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Spin Party is 5 reels and 10 pay-lines video slot powered by Play'n GO software provider. If you like to party all night long this is the slot for you. This is the dance floor themed slot with awesome music playing in the background which drives you to dance. Beautiful animation will give you the impression as if you are at a club or at a rave. The party is waiting, so give this slot a spin here for free or hit any of the Play'n GO Casinos to play for real money.

Before you head to the dance floor to dance off the night, you should set your bets. By clicking on "Coin Value" you can set the coins size which ranges from 0.01 to 2. "Coins +/-" is used to set the number of coins. "Bet Max" will set the maximum bet available and start spinning the reels automatically. "Autoplay" is used to set the reels in motion automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times, and "Spin" will start turning the reels.

When it comes to features, this video slot lacks a bit in that department. However, the gameplay is interesting and will keep your attention. Here, you will encounter an expanding Wild, sticky Wild, and a Win Spin feature.

The Wild symbol in the game is represented in the form of silhouettes of dancing girls. It can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Once you hit a wild on one of those three reels it will expand to cover the entire reel. It can substitute for any other regular symbol and help form winning combos. If you land only one wild symbol will expand and become a sticky Wild. This means that it will remain in place and start a re-spin.

If you hit 2 or more wild symbols on the reels you will activate s Win Spin feature. Once activated, you will get 5 free spins. Each wild you hit during this feature will act as a sticky wild for the win spin to follow. Every wild can be sticky on up to 3 Win Spins if new wilds appear on preceding spins. Also, each wild during a win spin activates an extra win spin with up to 20 consecutive spins.

Game Play:

Coin Value: Set the coins size.
Coins +/-: Set the number of coins per line.
Bet Max: Sets the maximum bet available.
Spin: Start the reels.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Just the other night my boyfriend tapped me on the shoulder and said I absolutely had to try this new Play N Go slot he had found. I'd been recommending Play N Go games to him quite a bit over the last month or two and was pleased he had taken my advice and even found a game to suggest back to me! I mean come on, how often do men pay attention to us girls? :)

Of course, it was a dirty trick ... I should have known better! It took me a while to realize though, as immediately after Firing up the game I was thinking to myself that I liked the graphics, that the symbols were really well drawn and that this was going to be a decent enough game to spin for an hour and see if I could bag a monster bonus round. After 20 spins or so I hit an expanding wild on the second reel which gave me a pretty decent win, followed by a re-spin - "It seems a bit like Starburst" I said out loud... my boyfriend sniggered. A hundred spins later I realized I hadn't seen any scatters and decided to hit the paytable to find out what goodies the game might have in store for me...

And then of course, it hit me. I mean wow I really must be slow! This is a Starburst clone, my fella knows I can't stand that game and yet he had still just sat and watched me spin it over a hundred times at 50p a spin, losing over £30 in the process. I wanted to kick him right there and then, and of course he found the whole thing completely hilarious (it really wasn't that funny) but I figured I would spin this thing a few more times on the off chance I might hit a big win that I could rub in his face!

And then... something amazing happened! Two of the wild dancers dropped into view and all of a sudden it turned out that this wasn't in fact just a boring old clone after all! The game awarded me five "win spins", similar to the bonus in another Play N Go slot "Pimped", these are essentially just free spins however all of the losing combinations are removed from play meaning you'll receive a minimum of a single three of a kind on each of your five spins, and any further wilds that land on screen during this mode award an additional win spin too.

Well, I ended up receiving the maximum possible 20 win spins and called my smug boyfriend over to show him my new balance, currently sitting at just a little over four times the deposit he had goaded me into making to try this amazing new game. He had no idea this was anything but a Starburst clone, so I definitely had the last laugh on this occasion.

I think it goes without saying that I much prefer this game to Starburst and in fact this game is absolutely what Starburst should have been - sure it doesn't have a huge jackpot and it sure does drop in a whole bunch of dead spins, but at least it does have some sort of feature and the capacity to chuck out a big win once in a while. Spin Party is another game that everybody ought to try and further solidifies Play N Go's place as the up and coming star of the on-line slot world in my eyes.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Spin Party is a video slot game from Play N` Go that was released awhile ago but I have tried it quite recently. The game looks very simple and I thought that is not worth playing but I was really wrong. It turns out that this slot is fantastic not only when it comes to game play but also with generous features too.

Spin Party is 5 reels and 10 pay lines video slot game. This game is very different from the other games I am used to play. I liked the way you trigger the respins and the free spins too. Every time you get a wild on one of the reels they expand and a young girl is dancing. She substitutes for all the other symbols but also gives a respin for all the other reels. The free spins feature is activated when 2 reels are covered with an expanding wild and this respin feature helps a lot.

When I played the Spin Party slot it took me more than 300 spins to activate the free spins feature. Initially I got 5 free spins and a 40 x bet win which was okay. I found this game to be low to medium variance. I play the Spin Party for quite a while. The highest amount that I have won during the base game was not more than 5 x bet. The minimum bet you can play this slot is 0.10 euros per spin but I thought to myself even if I land some good symbols I would not win anything good with such a low bet. Most of the time I was playing with 0.30 euros per spin and later after I triggered the free spins I raised the bet to 1 euro. This was a good decision at that point because I managed to increase my balance a little bit. I think that this slot is definitely worth trying.
Fiekie247 206 reviews
South Africa
I remember the days when I use to party. I think after paying my monthly expenses the rest of my salary was for weekend to go partying and dancing. Well this slot is no different. All those lady dancing in the middle 3 reels is enough to keep you entertained if you do not win big.

Spin party is a 10 payline with 5 reels slot by Play'n Go. The colourful bright slots is one of a kind and the provider made a winner here. The game features a wild which comes in form of a girl on reel 2, 3 and 4. Once the wild lands on the reels, a re-spin takes place giving you an extra opportunity to land another wild on the reels. Each wild on the reels 2, 3 and 4 have different dance moves. If you can land wilds on all 3 reels then you in for a big win.

Landing at least 2 wilds on the reels will grant you the free spins feature. You are awarded with 5 free spins and the wilds that trigger the free spins stays in check for the first free spin. All spins are win spins, which means you win on every spin and for every wild that appear on the reels, an additional spin is awarded. However if a wild lands on the reels, you do not get a re-spin, the following spin is taken from the remaining free spins.

I once hit big in this slot with 3 wilds and mostly play this slot in battle of the slots as this game during base game does not pay really well, which means a lot of empty spins. So I play it to actually look at those single girls dancing on the reels, taking my mind to another planet if you know what I mean. I always have a good run on this slot and would recommend you try it at least once.
Icymod 758 reviews
The PlaynGo video slot that will put your feet on the dance floor, presents the club beats and vibes of Spin Party. Step into a world of retro symbols, wild expanding dancers that re-spin for excitement and guaranteed win spins that cannot quit it's job winning certain hits and combinations until the free spins counter reaches zero! In this hot 9 paylines of dancing and lights, I get distracted by these Wild dancers every time they appear on reels 2, 3 or 4 because they expand to cover that reel! These silhouettes dance in a re-spin combined with this vibe-licious music produce better odds to win.......but what do I focus on the most?

The symbols landing, hoping for premium symbols, the fantalizing music (fantastic + tantalizing) or the distractive silhouettes trying to make their move on me with their sexy dancing!!! Upon using $0.50 or level 10 bets, what I would love to see are two wild dancers on a single spin, this breaks the bank a little bit and it awards me 5 Win Spins. Each spin is a guaranteed winner, from a low 2 symbol hit to a "holy crap, Zeus threw a lightning bolt at this temple and it blew up like crazy" 5 of a kind big win.

For a $0.50 triggering bet, $10,10 is the amount I would win on average for 6 spins.....each dancer gives an expanding wild and a respin....respin counting as an extra free spin!!! All in all I choose between Spin Party's entertaining dance off versus Pimped for it's pimped out winnings! A 6.5 out of 10!
Plenty of small wins but I cannot shake the fact that Spin Party cannot make it through for the big fist-sized wins. The $50, $100, those big wins! The only way is to bet much more than I should......bet super to win super is what this video slot wants me to do! Ohh my, no bonus round!?!?
blondie 1081 reviews
Spin Party is a game powered by Play'n Go software that was released last year. But I tried it out only recently because from the first glance I had, I thought this game wouldn't be a good fit for me because of the theme it has, but I heard a few god things about it which made me try it.

This slot is a fun, party themed 5 reel and 10 payline game with respin features and free spin bonus round. Recently I was in an exploring mood and had spare money, so I started to play this game. Although the minimum bets are as low as 0.10€ per spin, I played this game with 0.30€ and later even 1€ and 2€ bets.

For me this game stands out from the rest of Play'n Go slots with the fun way respins and free spins are awarded. When one of the wilds land on the reels, they expand and a young girl is dancing. So not only she substitutes all symbols but awards a respin for all other reels. To get free spins you only need 2 wilds covering reels and with the respin it gives more chances to do that. To be honest, the first free spin feature for me came after more than 500 spins, it started to seem that it was impossible to get it. But after that, I got them around once in 150 spins.

Free spins feature is similar to other slots they offer, as you get 5 win spins- without multiplier, but when you get a wild symbol, it gives you an extra win spin. I played a very long session and most of the spins gave me winnings around 40x bet size. When I was playing with 1€ bets, I also managed to get free spins and few extra spins within them, but my best result so far has been 80x bet win. On base game it's really hard to get any decent winning over 5x bet, so at first I didn't think this game could give good winnings, but judging from the free spins, I think it's achievable because the wild reel stays for one spin after triggering, so whenever I had them in free spins, I would get some sort of big win.

Overall I think this could become one of my favorite Play'n Go slots. It's simple, respins come up often too and the free spins are really exciting. Visually this game is pleasant as well. The only thing I would advise is to watch the game and decrease the bets if you can't seem to win, at some point my balance was almost 200€ and I started to play with 2€ bets and lost 140€ in less than 20 minutes. But all in all, I definitely recommend this slot.
zerooo 742 reviews
Spin Party is nice designed game from Play'n Go software company. It has 5 reels and 10 pay lines. I like the theme in this game about party and the graphics is good too. It is better than at some other video slots from this software provider.

The game offer wild dancers feature. It appears almost all the time. When you get the wild symbol on the reel, it will expand to cover the entire reel and substitute for all other symbols. One wild triggers free re spin with sticky wild reel.

I think this feature or mode is good. I had some good winnings when I got this, but never any really big. I had big win screen, but the winnings were only around x20 bet. I do not like that kind of winnings.

There are also free spins feature. Two or more wild symbols trigger at least 5 free win spins. Prize money guaranteed on each win spin here at this feature. Each wild to appear on a win spin is sticky on the next win spin and every wild can be sticky on up to three win spins if new wild appears on preceding spin. I think this feature is great and it could bring some good money. But I do not like payouts so much. I think there could be better paytable into Spin Party game.

Otherwise I do not have any bad words to say about this game. I like it and I believe I will play it more in near future. Not so often, but I will play it. I like to play this kind of games when I have small balance. Here is only 10 paylines and I can play it at minimum bets for a long time with smaller bankroll. I will rate it with 7 stars.
Spin Party it is slot game made by Play’n’Go. I tried this game at Unibet couple of times, and seem it is only for them game, because I do not saw it on Betspin or Guts casinos. This is strange, but also this make me happy, because looks like Play’n’Go software going better and better, and such great and big casinos like Unibet become interesting in their unique and exclusive games. Thumbs up for that!

Game looks awesome. I am not very like such symbols like bars and others, but in this game this brings me zero problems. Also I should mention a fantastic soundtrack of this game, it is outstanding one, and everyone must listen it at least once.

There is very good payouts in this game. There are only 10 lines, and payouts are really sweet for many 5 of a kind symbols. This game actually is very similar to starburst. Wilds here appear only on 3 middle reels, and wild is also expand and hold on a reel for one respin. If another wild will appear you will have another one respin.

And also there is freespins feature. Also looks like Play’n’Go likes winspins features. In this game there is also this feature. When at least two wilds appear in same time you get 5 winspins. You can get more spins by getting more wilds.

I can't say that I am very lucky in this game. I never had wins more than 100 bets, but still I think it is very funny great looking game. I am still waiting my 100 bets feature, and I am pretty sure soon I will be able to get it, probably I am even will make screenshot of such win to show all of you.

I rate this game with 9 stars; it is very nice and interesting game, try it at Unibet casino.
I do not think that there is something really bad worth of thumbs down!
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
Spin Party is slot powered by Play ‘n’ Go and that is my favorite game from this provider. On first look this game look like net entertainments game, that modern look, nice graphics and everything but later I find out that this slot is made by play and go and this slot is much more than just great looking game. They have standard symbols like numbers, letters and few others standard symbols and that wild dancers who are in fact wild symbols and they change every other symbol.

I am thrilled with wild symbols and free spins. That is combination in this slot who comes together and when you get it you can be sure that you will gain some money. So when you get wild symbol or “wild dancer” that symbol expand on entire reel and after that you will get another free spin with that wild symbol all over that reel and if you get two you will get 5 free spins with all that wild symbols and that is pure cash, believe me. My biggest win from free spins were 88 euros, that was 2200 coins on bet 2 euros per spin, but the best thing of free spins is that I never won less than 20 euros. One of the reasons is that during the free spins you can also win another free spin and my record free spins in a row was 12 (and I didn’t get 88 euros than, bad luck).

So this is probably the most exciting slot for me who isn’t have bonus round. I thin that this game will be even better if they put bonus round here and than I would say that this slot is for 10 stars. But even without bonus round this slot is very very interesting and exciting and I think that is not a big lack at all. So with that great look and great gameplay this slot is one of the best and I will give him 9 stars.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Every time I see the opportunity to play a new slot with classic look, with fruits, bells and sevens, then I try to take advantage of it expecting to find good stuff, fun and easy to play and hopefully profitable, well, today I stumbled upon " Spin Party "belonging to" Play'n Go ", which has a bright theme with a very attractive design. Instead of the classic sounds this slot uses a little electro music to give a little party mood, situation that is reinforced with silhouettes of beautiful women dancing pretty sensual. Precisely these women appear during the activation of the most attractive features of this game, which are two and they are closely related to each other.

The first is a re-spin which it is awarded by the appearance of some wild symbol, which always expands throughout the reel and the silhouette aforementioned appears, during the re-spin the wild reel is stuck giving a new chance, not only to hit more combinations, but to give the possibility to the emergence of a new wild symbol, and thus to activate the second feature called "Win Spins", which consists of 5 free spins that are awarded by the simultaneous occurrence of two wilds. Each new wild permits to hold in place old wilds already active for another re-spin for up to 3 re-spins, as might be expected. The best gains are achieved when we have high symbols on reel 1 and the all 3 central reels turned into wilds; rules don’t say this, but I can observe wilds only appear on 3 central reels.

It is useful to note that Spin Party is not as dynamic slot because it only has 10 paylines and combinations are paid only from left to right. The best passages on this game maybe will be by forming combinations of 4 or 5 of a kind involving seven symbols and during spins where we manage to maintain 2 or 3 wilds expanded, the rest of the time we have the feeling of to be playing an average slot with not great payouts and maybe going to nowhere. Personally I enjoyed this slot for a while and maybe someday I will make use of it to clear some bonuses.
katemak 1162 reviews
When I looked for the first time this new PlaynGo video slot, it surely reminded me more as a classic slot and the reason was seeing all the symbols we are familiar with as a classic games containing the cherries, the bells, lemons, bars, and 7s. Spin Party is one of the newest video slots with 5 reels and 10 pay lines, so from the begging I must say I didn't like the slot. Although it’s a 10 liner slot it pays both ways so I see it as a familiar as the Starburst game.

The theme about this game is all about Party and you better watch out for the dancers who may appear on the middle 3 reels. The good thing about the dancers as they act as wilds, but not regular wilds but they are sticky and expanding, so triggering only dancer or wild, might double you winnings well that depends on the other symbols you catch on the reels and give the player possibility for re spin. As for the wilds they act as a scatters, because triggering 2of them or maybe 3 wilds on the reels, they will expand on all reel and will award the player with 5 re spins, so they will stay on the reels as sticky, till the next re spin.

I didn't like the colors neither the look of the game, why? I just don't know why I guess that's taste issue. Even so I tried this slot several times, but must admit all my attempts were from free spins promotions, so I tried it maybe for around 80 spins and I realized this slot is not for me.

The base game, not getting the wilds or dancers was awful, so from all those spins I only got the re spin or 5 free spins only 1 time and didn't like the winnings at all. Maybe a good game, but I guess it’s not for me, I might try it few more times, but only given as a free spins offer. I don't think that this game has potential of big wins, so why should I waste my time and money on it!

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