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Viking Vanguard Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.

Viking Vanguard Slot

Viking Vanguard is a 60-payline video slot which operates on the SkillOnNet software platform. The Eye symbol is the game’s wild card, while the Tree icon is the game’s Bonus symbol, which functions as the scatter. To test the slot for free players can stay on this page in order to do so or they can choose any of the listed SkillOnNet casinos should they wish to play the game for real money.

In order to initiate their very own exciting Viking adventure, players should first adjust their bet. “Bet” selects the coin size which ranges from 0.01 to 3 and the “Total Bet” button allows players to choose their total wager. Pressing the “Spin” button in the middle starts the game. The button in the lower left-hand corner acts as “Au­top­lay­” and pushing it prompts the reels to spin for a number of times uninterrupted.

During each spin, a wild stack emerges on a random reel which is replaced with the wild card.

When 3 or more Bonus symbols appear on the reels, Free Spins are activated. 3 scatters will trigger 8 Free Spins, 4 Bonus symbols will lead to 20 Free Spins and a x10 one’s total bet and 5 scatters on the reels will result in 100 Free Spins with a x15 of the total bet. The Free Spins Bonus is guaranteed to award a minimum of x5 one's total wager.

During the Free Spin Bonus, the reel that was transformed into a wild stack remains wild for the duration of the Bonus. Up to 5 reels will transform into a wild stack for each Free Spin at random. During the Free Spin round, additional Free Spins can be won.

Game Play

Bet: Choose the coin size.
Total Bet: Select the total wager.
Spin: Initiate the game.
Autoplay: Turn the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Viking Vanguard Slot Reviews by Players


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valentin68 535 reviews
If the “Viking Vanguard” slot had “all ways win” it would have been definitely my “no 1” that I ever played. I will ask one question that I want you to answer: have you ever had “6 of a kind”? I guess no, and you never have thought that something like this exists. Here this is possible and other many things that you have not yet met playing other slots. For example have you ever played on a 6x4 slot? I guess that again not. Another slot like this does not exist and you will have a unique experience.

But to begin with the slot theme: it is about the ancient stories and the Viking battles with other mythical creatures from tales. The ancient runes are also present in the minor slot symbols. This slot is of epic type and it is like you are a part of some of these stories when playing. The appearance and presentation of the slot fully contributes to this.

And now some words about the game play here. When the slot symbols line up there is something great. Here a few symbols occupy each 2 or 3 positions and are also stacked! Also the Wilds are extended always and there are possible up to 4 consecutive Wild reels (screenshot attached). When you have “4 of a kind” on 10 paylines for example you are very satisfied. For 5 paylines having “6 of a kind” you get about 6-10 Euro (another screenshot above). For a good comparison I have to say that the bet is 30 cents for 60 paylines. As I said in the first sentence “all ways win” on a 6x4 slot would have been great.

Telling about the Free Games I will say only this: 5 scatters award 100 Free Games with 15x multiplier! I had up to 20 Free Games with 10x multiplier but it was enough. I won about 20 Euro in total here. And when after 200-300 games you have an extra of 15 Euro this is great. Even though you may sometimes lose you are satisfied. This is an almost perfect slot having near the maximum quality possible.
Although it is almost perfect after I played long enough the slot “got stuck”. It is too bad that this happens for a game so good.
Viking Vanguard is a new slot from WMS that recently has been released at some of my favorite online casinos. This game offers 6-reels, 4-rows and 60-paylines. One would think that Viking Vanguard has some major potential after reading this. In addition, the minimum bet is only 30 cents while still being able to use all paylines.

The theme is quite impressive and sometimes makes you think you’re in the middle of a video game. Graphics wise I’ve seen better, but the introduction footage does inspire to give this game a chance. During every spin Viking Vanguard randomly turns one reel completely wild. That’s a major plus in my opinion, since you now only have to worry about the other five reels.

Since stacked wilds can appear everywhere if I’m not mistaken, it’s possible to get lots of wilds. The dragon’s eye symbol is that of the wild. Viking Vanguard also has bonus or scatter symbols, which unlock the main feature in the form of free spins.

3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols trigger 8, 20 or 100 free spins respectively. I played this game on 90 cent bets and pretty much kept it at break-even during multiple sessions. It rewards lots of small wins during base game, but a huge hit was nowhere to be seen.

I also managed to trigger the free spins a couple of times winning 8 free spins. Why the huge difference though? 5 scatters really is a rarity and that even goes for 4 scatters in my opinion. So basically only 8 free spins is somewhat realistic. I would have liked to see the number of free spins awarded more balanced out.

During free spins one reel is set on wild and additionally 5 other random reels can turn into a wild as well if you're lucky. I managed to get four reels completely wild one time (reel 2, 3, 4 and 5) but to my surprise I had the lowest paying symbols on reel 1 and reel 6. I ended up only winning like 15x bet size? I was like WTF?

Then I checked the paytable and noticed you can only win big by getting either all reels wild or a six of a kind of the top paying symbol on reel 1 and all other reels wild. The max win per spin is only 300x bet size. Disappointing I must say!

I never won more than 50x bet size during my free spins play. I can’t say I will play this game again, simply because of the above mentioned fact.

The only way I can see someone winning big is getting either 100 free spins and lots of smaller wins or repeatedly lots of wilds. None of that is going to happen for me. I refuse to believe in that type of luck!
Very poor paytable. Poor distribution of free spins. A game that will probably drain your bankroll very slowly without significant gains. Perhaps good for clearing WR?
paquito76 867 reviews
Viking Vanguard as its name shows is a slot game that has Viking theme but I think we’re closer to the truth if we say it’s more of a fantasy subject. Because I play with this slot at a SkillOnNet casino at first time I was really surprised of the fantastic appearance this slot has then I had to realize it’s actually a WMS game and it explained everything. The game has a real impressive look and in my opinion it reflects extremely well the little mysticism that comes along with this theme. The ominous mood can be felt immediately after opening up the game to play and every little detail are in place and the first that impress us is the great graphics. We can see in the background an awesome image which illustrate a dark castle surrounding with snowy mountain tops, sinister looking clouds and rigid rocks while everything is covered by snow and complementing this entire picture with very fitting and cleverly chosen background music all I can say it’s perfect.

Why I say I think it’s a fantasy game is the used symbols. The creators greatly mixed some ancients signs and emblems with dragon, wolf, crow symbols and even though they not necessarily seem to be very fitting to each other at first sight but somehow the overall pictorial effects they cause are still attractive and serve the darkened atmosphere very well.
In my book this interface is from the ones that I would rate simple top-notch. The much work the developer put in to create this quite impressive and complex outlook is really admirable and more importantly very enjoyable.

The slot interestingly got not often used 60-paylines and also working with unusual format for example the slot uses 4 rows and 6 reels so the best we can witness is not 5 of a kind wins much more they’re 6 of kind or I can mention the Viking symbol always appears covering 2 positions on the reel. Naturally, because of the lot paylines and the many optional simultaneous wins at a single spin we can’t take that much attention to numbers shown on the paytable as we normally do, but I still think these values must be higher because the base game is generally not too generous. Rarely happens something real good there and sometimes I have a feeling that I must have free spins to have a chance to win big. Strangely, I look at the features in the opposite ways as some of them are look very great on papers but unfortunately the final results are not much different than the normal line wins.

This slot basically is all about Wild and frequency of its appearance on the reels. At each and every spin a randomly selected entire reel transforms into Wild which sounds very great but in reality it causes less nice wins than it can be predicted and this remains true if we consider that other symbols also has the ability to pop up in stacked format promising lot of winning potentials which are not too often realized.

But some magic can happen during free spins which is the only one bonus the game offers. First we have to collect at least 3 Scatters during normal game then 8 free games are awarded (4 Scatter at the triggering spin means 20 extra spins and a payout in the amount of x10 of total bet while 5 would give and amazing 100 spin and x20 of bet). At free spins the reel that was transformed into Wild previously during the activating spin remains active while the extra session lasts and additionally we can get one or more reels that follow the fixed reel and also turn into Wilds. Though this side game (as well as the base game) doesn’t use any win multiplier add-on but with so many Wilds on the table at the same time it still can be real profitable at times. It can happen and I also was in that situation when during free games the first 3 reels were all Wild and thanks to the 60-payline that spin caused a real nice win.

To summarize my thoughts about this game I can say Viking Vanguard would be really a fantastic slot with awesome atmosphere if it has a general good payout system in use and because we’re speaking here about a gambling product it’s actually a real big problem. Of course there are spins which are good for us and pay back great amounts but looking at the big picture and the typical payout habits of the game, the conclusion is not too positive. This fact is really disappointing as the game would deserve a good rewarding system and if it had it I think this game could be what WMS should be very proud of.
Happy Xmas. It has been a long and very expensive month for most of us. I did not really have a lot of free time so could not really play much, but was able to spot this new game and give it a shot.

To begin with the game looks really good and I do enjoy playing it. With it's mysterious theme, it can really zone you out. But this is what you expect from WMS. They really are number one out there and every game is special and unique. The sound effects are also pretty cool and best of all it is not too hard to get the feature. I did not bother checking the pay table and started playing, and on my second spin got the feature. I got 8 free spins and for some reason thought that the game looks a bit similar to Raging Rhino. Everything except the pays of course. On my first free spin most of the reels were filled up with woman and I thought that I won tonnes of cash but only got €9. Shocked and disappointed, I knew that the only big win would be full reels and probably wilds. I won a total of €15 and wanted to quit. So I decided to give it few more spins and exit. Within few spins I got the feature again and won around €23. Even though the pays were small I was still pretty happy. So I made a fatal mistake of raising the bet and going all or nothing. I really thought that I'll get the feature pretty quick, but was very, very wrong. Within 15 mins I was out of cash and the feature was no where to see.

Even though I lost cash I am definitely going to play it again. It is a cool game and if you are lucky you can win big, but you need to get 4 or 5 scatters to do so.
The thing that I don't like is the small pays. Other wise the game is fine and does require luck to succeed. My rating 7.5 out of 10.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Obviously WMS has been quite successful with its innovative 6 reels slots, and I have to say that "Viking Vanguard" also has the potential to captivate players of demanding tastes, especially those who are in search of new experiences.

First, as a fan of ancient civilizations, I have to say that the theme of this game caught my attention immediately, the animations are not very complex but the overall design of this slot is pretty good. The format is 4 x 6 slot reels, 60 paylines and bet levels between $ 0.01 and $ 3 per line, more than enough. One feature that definitely most of players like is that all standard and wild symbols can appear stacked. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for standard symbols, and during the base game, the random appearance of 1 wild reel stacked with the image of a dragon is guaranteed, something very exciting indeed. The above features make Viking Vanguard an entertaining and highly dynamic slot since hits are almost continuous spin after spin so that our spirits remain hot all the time, of course this great winning average is balanced with low payouts to make it sustainable economically, but in truth I find no reason to complain about that, and even less considering that it's always latent the possibility of triggering a round of free spins with the occurrence of 3, 4 or 5 bonus scatters that award 8 free spins, 20 FS + 10x multiplier, or 100 FS + 15x multiplier respectively, and the best is during free spins round, 2 or 3 simultaneous stacked wild reels may happen at every turn increasing significantly the chances of winning.

Personally I am very satisfied with the very reasonable profits obtained with this game, and although it is logical being victorious is not guaranteed, I can ensure that this game is not boring at all and therefore think it is a video slot that at less deserves you give it a look. Good luck!
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
When ever WMS releases new games I need to try them, why? because WMS is one of the best games provider in the world (online and land based). I always enjoyed playing them and I always will. Land-based version of WMS slots are fantastic, their sounds system are perfect.

Viking Vanguard is only playable online, at least I think it is because I visited land based casino a few days ago and they don't have this slot.

I got an email from Slots Magic casino regarding free 10 euro no deposit needed. I got the bonus just in 2 mouse clicks away then I scrolled down the games and I found Viking Vanguard. At first I thought this game was from other software.
Viking Vanguard is the first video slot with 60 paylines, most WMS games have 20, 25, 30, 40 or 50 paylines. This game reminds me of NetEnt game with the same theme.

Anyway, their 10 euro bonus money was not enough to try this game so I thought but apparently I was wrong because within 10 spin I get 3 scatters and triggered the free spins mode which gave me a stunning 28 euro of winning, I know it's not much but it was something that extended my playtime.

I must say the graphic quality of this game is kinda the same as Netent's video slots. It's not bad but not good either. Don't get me wrong I love NetEnt games but I expected more from WMS because of their great reputation.

I have played this game twice and I must say I wasn't disappointed playing it. I lost some but then again I gained some.

To be honest it's seems to me that all that time I played WMS games I never lost a lot of money and this game has proved it to me.

I do recommend Viking Vanguard to all my fellow gamblers. I am not disappointed and I surely think so you all won't too.

It's a pity that not all countries are allowed playing this game online, in this case I really hope this game is available on the land-based casinos.

I wish you all good luck playing this game and many many big wins!

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