Candy icons (Rock Candy, Strawberry Twirl, Apple Wheel, Grape Crunch, Lemon Drop) are part of a winning combination, the Much More Candy Bonus game starts. Every one of the Candy symbols can be split up to 5 times to secure larger wins. Players can be awarded up to a 25 symbol winning combination.

Free Spins will be awarded when 3 or more Gumball Machine icons spin into the view. Players choose the number of Free Spins they want to play and can win up to 16 Free Spins. The Free Spin round can be re-triggered.

Game Play

Bet: Choose the overall bet.
Coins: Select the number of coins to wager.
Coin Size: Choose the coin denomination.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

So Much Candy Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1219 reviews
Welcome to Microgaming's world of 'So Many' and 'So Much', a series of 3 games in a group. 'So many Monsters' may make you feel like a grown-up baby, having fun with Monsters under the bed. 'So much Sushi' may make you feel like you've been a Japanese before. 'So Much Candy' make give you a sweet tooth, or just make you dandy. But playing all 3 of these games may make you lose a lot money! Hahaha.

So, what's the big difference between 'So Many Monsters' and this game 'So Much Candy'? Well, would you believe 'symbols'? That's the only difference between these 3 games in fact, each one using different symbols to reflect the game's title, but the paytable and everything else remaining identical. A cheap and very quick way to create 3 games using 1 basic game design and concept. Nonetheless, for some odd reasons, all players tend to end up liking 1 game more than the other 2 games, myself included. Perhaps it's only due to the visuals of the symbols and nothing more.

Briefly, the logo 'So Much Candy' is the dumb Wild symbol, paying 300x the total bet for 25 of them. The Candy Machine is the Scatter symbol, paying 75x the total bet for 5 of them, with 3 or more symbols triggering the Free Spins Feature game, with 5 choices to choose from, from 8 free spins up to 16 free spins, all without any multipliers.The symbols pay from 640x to 2.2x the total bet amount for 25 of each kind. Repeat, 25 symbols of the same kind. Only the picked Candy will appear in the chosen Free Spins game, and with all the candy symbols transforming into up to 5-symbols each. Interesting to watch and exhilarating when all single-candy symbol turns into 5-candies symbol, for big wins.
Even though the paytable may be identical to 'So Many Monsters', 'So Much Candy' did not play and pay as good as the other. Maybe it's just my luck of the day, but if many players share the same opinion, then there must some reasons behind it. From the Free Spins games that I got, it paid lowly, namely 15x, 40x, and 19x total bet payouts, which wasn't good at all. That made me quit the game and moved on to another. So Much Candy couldn't make me happy.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
So Much Candy is a very interesting game from Microgaming software. I play this game from time to time and I cannot complain about anything. This slot is very similar to the So Much Sushi slot, which makes the game a bit dull, because it is something that you have already seen before. The first time I played the game I was feeling a bit adventurous and I played with 2.50 euros per spin. The first ten spins were disastrous, I got nothing and I was looking at my balance sinking, but then it started to pay with bits and pieces. During the base game the payouts are not that good. I think that the other slot So Much Sushi which is very similar to this one pays way better during the base game. But I cannot complain about this slot either. It took me only 20 minutes to win around 100 euros which is not bad at all.

I triggered the bonus quite fast, after only 30 spins. There you have to make a choice between less spins with higher wins and more spins with less wins. Luckily I triggered the bonus twice and the first time I chose only 8 spins and I won around 50 x bet and the second time I chose the last candy that offers the most spins but the win was not that big. Somehow this bonus proved my theory that it is always better to choose less spins. During the free spins all the symbols that I was getting were week that is why my wins were not so big, but that is simply my luck.
The sound effects are a bit annoying in this slot so most of the time when I was playing this game I would mute the sounds. The graphics is not that good either, because it is too colorful but as long as the game pays I do not think that that is important at all.
zerooo 742 reviews
So Much Candy is one of the game which belong to series of ˝So Much˝ video slots from Microgaming software. This game has 25 paylines and i played it only a few times. I do not like candies so much and maybe this is also the reason why iIdon't play this game often.

The paytable is good. Mostly because of much more candy feature which occurs in base game and also into free spins feature. At this, much more candy feature high symbols can split up to 5 and create more winning combinations. This can award up to a 25 symbol win. While I was playing i had many times this feature or mode, and my winnings were decent every time.

I think without this feature this game would be boring, because I had only small winnings and when this came out, my winnings were really much more better. The free spins feature is also good, where you can select between 5 different feature mode during free spins. I prefer to choose the fist or second one, because I want to win bigger amounts. In each feature different selected symbols replaces all high symbols and determines the number of free spins awarded. Like I said, I mostly select first or second because you can win more than at other features.

Otherwise I think So Much Candy is a good game with good payouts. But I do not play it often. Maybe I should play it more, because it has some potential on winnings. I had a few times free spins, but the payouts were never more than x 100 bet. Maybe also because the number of free spins which I selected were only 8 or 10. Maybe I should select feature with more free spins and maybe with a little luck I will get better results. After all it is a decent game, I will rate it with 7 stars.
katemak 1162 reviews
With very bright and colorful symbols such as yami candy, there goes the So much Candy video slot which is one of the three similar slots from Microgaming software. The other mentioned games are So Much Sushi and So many Monsters, so I would say many players would agree here comes a very identical game in the mater of the features, just because they only changed the symbols, but even so I have tried all three of them and I can say I liked the games much, just because if you are low on credits you can have a lots of fun with this slot, specially because its a cheaper game for every ones pocket.

So Much Candy is a 5 reel with 25 pay lines video game with 5 different candies and of course the well known letters and numbers which we are use to see almost on every game we play. So Much Candy logo is the wild symbol so yes, it will substitute all the other symbol's from scatters,while the interesting free spins feature this game has to offer is the amount of those free spins. So triggering at least three of the scatters which is the gumball symbol will give you the option to choose from 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 free spins, but the point is the more free spins you choose the lower the prize is, or the less free spins you choose the higher the prize will be.

At first sight when I saw this game when it was released I wasn't so interested in it, but after when I have played it several times, I guess I can say it's another medium variance paying slot which I really liked, maybe because of the yami candy because I adore candies. I can't say I have some extra big wins but at least they come more often and with tiny credit you can play for hours, so yes I do recommend this slot game and will rate it with 7/10.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
So Much Candy it a fantastic game that came out along with So Much Sushi and So Many Monsters slots. It is powered by Microgaming software and it has 25 payline combinations and 5 reels with a minimum bet of 0.25$. This game is absolutely loaded with some sweet symbols and features that will make you crave So Much Candy after you are done or while you are playing it. This is a game that I played the most but the outcome of it was very bitter in most cases, although the fact that all of the games have the same features and basically run the same.

Just like all of them this one also has a Wild symbol which is represented by a sign that has So Much Candy written on it. Also there is the scatter symbol that needs 3 or more symbols on the reels to trigger it. Once it is triggered it will give you a choice to choose between 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 FS and also all these spin come with their own symbols that replace all high symbols during the feature and their own per line win. So basically the less FS you take the higher payout can emerge. I played this game many times with an average bet of 0.50$. The free spin feature trigger can be really easily triggered although there are always times when you end up in a bad streak most often thanks to empty spins and the feature just won't appear to bail you out. This happened to me lots of times and it is just frustrating and the number one cause for losing money. The payout that I had so far in the free spin feature are nice and decent but I never had anything extraordinary.

Overall a very decent game that I probably won't try out for a long time, but if I suddenly find my self very lucky I just might come back. 7/10
valentin68 535 reviews
After a slot with the most successful “ugliness” that I have ever seen (“So many monsters”) and a slot with the finest dishes that make you lust (“So much sushi”), here is the slot “So much candy” that brings the most attractive candy types and the most successful atmosphere that manages in a great way to please the player. When you see how all sweets multiplying on the reels and listen to the most successful music, all these bring to the player a perfect calm and feeling of well.

The slot is as good and beautiful as the other two before and when playing here it is like there are fewer combinations of minor symbols, the ones that do not pay as spectacularly as different kinds of sweets do. For those who have not played so far at any of these 3 slots it needs to be said that each major symbol multiplies when they enter a winning combination and thus the payout is multiplied by as many times. Yet, these small symbols frequently aligned (every time 3, 4 or 5 of them) together with rarer combinations of sweets (major symbols) , brought me in my game play (a few good hundred spins) here a few extra Euros . But even a few Euros extra matter and I guess this became the hidden secret of success of the last games here in Microgaming. Microgaming learned this lesson well: these slots are made so you play for sheer pleasure not to win, because when you have even a few Euros extra, you will always continue to play until eventually you start to lose.

About the Free Spins round I will make the same description as for the other two twin slots. That is, this round is enough easily accessible, you choose the same major symbol to replace all others and thus you choose the total number of spins. Wins are moderate, almost always between 3 - 10 Euros and very welcome.

Said in a word, this is one of dozens of good Microgaming slots that manages to enchant the player and keep Microgaming in the top of players preferences for so long.
So Much Candy is one of the latest video slot games created in Microgaming. This game appeared in casinos that are run by Microgaming along with two other games So Much Sushi and so Many Monsters. Before I tried this game I have already tried So Much Sushi. Like I assumed these two games are very much alike.

This game has fixed 25 paylines and 5 reels. That means that the smallest bet you can play here is 0.25 euros. The graphic isn't bad but still I expected a little more from a game coming from Microgaming. These 3 games are a bit childish for my taste. Still I decided to try this game hoping to get some bigger win.

Because this is a new game and I don’t know the rules very much I decided to start with a minimum bet. In the first 5 - 6 spins I had two wins that can be called descent. First I had a win of 3.2 euros and right after that a win of 1.5 euros. Not so bad. After a start like this my expectations grew and wanted to increase my bet right away. Still something told me to be careful and I continued to play on a minimum bet for some time more. That turned out as the right move. I stayed here for about 20 minutes and almost cut my balance in half which at the beginning was a weak 30 euros. During that time I got at least 5 times 2 scatter symbols but not 3 which trigger the free spins. I needed the free spins and a bigger win very much. I was in a dilemma to continue playing or to change the game. After a short while I decided to move on to another game.

I might come back here again but for now that’s it when it comes to this game.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
So Much Candy is the name I liked when I saw the announcement on AskGamblers that it is one of the 3 new releases. I just checked and on AskGamblers in fun mode this game was played only 56 times which isn't a big number at all, but I can say that this game has a potential for a big cashout. With it’s girly name it isn't attractive to men along with it’s candy symbols, the scatter and wild symbol, chocolate all the way whose sounds bring money.

This game is the new release coming from Microgaming. I played this game a few times but I can't remember the name of the casino I played in. For the last two days I ate so much candy and I think I am becoming sick from it. I always love to look at these gorgeous sweets but when I look at them now they remind me of pure sugar colored and profiled into shapes. Another game that I like but doesn't have a standard bonus round which I love so much. 5 reels 25 paylines. I don’t see the RTP for this game I would really want to know more if I am gonna play it more in the future, I need this info.

There is a split feature in this game which creates more winning and payouts for you. You know those crystal ball where they see your future? One just like that but filled with colorful chocolate candy is the scatter symbol which triggers the free spins round. This is a feature which I still haven't won in this game. The free spins bonus can also be retriggered which is a very good option. My minimum bet was 0.50 but all for nothing, empty spins I would say and I lost my balance in this game. I don’t feel sorry because it is always fun to play here. In order to continue I need info here I wont just throw my money away.

An interesting game, a reliable software, I want to know the RTP if I don’t I don’t know if I will continue to play from my deposits or some bonuses.
So Much Candy is another game from the 'So Much' collection and is the only one that I just couldn't make any money on. The principal of all this games is the same, so I knew what I need but I just could not get it. To begin with it took me ages to get the feature. I spent around €30 just on getting the feature, so was really counting on it, but ended up with a tiny win. For some reason the candy does not like me. Even getting a good line hit is almost impossible. My best line hit was around €3:(

Even the graphics on this game, for me are much worst then the other two. Especially the scatter pictures are just horrible.

I just could not get the feature and the only time I got it was when I was double tapping. I got three scatters on the last three reels and was very excited to see what happens. I had good experience with the other games so was really counting on it. I picked 8 free spins with the highest paying candy and let it spin. The candy never came out on the first reel and i ended up winning less that €5.

I guess this game was showing me that there is also a bad side to this games, and if you catch it in a mad mood, then it will take all of your cash. Unfortunately I caught it at that time and lost around €50. I know that this game can pay good, so I am still trying to catch it when its happy. I think playing on bigger bets is better and would recommend to use a bet of €0.50 or €0.75. If I was to rate this game I would give it 5 out of 10. Maybe when I win big on it I'll change my rating:)
Welcome to the world of delicious sweet candy! Microgaming recently released three similar slot games named So Much Sushi, So Many Monsters and So Much Candy. All three games have exactly the same characteristics. So it just basically depends in what type of mood you are.

If you’re feeling like stepping into the world of scary and goofy monsters, then So Many Monsters might be the best game for you. If you’re feeling like consuming some nice Japanese food, then So Much Sushi is a perfect fit. If you’re in need of some sweets, then pick So Much Candy.

I tried all three games at various online casinos during a very brief session. I guess branded games just have a larger attraction on me. However, that does not mean that these are not fantastic games. You just have to look at them as a separate slots and not as duplicated for that matter.

I think Microgaming was just interested in giving the audience multiple type of slots with the same format, but a different theme. The same basically goes for Immortal Romance, The Finer Reels of Life and Thunderstruck II if we’re being critical. But somehow those games have a big name and carry themselves without being looked at as duplicates.

Anyway, enough about that. Just like the other “So Much/Many” games, So Much Candy also offers 25-paylines and 5-reels. I played this game at the lowest betsize of only €0.25. I’m not too fond of low-rolling but sometimes you don’t have a choice when you’re budget is super small. The game also features wilds, and scatters which is displayed by the bubble-gum/candy machine.

Nevertheless, this worked out for me fantastic! It only took me 15 minutes of playing to reach a win of around 75 euros, because in only like 15 spins I triggered the free spins feature. The candy with the heart is the highest paying symbol in this game, and during free spins, which can re-triggered (I managed to do this like 3x times), when I chose 8 free spins feature with the highest paying symbol it paid me 300x betsize in total.

Overall it’s a good score, but maybe 32 spins with the highest symbol should have been more? Regardless of the win, I was a happy man to conclude my session in such a short time with a very good win. I had like 17 or 18 symbols after they multiplied on a 5oak combination, and some other smaller wins.

I kept on playing a bit and decided it was time to go, since I wouldn’t be exceeding what just happened. Overall a good experience and a nice game. I would recommend trying it.
The background melody could be a slight bit more encouraging.
Icymod 758 reviews
From So Much Sushi to So much Candy, wow, dessert right after a fantastic meal! So Much Candy is my 2nd best slot despite it's exact same paylines and free spins amount in the selection screen after 3 triggered gumball machines! To me, this is my 2nd best because it's more importantly the symbol hits here, they hit a bit less than with my favourite So Much Sushi and as the theme states, I don't have a problem with candy, only just the theme and the whimsical retro like music. It's all too colourful and rainbow like, like it came from a woman's fantasy! You know, rainbows, fashion and unicorns.

The music inside free spins weren't my type compared to So Much Sushi but I did enjoy pursuing the 3 scattered gumballs as they bursted out of it's gumball prison! When inside the select screen from choosing one of the 5 choices, it appears choosing the red swirly candy for 10 Free spins were giving me a good win total of $36.10 on a $1 bet! Oh, but of course choosing the 8 Free spins offered me little for $15.60 than after another trigger $64! I wonder why I get little in my 1st trigger and then a bigger win on another? It's all thanks to getting 16 symbols on a payline that put me in for $48 on a free spin, although after this great win 2 free spins were off doing nothing!
So Much Candy is liked for it's 25 paylines and sweet rewards but some of us think it's too colorful, even for the average man or vampire! I think of So Much Candy as the Starburst of slots only with candy instead of shiny gems and expanding star wilds! In Free spins, that tune didn't hit me as impressed like So Much Sushi! If it were up to me I'd tone the slot down a bit too much of a good thing can be bad, not including the forum heroine of course :D!

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