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In It to Win It

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In It to Win It Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1637 reviews
Reviewed on April 28. 2017


You have to be in it to win it, right? Yeah, who doesn't know that. Common sense is enough to tell you that if you don't play it, you'll never win it. This Microgaming game, In It To Win It, has been around for quite some time, but I haven't played it before, simply because I couldn't find it in my regular playing Microgaming casino. Once again, I found it at another multi-platformed casino, and there I gave the game my first ever play on it. In it to win it? Heck, no! In it to try it, that's all. I've never had much trust in MG games to give me a win in my first play on any game.

So there I was into this 100-paylines game, with a minimum starting bet per spin of $1.00. What the heck, I'm never in favour of any 100-paylines game, much less to play with $1 minimum starting bets. Luckily, the play lines can be selected, so I played with only 50 lines, taking half the risk and risking half the win as well, if at all it comes. In the base game, there is no Wild symbol. What the argh! A Wild symbol is only present during the Free Spins game, randomly awarded when you pick one suitcase to reveal the number of free spins. The Wild symbol is therefore a completely dumb symbol, not paying anything for itself, not doubling any wins with it, it doesn't become stacked or expanded, appears only during the free spins, and substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol. It can't get any dumber than that!

The Man is the Scatter symbol, paying the usual 100x total bet for getting 5 of him, and getting 3 or more of the Scatters award the Free Spins game. Pick 1 of the 4 Suitcases to reveal the number of free spins and the Wild symbol to play with. This can be 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins, with either the Logo, Plane, Car or Money as the Wild symbol. Can the Free Spins game be retriggered? Heck, no! What a shame. As for the other symbols, the logo 'In It To Win It' pays 10x, the Plane pays 8x, the Car pays 6x, the Money pays 4x, and the rest pay from 1.5x to 1x, all per total bet for getting 5 of each kind. The paytable? A very low one. Sheesh!


My first play on the game saw over 120 spins without getting any Free Spins game. Those 2 Scatters came several times, around 5 or 6 times, if not more, but the third one never made an appearance. My $40 deposit money couldn't even last 30 minutes of play, and that's playing with only $0.50 bets per spin. A total disappointment for me, as expected, typical of MG games for me.

Not satisfied, I then logged out, and played the game in fun mode, just to see how the game would play and pay. So, what would you expect it to be like? As always, playing in the fun mode proves to be fun and always winning! A Free Spins game came just after 46 spins, and a second Free Spins game came after another 62 spins. What the argh! Not only that, the 2 games paid 76x and 49x the bet amount, which were decent enough. Try getting this sort of performance in the real money mode! I couldn't even get one blardy Free Spins game with 120 spins, yet it gave 2 Free Spins games within that much of spins in the fun mode. So go figure! In it to win it? Never ever again!
Adebisi213 447 reviews


Am I in it to win it? Hell yeah, who isn’t! I love the title Microgaming has chosen for this slot. I can imagine the name alone having enough power to lure people into playing it. But is all of it worth it though at the end of the day? That’s the main question that kept me busy before playing this game and even after.

I guess I’m still somehow undecided about whether if this is a great game or not. At first glance, my expectations were naturally high. The slot itself offers 100-paylines and 5-reels. One thing that came off to me as weird is that this game can’t be found at every online casino.

So to play this game I really have to go an online casino which isn’t my preferred choice due to the longer cash out times. It basically prevents me from playing the game, since it’s not being offered at Redbet for instance. While I’m certain that I would have played it much more if it was offered there.

Not sure what’s the deal with the contracts and licenses and all that, but I do feel like it’s a shame. Anyway the one time when I played this game at Roxy Palace I started off with a 50 euro balance. You can manually select the number of paylines you want to use.

I always prefer to use all paylines, but it wouldn’t be too much of a deal if you only used 50. Playing 1 euro bets, I knew I could be losing my balance quite fast. After losing around 20 euros I started to have a look at the paytable.

I noticed the best combination only paying 10x betsize for a 5oak. Quite a disappointing since it means it’s almost impossible to hit big during base game, unless if you get many wilds to complete multiple combos.

It kept me amused though for a long time and gave me many small wins, resulting in me not going bust. Well, I did almost go bust, but when I had still 2 euros left the 3 scatters finally came. What happens next, is that you get to a second screen where you have to choose out of 4 suitcases.

Each suitcase has a different symbol in place and a different number of free spins. You either win 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. I got lucky and picked the plane symbol which awarded me 25 free spins.

In addition the plane symbol also turns into an extra wild during the free spins. I managed to get a few huge hits, resulting in me winning almost 140x my betsize. Not bad for a game I almost went bust on. I’ll definitely try this game again when I see it around somewhere.


High minimum bet. Unless if you choose to play with less than 100 paylines, the minimum bet is 1 euro. I also didn't like the paytable too much. Base game wins are really small.
Inactive user


This game is magical! The first time I wanted to play In it to win it, I was afraid to put in bets because of the way it costed me per spin.

It's 100 paylines for this Microgaming slot so I know it will be $1 for all lines on each spin so they all can add up overtime! In just a short time, I received the bonus round in about 15 spins for $2 a spin included within my spins were really good winnings so I didn't lose too much or the full $30! Oh man, I was prepared with my $100 balance and my chosen game paid off! The feature is pretty cool as I chose from 4 briefcases. My choice always is the 3rd briefcase as this choice awards almost always 20 or 25 Free spins! The lowest I've nailed it for is 15 Free spins.

What I like about In it to win it is not only the wins from the 100 paylines but also the sweet magical hits that can be created by the extra wild from my briefcase choice! I either get a plane or the bungle of money to hit it off with! It's rare to find the In It to win it logo. Largest win total on my $2 bets were for $164 on 25 Free spins.

The best feeling that I can collect is after this big win, it triggered again in the main game after 8 normal spins for a $80.90 win for 15 Free spins!!! $244.90 in just a short time! I'm struck with words! Other stuff I should be saying is "In it to win Luciana!" :D


As In it to win it has 100 paylines, it really should carve out the bets. To an average player, they might have the choice/thought to just leave this slot as it could be too much of the costs for each spin! That was my first impression that it'll be to expensive and my play time will be short! What this slot really needs is the ways, especially for the free spins and for the multiplier, I think the extra wild does the job too well!

My biggest pet peeve on here is that I hit a 4 of a kind win and I find that the last reel harbors the last symbol which not hits on a payline. It became separated from the group of identical symbols!

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